OMF V5C69 You Called Him a Bastard

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Leng Jin Yu didn’t get far before he was spotted by someone. Qiu Ling stopped mid-flight and hovered in the air, gazing after his beloved that was still standing on that hateful Wu Min Huan’s sword one moment and then looking at his reincarnated father-turned-love rival the next.
Mn … As hateful as that Wu Min Huan was for not giving him the chance to bring his beloved over to his Master himself, it might be more important to have a talk with his father. After all, even though he didn’t like to admit it, his old man was better at seducing people than him. Just look at how his own beloved and the old geezer were clinging to him!
He needed to find out about some of his tricks so he could use them on his beloved!
Qiu Ling dived down and fell into step beside the already flustered Leng Jin Yu. “Old man …”
Leng Jin Yu stopped dead in his tracks and turned to the side, his face twisting into a grimace. He had been so occupied with what had happened with Jinde that he hadn’t noticed at all that someone was closing in on him. And now it turned out that the person in question was none other than that Longjun that hated him. If he had been a little less lucky, he could have been dead by now.
Qiu Ling frowned. “Old man! Didn’t you hear me?”
“Longjun …”
Qiu Ling shook. Never mind that he had another face now, this was still his father. “Just Qiu Ling is alright. Don’t pretend.”
Leng Jin Yu furrowed his brow. Pretend? He had no idea what the dragon king was talking about but he wasn’t in the state to discuss it either. “Is there something I can do for you?”
“Of course! Or do you think I’d like to spend some time with you to catch up?” Qiu Ling frowned at him as if that was really the last idea that would ever cross his mind.
Leng Jin Yu rubbed his brow. “Then what may I do for you?”
Qiu Ling looked around to make sure that nobody was listening and leaned over. “Share your secrets with me!”
“Ah?” Leng Jin Yu’s brows knitted together even tighter. Maybe it was because half of his mind was still with Jinde in that courtyard but what Longjun said didn’t make any sense to him.
Qiu Ling tsked. “So you don’t want to share. Well, it figures. You already seduced him. Why would you suddenly give up and let me have a chance? But don’t think I wouldn’t go and tell the old geezer that you’re two-timing again!”
Leng Jin Yu paused. Two-timing again? Did this mean … “So Longjun knows about who I was in my previous life?”
“Duh! Isn’t that obvious? So how is it? Are you going to tell me your secrets now as compensation?”
“Compensation? And what secrets?”
“The secret to how you seduced my beloved, of course! I want him back! So I need to find out how to do that. I already tried it the normal way but it’s not really working. So what did you do?” Qiu Ling blinked at him with sparkling eyes, finally pulling Leng Jin Yu out of his thoughts of Jinde.
Ah, being looked at like that by the current dragon king was truly …
“I …” He pondered for a moment. The Son of Heaven had already passed a major trial so he was out of danger. There wouldn’t be any harm in letting Longjun know that this was a misunderstanding. That way those two could get together again and Zhong Jing Yi could spend the rest of his mortal life in peace instead of trying to catch up to a person that didn’t even exist. Wouldn’t that be the perfect outcome for everyone?
Leng Jin Yu wanted to speak up but reconsidered. There was no harm in telling him but … if he did, this guy would immediately run away and never look back. Could he really let that happen? Longjun obviously knew something about his past life. Since he couldn’t ask Jinde without hurting him he should make use of this situation.
Leng Jin Yu smiled amicably. “I can tell you. But there is something I’d like to know in return.”
Qiu Ling frowned. “I thought this was considered compensation?”
“I don’t even know what you think I should compensate for. Isn’t that a little … disadvantageous for me?”
“So you want some advantage.” Qiu Ling tensed. “Hmph. As expected of you. Well, I’ll tell you some valuable information. But in return, I want every last detail of how you seduced my beloved!”
Leng Jin Yu nodded absentmindedly. Valuable information … This should be something vital about his past life, right? Maybe he would find out how he had ended up married to somebody else than Jinde.
Qiu Ling cleared his throat and straightened up. He had to make sure that his old man understood just how valuable his information was. Maybe he would give him some further hints on how to approach his beloved again as thanks. “The most important person to look out for … is that Xin Lan!”
Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. “Senior Xin?”
Qiu Ling’s expression twisted. “What Senior Xin? Since when have you gotten so formal and polite? Didn’t you curse him as ‘that bastard’ the whole day back then?”
“That …” That couldn’t be, right? Wasn’t that Senior Xin some kind of ancestor of the dragon race? If he had been a dragon in his last life, he couldn’t have been that disrespectful, could he?
“What? You don’t believe me? But it’s true!” Qiu Ling fell silent for a moment before his fist hurtled toward Leng Jin Yu’s face. “Bastard! So you just wanted to get information from me but never considered holding up your end of the bargain! You’ll just shamelessly pretend everything I say is unreliable, won’t you?!”
“That … Longjun, stop this!”
“Still pretending to be polite! You’re also a bastard! I shouldn’t have trusted you!” Qiu Ling extended his claws but Leng Jin Yu was mentally prepared and managed to evade. He still felt himself to be at a disadvantage though and he doubted that he would have as much luck as the last time. After all, there weren’t that many people who could contend with the dragon king and he hadn’t seen that Xin Lan for some time already. Ah, it seemed he had to get out of this himself somehow.

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