LWS V4C54 A Secret Admirer?

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Su Yan reached up and tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve. “So, who is it?”
“Mn …” Nie Chang clicked on the reviews but even though a lot of readers had only written theirs when the story was finished none of them divulged who the male lead was in the end.
Su Yan tugged at his boyfriend’s sleeve again. “Who is it? Don’t tell me you still haven’t finished reading the synopsis!”
“No, that’s not it. It’s —” Just when he wanted to explain his phone rang.
Nie Chang raised his brows. It was actually Gong Gong. Why would he call him? He knew that he was on his date with Su Yan.
“Who is it?” Su Yan took a look at the screen.
“It’s Gong Gong. I should probably take it. Maybe something happened in the shop.”
“Uh. Alright.” Su Yan nodded and let go of his sleeve but he still looked down.
Nie Chang hesitated. Should he really take the call? This was their date and they had taken the day off specifically for this purpose. He shouldn’t do anything work-related now. Then again … he had just been reading a story to Su Yan that the system wanted him to read as one of his tasks. That wasn’t any less work-related than taking this call.
“I’ll keep it short. And the synopsis didn’t say who the male lead is.”
Su Yan perked up at this valuable piece of information.
Nie Chang grinned. Well, it seemed his little darling would be occupied while he took the call. Thus he finally relieved Gong Gong from his suffering and picked up. “Gong Gong, what is it?”
“Sorry to bother you, Boss. I know you’re still on your date but there’s something you should know.”
“Don’t beat around the bush.”
Gong Gong took a deep breath before slowly releasing it.
Nie Chang frowned. “Are you smoking in front of the shop again? No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend! Go stand around the corner if you have to!”
“Yes, yes. Wait a moment until he’s gone.”
Nie Chang’s frown deepened. “Who?”
Gong Gong sighed. “That’s what I wanted to tell you. Just now a guy came by and asked to meet the Beauty. When I told him that he was out with you he scowled before asking when he would be back.”
“What did you say?”
“Next week. I mean you’re not going to be here tomorrow either, right? And you probably won’t drop by after your date.”
“Anyway, he didn’t look too happy and when I asked what he wanted from him he refused to say. So … this might be a secret admirer.”
“What did he look like?”
“Hm …” Gong Gong considered a moment. “Like a CEO. You know, the type that’s so popular with the young girls these days. Doesn’t have any expression as long as he doesn’t start scowling as if hell would freeze over the next moment.”
Nie Chang turned to look at Su Yan. “Didn’t he introduce himself?”
“Nah, he seemed like he is used to people knowing who he is.”
“Wait a moment.” Nie Chang lowered his phone and opened Baidu. A moment later, he sent a file to Gong Gong and lifted the phone again. “Have a look and tell me if that was him.”
There was a pause before Gong Gong murmured something.
“What was that?”
“That’s him alright. Gosh, he even has the same expre—” He coughed. “Uh, well, non-expression.”
“I see. Thanks for calling. I’ll deal with it.” He ended the call and narrowed his eyes. So now that they had come so far in their relationship a rival actually appeared.
Su Yan tugged at his sleeve again when he saw that the call had already ended. “What did he want? Do you need to go to the shop?” He pursed his lips. Wasn’t this supposed to be their date? How could Nie Chang go and work now?
“Ah, no. It’s just … He wanted to tell me that somebody came by to see you.”
“Eh? Really?” Su Yan blinked. Who could that be? Wouldn’t people normally call you before they came by to see you? Or was this some kind of surprise visit? But who would do something like that?
Ah! Wait! “Could it be Zhi Bao Yu?”
“Zhi Bao Yu?” Nie Chang’s brows raised. How had his little darling come up with that?
“It wasn’t her? But she said she and the others would come by some time when I told her that I’m working at your shop now. Eh, your shop must be really famous. She immediately knew you had a repair shop when I told her that I’m working for you now.”
Nie Chang rubbed his brow. Ah, she had probably seen that post on Weibo or something. That wasn’t the point now though. “It wasn’t her.”
“Then somebody else from the service point?” Su Yan took a look at Nie Chang’s face and blanked. “Ah? Don’t tell me that Li Ming guy dared to come by?!”
“No, it’s not him either. It was Yuan Hai.”
“Yuan Hai?”
“The guy your father wanted to set you up with. Don’t tell me you already forgot?”
Su Yan blinked. “Uh … no. But why would he come to the repair shop? How does he even know about that? I haven’t seen him for … like … ten years? Or even fifteen years? Gosh, we were children back then.”
Nie Chang frowned. “Ah Yan, your father tried to set you up with him.”
“Yes, I know. I was there yesterday.”
“That’s not what I meant. Your father tried to set you up with him. You rejected the idea. That was just yesterday. And today the same Yuan Hai he wanted you to meet turns up at your workplace and asks to meet you. Don’t you think it’s likely that your father told him where to find you?”
“My father?” Su Yan’s eyes widened. “Do you think he still hasn’t given up? But I already told him I only like you.”
“Well, then what is Yuan Hai doing in our shop?”
Su Yan grinned. “Are you jealous?” He cupped Nie Chang’s cheeks and leaned forward, pursing his lips.
Nie Chang sighed and met him halfway, giving him a short peck. “Maybe.”
“Ah, you definitely are! But you know what? You don’t need to be! Because what I said yesterday still counts. In my life, there’s only one male lead and that’s you. Nothing will change about that.”

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