OMF V5C68 Doing It the Dragon Way

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Leng Jin Yu stared at the person opposite him and his skin seemed to grow even warmer. He wanted to gulp but his throat was too dry. Ah, he really wanted a cup of tea to try and quench his thirst. Not that he really expected it to work. It didn’t help that Jinde was still lying on the daybed, looking like that. He had already been gorgeous when he stepped into the courtyard in that green robe but by now his right arm was exposed from his wrist up to his elbow, his clavicle was revealed behind his lapel and his feet peeked out from below the hem of his robe. He was enticing all over.
“That … isn’t really the human way of doing things.”
Jinde smiled. “I’m a dragon. Originally, you were a dragon too. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t do this the dragon way. As long as you stay with me wouldn’t it also conform to whatever ideals the humans have?”
The dragon way … Leng Jin Yu slowly got up, his gaze still lingering on Jinde. Yes, he could do it. He could go over and make this come true. Jinde could be his. Today, tomorrow, forever. And yes, he wanted to do this. Just imagining it … How he went over and knelt down at the edge of the daybed. How his fingers traced the lines embroidered on that outermost layer of his robe before he opened the belt and took it off. How he bent down and left those marks that he was supposed to leave while slowly continuing to strip him, strip himself and then …
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself. This time it didn’t help though. The scent of the plum tree entered his nose and conjured up the image of how the petals had looked in Jinde’s hair yesterday and how that petal from before had clung to his brow, right above those seductive eyes.
Jinde watched him struggle with himself. He was obviously just a few steps short of giving in. Jinde’s gaze traveled downward and his lips curved up in a satisfied smile. Well, if he still didn’t feel anything, he couldn’t be called a man. Mn, he should give him the last push.
Jinde sat up and his naked feet touched the ground. Leng Jin Yu tensed when he heard those feet tap over to him. Jinde didn’t care. He stopped in front of him and reached out. His fingers touched Leng Jin Yu’s chest. He left them there for a while before hugging Leng Jin Yu’s waist and snuggling up against him. Leng Jin Yu tensed even more but Jinde didn’t step back. Don’t joke with him! His muscles obviously weren’t the only thing going rigid there. If he didn’t try to take advantage of that, he’d be stupid.
He stroked up and down on Leng Jin Yu’s back, reveling in Leng Jin Yu’s reaction. Mn, so he hadn’t lost his charm over the years. His lover still desired him just as much as back then.
Leng Jin Yu’s hands slowly raised behind Jinde’s back and finally caught onto him, burrowing into the golden strands of his hair. He wasn’t sure what to do though. Give in to Jinde and do it? Hold back once again to give them some more time?
As if Jinde had felt him hesitate he lifted his head and kissed Leng Jin Yu below the chin. “Jin Yu …”
Leng Jin Yu trembled and his grip tightened. “Jinde …” His lover’s name came over his lips without conscious thought as if this was his natural instinct. Who knew how often he had done this in his previous life?
Leng Jin Yu sighed and rested his head against Jinde’s. “Is this really because of me?”
“What is?” Jinde almost cooed. Mn, too great. His lover’s hands felt really great in his hair. Now he just had to use them to pull that terrible robe off.
“Your feelings … Are you sure they are because of me and not because of who I was in my last life?”
“What kind of question is that? You are you. Nothing changes about that, regardless of which life we’re talking about.” He didn’t wait any longer and kissed Leng Jin Yu’s neck. If his lover didn’t want to start, then he’d do it himself. Sooner or later …
Before Jinde could continue the grip around his waist loosened and the person somehow slipped out of his grasp and stepped back.
“I think … we should take some more time to think this through. To make sure this is really because of us. I might be carrying the same soul as the one I was before but I am still a new person. I had other experiences, I don’t share the same history with you that he did. We should take the time to share all those things before we … get married.” Whichever way we’ll do it in the end.
He gulped and turned around, unable to look at Jinde any longer. If he did, he really wouldn’t be able to hold back.
“Jin Yu …”
The lost tone made Leng Jin Yu’s body and soul tremble. He took a shaky breath and ran away. He himself felt pathetic and he really didn’t want to know what Jinde thought.
His lover indeed harrumphed while he watched him flee. “Ah, humans. They’re so complicated. I guess I should just strip the next time. Let’s see if he’ll be able to run away if I’m already naked.”

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