LWS V4C53 Who Is the Male Lead?

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Nie Chang furrowed his brows. Oh god. It seemed he had been right. A spaceship, a Major and a group of cadets. And this super excited fellow was probably some Omega-disguised-as-a-Beta that would soon live through some ordeal in this military base or something.
Would he be able to skip all of that and still read a coherent story to Su Yan? He doubted it. Well, there was no other way now that he had already started. He could just hope that he had been wrong and things would turn out differently than he had expected.
With that hope in mind, Nie Chang continued to read.
[Kang Lei rolled his eyes and pulled back his arm. “Shut up. Don’t you think you’re embarrassing? He’s just some Major. The Federation has thousands of them.”
Nangong Min didn’t mind his friend’s brusque attitude at all. In fact, it was questionable if he had even heard his response. “Oh gosh, I can’t believe it! It’s Major Yuan!”
“I’ve heard you. And I already knew about this beforehand. He’s in charge of our mission.”
“Huh?” Nangong Min finally turned his attention to his friend. “What do you mean you already knew about this? Why didn’t you tell me?!”
Kang Lei harrumphed. “So that you can gush to me about the awesome Major Yuan every day? Thanks, but no thanks. I can do without that.”
Nangong Min prepared to retort when the angry voice of their instructor sounded. “Cadet Kang, cadet Nangong, shut up already! Or I’m sending you back right away!”
Nangong Min withered and hid behind Kang Lei. He definitely wouldn’t go back! Not if he could see Major Yuan on this mission. Ah, Major Yuan …
Their instructor harrumphed and turned to all of the cadets. “Depart!”
With him in the lead, the cadets of the Dinlas Academy left the spaceship and went toward Major Yuan and the two adjutants waiting behind him. Salutes were exchanged before the men entered the base.
Yuan Jing motioned at one of their Lieutenants to take this disagreeable duty over and bid farewell to the cadets and their instructor. Ah, Dinlas Academy. Just seeing those guys was raining on his parade. Thankfully, it would be enough to put in an appearance. Everything else could be left to the Lieutenants.]
“Ah, that’s never going to happen!”
Nie Chang held the phone to the side and looked at Su Yan who had that ‘I know it all’ expression. “Oh?”
Su Yan grinned. “Yeah! Isn’t it obvious? There’s that Nangong Min guy who is paying attention to him. Since this is a bl novel it won’t just end there. They’ll obviously see each other more often and then fall in love somehow.”
“Seems like you don’t need me to read the rest of the story.”
“Hmph. Don’t talk so much! Just read the rest!” Su Yan closed his eyes and made himself at home on Nie Chang’s lap again.
Nie Chang snorted and ruffled his hair before looking back at the phone and continuing to read.
[The Lieutenant showed the cadets of the Dinlas Academy to their lodgings for the time being and left with a reminder that they had to gather at the square behind the building in half an hour’s time.
Nangong Min and Kang Lei moved into one of the rooms without a word, closing the door behind them. Kang Lei immediately unpacked while Nangong Min fell down on the bed and crossed his arms behind his head.
“Ah, I still can’t believe I saw Major Yuan in person.”
“Mn.” Kang Lei continued to unpack.
“He’s just like I imagined him to be.” Nangong Min rolled to the side and grabbed the pillow, pressing it up against his chest. “Ah, did you see how tall he is? So handsome!”
Kang Lei slammed the closet shut and turned to Nangong Min. “Ah Min, if you still don’t start unpacking you won’t make it in time. What is your Major Yuan going to think then?”
Nangong Min continued to lie there with the pillow hugged to his chest for another minute or so before he sat up. “Ah Lei, say … Do you think we’ll see him more often while we’re here?”
“Who knows?”
Kang Lei went to the bathroom and brushed through his hair. When he came back Nangong Min was still sitting on the bed in a daze. Ugh. This guy. Could he think of something else than that Major Yuan sometime? He couldn’t take it any longer!
He himself didn’t understand why he felt this way but hearing just how smart and strong and handsome that Major Yuan was made him want to smash something. Preferably that guy’s face so at least one of his good points would be deducted.]
“Ah?” Su Yan leaped up and turned to Nie Chang. “Wait. So who’s the male lead of this story?”
Nie Chang couldn’t help but chuckle. “I thought you already knew how the story was going to play out?”
“Well … I thought it was that Major Yuan. But this doesn’t sound like that. Don’t tell me he’s just a feint the author put in there and the real male lead is that Kang Lei!”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “I don’t know. I’ve also only started reading this now.”
“Then go and take a look! It’s probably in the synopsis.”
“Is it that important to know beforehand who the male lead is?”
“Of course! Isn’t that what the novel is about? How could anyone just read it without knowing who the main couple is?”
Nie Chang ruffled his hair again. “Alright. I’ll take a look for you.” He navigated back to the main page of the novel and looked at the synopsis.
His lips curved into a wry smile. The author had only left a few short lines to describe what the novel was about and the vaguest thing about it was the answer to who Nangong Min would decide on.
[When the cadets of the Dinlas Academy visit planet ABO to further their hands-on combat skills in the wilderness Nangong Min meets with an unexpected misfortune. Unable to overcome this challenge on his own, he has to rely on his best friend Kang Lei and his idol Major Yuan Jing for help. In the end, will he only gain his freedom or also find himself in the arms of one of the two handsome men?]

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