LWS V4C52 An ABO-Verse?!

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Nie Chang looked at Su Yan and shook his head. Well, it probably was more of a date if he read the story to him rather than having Su Yan read it himself. He looked at the story that was displayed on the screen. It seemed to be … a futuristic bl novel?
Nie Chang raised his brows. Don’t tell him this was some kind of ABO-Verse! Shit. If so, then how was he supposed to read this to Su Yan?! He had already hated the one from before and that had been a novel set in ancient times! This type of novel would probably be a hundred times worse.
Nie Chang gulped and took a look at Su Yan’s face. His darling had closed his eyes and was smiling happily, obviously very pleased with himself that he had thought of this solution for their dilemma with the date. Telling him he couldn’t do it … seemed kind of bad.
He cleared his throat first to get some more information out of Su Yan. “Is this the novel you need to read for the system next?”
Su Yan cracked his eyes open and pursed his lips. “What are you talking about? I just want to do something romantic!”
Nie Chang grinned. “Alright, alright. Reading something for you is very romantic, totally what a normal couple would do on a date. I was just wondering if the novel was something the system put into your library. You know just to prevent something like with that last novel you had to read.”
Su Yan’s expression turned worried. “Why? Does the novel look really bad? Are there lots of birds flying around?”
Nie Chang grimaced. “Ah Yan, do you have to say birds all the time? That’s kind of …”
“The novel called it birds!” Su Yan frowned. This wasn’t his fault at all!
“Uh, right. But maybe you still shouldn’t adopt that word.”
“Then what do you want me to call it?”
Nie Chang rubbed his brow. Ah, he shouldn’t say anything now or Su Yan would really take the suggestion up and go around talking like that. Things might get even worse that way. “Anyway did the system say that you definitely have to read this story or could it be another one? If so, then maybe I should search for a different one. My taste might be better.”
Su Yan happily rubbed Nie Chang’s thigh. “Your taste is definitely much better than that of the system. But that story is the recommendation it gave me so I think reading that one will be best. What if you read something else to me and the system doesn’t count it? Nah, it’s still better we play it safe.”
“Alright …” Nie Chang took a deep breath and opened the novel. He didn’t even look at the description. He would have an easier time reading the story if he didn’t know for sure that things would go downhill fast.
Just when he took another breath to start Su Yan clutched his arm. “Wait!”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “What is it?”
“Well, if … you know, if there’s really some bird inside … just skip it, alright? No need to read that aloud.”
Nie Chang cleared his throat. Well, he had thought as much. Su Yan just wasn’t somebody who would ever like an open sex scene. Confronting him with it as directly as the system did probably wasn’t a good thing. Especially if he still wanted to live his own sex scene with him tomorrow. “I’ll try.”
“Mn! You’re the best!” Su Yan reached up and stroked his cheek before lying still again. He even closed his eyes once more as if this wasn’t a task the system had given up but just something he wanted to do with his boyfriend on a date. Well, in his mind, it probably was.
Nie Chang shook his head indulgently and finally started to read the first chapter.
[The spaceship entered the atmosphere of planet A —]
Nie Chang frowned and barely held back a curse. Planet ABO? Seriously? Was this thing trying to mock him?!
Su Yan’s eyes opened and he gave his boyfriend a questioning look.
“It’s nothing. I … I needed to adjust the text size.”
“Really? Don’t tell me your sight is getting worse! Well, it figures. You’re sitting in front of notebooks and stuff the whole day. Nerds like you always need glasses sooner or later.”
Nie Chang didn’t respond to that. Honestly, there was no need to compare who spent most of his time in front of a screen. He at least repaired the notebooks in his official working hours! Su Yan was really looking at a screen the whole time.
“Ah, no need to worry. It’s just the sun that’s glaring. I wanted to make sure that I don’t have to take a break later when it’s getting interesting.”
“Awr, you’re so thoughtful!”
“Mn.” Nie Chang patted his darling’s head before he turned back to the phone.
[The spaceship entered the atmosphere of planet ABO and slowly descended toward the landing bridge. Inside the tower, one of the soldiers in front of the screen turned to the back.
“The spaceship from Dinlas Academy will be landing shortly.”
“Mn.” The man in the back of the room nodded curtly and left the room. He could imagine doing better things than entertaining a group of cadet but since he had been transferred the command of this mission he had to feign at least some interest. Well, giving a greeting and assigning someone to deal with them should be enough.
He stepped into the lift and clicked for the lowest floor. By the time the gate of the spaceship opened and slid down, he was already standing in the hangar with his two adjutants.
In the ship’s belly, a group of cadets with their instructors could be seen.
One of them was looking past the bodies of the others and eying the men waiting to receive them. His eyes grew huge when he saw the one in the middle. He clutched the arm of the cadet beside him. “Oh my gosh! That’s Major Yuan down there! I can’t believe he’s actually here!”]

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