OMF V5C64 Not that Conservative

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Jinde’s eyes widened in surprise. Was this real? Had his lover finally decided that it was time for them? His hands traced Leng Jin Yu’s chest as if on their own, happily taking in every little elevation that could be felt from below his robe. Mn, he really couldn’t wait to pull this fabric down and feel those muscles directly.
Jinde reached up to Leng Jin Yu’s shoulders and held onto them. Now, his lover only had to pick him up and carry him over.
Leng Jin Yu didn’t seem to think of that though. Quite the contrary. Just when Jinde was waiting for him to take the next step he actually stopped the kiss and leaned back, taking a deep breath as if he was inwardly bidding farewell to the beautiful sensation.
Jinde frowned. “What are you doing?”
Leng Jin Yu cupped his cheek with one hand and rubbed the soft skin with his thumb. “How about you lie down first?”
“Oh?” Jinde’s frown dispersed and instead his brows raised in a teasing way. “Then I hope you won’t let me wait too long.” His eyes narrowed slightly, shielding half of that golden gaze and making him seem even more seductive than before.
Leng Jin Yu took a shaky breath. “I …”
Before he could explain himself Jinde had left his arms and taken the few steps to the daybed. He sat down and leaned back half-way, his legs spreading slightly.
This time Leng Jin Yu didn’t manage to do anything but stare. The way Jinde was lying there … This definitely wasn’t a coincidence. This was … an invitation. He would need to be an idiot not to understand it.
There he was. Looking at the person he liked that presented himself so willingly to him. Now, what to do? Jinde obviously didn’t mind getting close to him. In fact, he seemed to want them to get even closer. If he went over and sat down next to him … He knew where this would lead. And honestly, he wanted to go over and indulge in this.
Leng Jin Yu took a deep breath. “Wait a moment.” He turned around and went back into the house.
Jinde’s brows lifted once more. Just what was his lover doing there? Shouldn’t he pounce on him already? What could he still need at this time? Well, as long as he hurried back and finally fulfilled his wishes it was alright.
Jinde made himself comfortable and adjusted the layers of his robe. Ah, it was great to seduce somebody but not so nice if things had to go fast. Hopefully, Leng Jin Yu wouldn’t have any trouble to get it off later. Mn, even if, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It might also fuel his desire.
Jinde brushed his hair to the side when Leng Jin Yu’s steps finally returned. Looking at him there didn’t seem to be anything different. Jinde blinked and wanted to ask when Leng Jin Yu stopped a few steps into the courtyard and took something from his spatial ring.
It was … a chair?
Jinde’s eyes widened. Ah, he certainly hadn’t expected this. He had honestly thought that Leng Jin Yu was more conservative but if he liked things this way …
Before Jinde had time to get up and ask how exactly Leng Jin Yu intended to make use of this chair his lover also took out a table. Then an ink slab and a scroll of paper followed.
Jinde’s expression derailed before he caught himself. “Jin Yu, what are you doing with that?”
Leng Jin Yu didn’t answer immediately. He took out everything else he needed before he sat down at the table and ground the ink. He had already thought it through. As much as he wanted to go over and take Jinde, he couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t he disrespect him if he did?
Because even though Jinde wanted it now he still feared that this desire might just be fueled because of the relationship they had had in his past life. He had to give both of them the time to find out if those feelings were true. Everything else would be irresponsible. After all, it had only been a day since they met. That was really too short.
“Jin Yu …”
Leng Jin Yu smiled a little strained and motioned at the daybed. “Are you comfortable like this or do you need something else?”
Jinde stared at him. If he needed something else? Please, did his lover ever listen to himself? What did he want to hear? ‘Oh, yes, please bring me some pastries’? He needed a man, for Heaven’s sake! His man! Was that really so hard to get?!
His brows twitched dangerously but he held back from hurling that cup of tea at him. Ah, Heaven! How vicious to let his lover reincarnate as someone with such good self-restraint! If this was still Chun Yin …
Jinde sighed. Well, even Chun Yin had had such moments when nothing could shake him. Almost nothing. Jinde subconsciously felt around for the pendant he could use to contact Xin Lan. There was nothing that had worked as well on Chun Yin as showing him that there were actually some rivals around.
Back then he had been able to hold back when it was just the two of them. Courting him, then pulling back, leaving him with a bleeding heart. He had been able to do that. But he had come running as soon as he heard the news that he was searching for a partner for marriage and he had made sure that he ruined every chance there was. And then that day with Xin Lan …
Jinde couldn’t help but smile. Somehow, Chun Yin had always seen Xin Lan as his biggest rival even though the notion of them being together was completely absurd. Maybe the same would work on Leng Jin Yu.
Jinde’s eyes narrowed slightly while he considered. Leng Jin Yu definitely liked him and judging from the way he looked at him there was nothing wrong with his body either. It was just a matter of stimulating him enough to abandon his self-restraint.
Maybe it would indeed work to bring Xin Lan into this but it felt like using a flood to water a single sprout. What if it was too much and Leng Jin Yu actually withdrew because he felt powerless in front of an opponent like Xin Lan? After all, he wasn’t a dragon anymore and his temperament seemed to be better than Chun Yin’s too. He wouldn’t needlessly aggravate someone and he had already lost to Qiu Ling once. Wouldn’t it be worse to have him contend against Xin Lan?
In that case, he would try another trick or two first. If all of that failed, he could still ask Xin Lan to hurry back and lend him his body for a bit.

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