OMF V5C63 His Person

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Meanwhile, Leng Jin Yu was busy with arranging everything for Jinde. He had dragged out a daybed just like his lover had asked him to and placed it below the branches of the plum tree. Looking at it he felt that it was lacking. Jinde could lie down but would he be comfortable? Probably not.
Thus he went to fetch another pillow for Jinde to lean against and a light blanket in case he didn’t like the breeze. Then he carried a little table out and put it beside the daybed, placing a teapot and a jade cup on top so that Jinde could take some if he felt thirsty. Maybe he would also like something to eat? Leng Jin Yu had a look at the content of his spatial ring and found some spiritual fruits he had taken from the secret realm. With a smile, he put them down next to the teacup.
Leng Jin Yu examined his preparations again and nodded with satisfaction. This should be alright. Or maybe Jinde could use something in case the sun was too glaring? He turned to go back in and see if he could find a parasol for him when he already came face to face with the person he was doing all this for.
Jinde had exchanged the torn white robe for a green one. Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but stare. He had thought Jinde had looked splendid yesterday but now he was completely stunned.
The robe consisted of several layers in different shades of green, from the dark green found in the needles of conifers to rich moss green to the color of lush spring grass. The darkest inner layer contrasted with his pale skin while the lighter outer layers made it seem less like the sickly pallor of someone injured and more like the noble pallidness you would expect from someone of high status.
Once again the outermost layer of the robe was embroidered but this time not only the hems were decorated richly. From top to the bottom the lifelike image of a dragon with dark green scales was depicted that seemed to coil around Jinde’s body. The image was even continued on the belt that secured the robe around his waist.
The dark scales seemed to press up against his body making his slim waist seem especially supple. Before Leng Jin Yu knew what he was doing he had already walked to Jinde’s side and put an arm around his waist. His fingers brushed across the embroidery and trailed the side of Jinde’s body. Ah, indeed … Jinde slightly twisted, his body following Leng Jin Yu’s movements.
Leng Jin Yu’s heart jumped and his hands moved to encircle Jinde tighter. His. This person was his. He had to hold him close. He had to make sure that he knew, that everyone knew that he was his. He couldn’t let them look at him.
He closed in on Jinde, his eyes falling shut. An image flashed before them. Jinde in a set of robes quite similar to this one only that it was wound loosely around his body. With each step he took, each gesture he made with his hands it would slip to the side revealing something that shouldn’t be seen. Ah, how could he let it happen? He didn’t want them to see. He wanted to wrap him in his arms and keep him to himself, hide him away so nobody else would ever lay eyes on the beauty he had discovered. This should be his. His person. His other part. His.
Leng Jin Yu unwittingly trapped Jinde in his arms, not noticing how his own body shook. He could only hear that voice inside his head screaming at him over and over again that Jinde couldn’t be anyone else’s. Telling him to take possession of him.
Leng Jin Yu gritted his teeth. His person? His possession? How could he do this? Yes, he desired him. Yes, he wanted to take him even though he knew he should wait. But that wasn’t the same. Imprisoning him? Robbing him of his freedom after he had already been missing it for so long? This was utter nonsense!
He took a shaky breath. He couldn’t hurt him again. Whatever this voice was he couldn’t listen to it. He slowly relaxed his body and rested his head against Jinde’s. Ah, he had almost done something wrong again. The last time Jinde hadn’t taken it to heart and had graciously forgiven him. But he couldn’t use that as an excuse to sin against him once more. He had to keep himself in check.
Jinde had already snuggled up against his chest by that time. He gently rubbed Leng Jin Yu’s torso, enjoying the sensation of his arms around him with his eyes closed. Mn … Finally. This was the kind of possessiveness Chun Yin’s reincarnation should have. Ah, if he picked him up right now and carried him to the daybed to love him it would be perfect. He sighed at the thought of it and rubbed his head against Leng Jin Yu’s shoulder. Please, don’t let me wait any longer. Do it. Do it now.
Unfortunately, that pleasantly tight grip started to loosen until Jinde felt like Leng Jin Yu might let go of him. He hurriedly reached out and grabbed his robe, making sure Leng Jin Yu wouldn’t be able to just step back.
Well, it seemed he didn’t need to worry about that. Leng Jin Yu didn’t let go completely. At least not for now. He just held him carefully, their hearts close to each other, their heads close to each other, their bodies almost sticking together. He took a few deep breaths before looking up. Seeing Jinde’s happy expression he smiled. He leaned down and kissed his cheek, his lips lingering for a moment and eliciting a sigh from Jinde.
Those golden eyes cracked open and Jinde tilted his head, exposing part of his neck to Leng Jin Yu in the hope that he would bend further down and take advantage of the situation.
Leng Jin Yu indeed bent down but his lips didn’t go for Jinde’s neck. Instead, they landed on his lips.

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