LWS V4C48 It Should Be Big

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Su Yan blinked. “Miscalculated?” Could something like this really happen?
Nie Chang grinned when he saw that Su Yan seriously considered the option. He pinched his left cheek and gave him a kiss on the right one. “Stop thinking about it already. Whether the system miscalculated or had a reason for that rating, the most important thing is that we know that we’re a great couple. Everything else is irrelevant.”
“But —”
“No!” Nie Chang put a finger on Su Yan’s lips. “It is irrelevant. People change all the time. Relationships change all the time. Even if we didn’t have a perfect score last week, it could already be completely different now. So let’s not dwell on two percent and focus on the future instead, mn? After all, we should decide what kind of house we’d like to have before we go and look for one, right? Or did you just want to visit whatever we could find?”
Su Yan had never been able to concentrate on one thing for a long time. Now that such a question was put in front of him, he couldn’t continue to ponder the rating he and Nie Chang had gotten.
“Well, if we do get a house, then I want a big one!”
Nie Chang’s brows shot up. “A big one?” Hadn’t he just said that they would need forever to get enough money for a house? Shouldn’t he rather want a small one then?
“Of course! If you buy a house, why would you choose a small one?”
“It’s … less expensive, normally?”
Su Yan frowned. “Then you should buy an apartment. But didn’t we already agree on the house?”
“Mn. We did, we did. So a big one it is. Anything you’d definitely want to have in the house?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and pondered the question while they walked down the road. When they reached the next turn, he perked up. “A big kitchen!”
“Well, if you’re going to cook for me every day, then you should have a big kitchen.” Su Yan looked at him as if that was obvious.
Nie Chang had no idea how to refute this. Yes, if he was going to cook for him, then naturally, it would be better to have a good kitchen. Not that the size was the most important in that regard. “Then what about yourself? If I get a good kitchen, what do you get?”
Su Yan once again looked ahead blankly. What would he get? Actually, there wasn’t really anything he wanted. At least he couldn’t think of anything right away. Hm … He should probably consider what was most important to him in his own apartment. Of all things there that should be … “A big bed!”
Nie Chang laughed. “So my little darling wants a big house with a big kitchen and a big bed. Your demands are huge for sure.”
Su Yan harrumphed. “What are you talking about? You’ll also benefit from the bed, won’t you?”
Nie Chang didn’t answer. He just observed Su Yan’s expression to figure out what exactly he meant with that. At first, he had thought Su Yan came up with the bed since he liked to lie in bed and write there on the weekend or when he had a day off.
But if that was the case … How would he profit from it? So could it be … Was Su Yan talking about making use of that bed when they had moved in together? But they hadn’t even tried to have sex yet. Su Yan probably wouldn’t say something like that.
“I guess that’s the most important part.” Su Yan nodded to himself while Nie Chang was still pondering what he could have meant with his previous statement. “But we should also consider where we want the house to be.” Not that there would be many single-family houses in the middle of the city. And even if there are, they would probably be somebody else’s property already or really, really expensive. There was no way he and Nie Chang could buy something like that. Nie Chang would have to create millions of timers for that.
Nie Chang nodded. “Sure but we’d have to see where houses are sold. So I wouldn’t dwell on that too much. Rather than that … Wouldn’t you like a room to yourself?”
“Ah?” Su Yan wanted to stop walking but Nie Chang pulled him along. “What do you mean a room to myself? What would be the use in moving in together then?”
Nie Chang smiled. The fact that Su Yan looked at him reproachfully made him happy this time. So Su Yan was this serious about living together. Mn, well, he should have figured. Su Yan might not be the type who would take the initiative to think about stuff like this and he might need a lot of time to decide on what he wanted to do but as soon as he had decided, that decision would be final and you’d have a hard time if you wanted him to change his opinion again.
“That’s not what I meant but it’s nice to see you want to spend all of your time with me.” He really regretted having the tandem with them right now. He couldn’t even hug his little darling without sparing a thought for it.
“What are you talking about?”
“Well, you’re often sitting in bed and writing, right? I guess that’s warm and all but probably not too good if you’re doing it for a long amount of time. So maybe you’d like to have some kind of … writing room? One with a desk where you can sit down and write and where I won’t disturb you? It can be a big desk if you like.”
This time Su Yan really stopped walking. “A room just for me? So I can write better?” He pondered and his eyes started to sparkle. “Ah Chang, that’s such a good idea! Such a room would be great! Especially if I really find a way to earn us money with writing. Then I’d need to invest a lot of time in it. Ah, you really are the best boyfriend!” Su Yan jumped his boyfriend, almost knocking him off his feet and causing another accident with the tandem.
Nie Chang could only smile wryly. That hadn’t been what he had in mind at all! What if they really found a house big enough for such a room and Su Yan buried himself inside there every day? He somehow felt like he had dug his own grave right now.

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