OMF V5C62 Visit the Grandmaster

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The two of them fell silent for a while and both sipped their tea. Wu Min Huan couldn’t help but think back to his Master’s expression at that time. His face had been pale when he told his other disciples that Yu Jin had been trapped in the secret realm and all of them had understood that he was mourning this loss. Nobody had been able to fault him. They had all known that he liked Yu Jin very much and being trapped in a secret realm often equaled certain death. Of course, they could hope that Yu Jin would make it back but the chances weren’t high. They all knew that.
Jing Yi, on the other hand, couldn’t help but compare Nian Hong Fang’s situation to his own. Yes, he understood why Wu Min Huan had reacted how he had but he could also understand that Nian Hong Fang was angry. Wu Min Huan just would have needed to ask one question to dispel his worries. But he hadn’t and now Nian Hong Fang had waited several years and still not heard any news on his lover’s whereabouts. Who wouldn’t be angry in his situation?
“Well, senior martial brother Yu is back. It shouldn’t be a problem to ask now.”
“Mn.” Wu Min Huan nodded. “That’s true. I just feel … it would be strange to ask my Master now after so much time has passed. So I was hoping I could go and ask junior martial brother Yu and then maybe have him ask our Master. It’s just that I feel also strange about that. I never liked him, after all.”
Jing Yi raised his brows. “I think you’re worrying too much. Your Master wouldn’t mind and senior martial brother Yu wouldn’t mind either. He’s pretty easygoing.”
Wu Min Huan’s brows raised just the same. “Easygoing? Are we talking about the same Yu Jin here?” He hadn’t seen him after his return but the Yu Jin from back then had been a reclusive and taciturn person. If he didn’t have to come out, he wouldn’t come out. If he had to come out but didn’t have to say a word, he would stand to the side and keep silent. Well, if he had to talk, he could say a lot and every word sounded like it had been deliberated for a long time. Every syllable extremely meaningful.
Wu Min Huan sighed. Maybe this was what his Master liked about Yu Jin? That he didn’t do or say anything unnecessary? Did he feel that they were more bothersome in comparison?
Jing Yi had no idea what Wu Min Huan was thinking and nodded. “Yes. Well, he might seem a little distant at first but after interacting with him for a while I felt that he was really easy to get along with.”
“I see.” Wu Min Huan hadn’t heard about the rumors regarding Jing Yi and Yu Jin yet so he didn’t think much about it. Maybe he was just biased because he felt that Yu Jin had taken over his position in his Master’s heart and thus couldn’t see this easygoing side of his junior martial brother Jing Yi spoke of. “Well, regardless of what I think I’ll have to talk to one of them about this.”
“Mn. I don’t think it’ll be a problem but if you’d like I could accompany you to talk with senior martial brother Yu.”
Wu Min Huan tightened his lips. Honestly, he shouldn’t have a problem to go and talk to Yu Jin alone. They were martial brothers, for Heaven’s sake! But imagining that Zhong Jing Yi would be there too he actually felt better. Maybe this junior martial brother was indeed nicer when talking to someone younger than him?
Seeing that Wu Min Huan was hesitating Jing Yi smiled. “Actually, there are a few things I have to do anyway. It would just be on my way.”
Wu Min Huan straightened up. “Well … If I’m not inconveniencing you …”
“No, not at all. In fact, I’d like to go and thank senior martial brother Yu again for taking care of me.”
Wu Min Huan tilted his head. He didn’t understand what Jing Yi meant with that last point but he did understand that he was trying to do him a favor. Wouldn’t it be wrong to reject him when he already offered his help like this? “Well, then … alright. But let’s take care of your other matters first. It’s still early and junior martial brother Yu is so hardworking. I wouldn’t want to disturb him while he cultivates.”
Jing Yi wasn’t so sure if it would make any difference when they went but considering the history between these two martial brothers, he could understand that Wu Min Huan needed a bit of time to prepare himself. Thus he only nodded. “Then let’s do that. I wanted to return something to Grandmaster Zhangsun and then look for two old friends of mine that should already be part of the inner sect by now.”
“Eh?” Wu Min Huan leaped to his feet. “Go to Grandmaster Zhangsun’s palace?!”
Jing Yi nodded. “Yes. Is that a problem?”
Wu Min Huan’s lips moved but he didn’t get any sound out. What kind of question was that?! Who would dare to casually say he wanted to go visit Grandmaster Zhangsun? Especially if he was of the younger generation? But, well, maybe it was different for Zhong Jing Yi. After all, he was the fiance of Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple. They might have a good relationship. Ah, thankfully, he had agreed to come with him! He would actually get to see Grandmaster Zhangsun up close!
Wu Min Huan smoothed out his sleeves and cleared his throat. “No, of course not. What kind of problem could there be? Let’s go! We shouldn’t let Grandmaster Zhangsun wait!”
Jing Yi raised his brows but also stood up. What did he mean with not letting the Grandmaster wait? It wasn’t like they had announced themselves in the first place. He didn’t say anything though and just left the bamboo house. This time Wu Min Huan didn’t just speed off so Jing Yi had time to mention that he didn’t know how to fly on a sword. Thus he was finally brought over on Wu Min Huan’s sword while a not-so-happy Qiu Ling trailed behind them in a safe distance.

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