LWS V4C46 What If They’re Not Compatible?

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Luckily for Shen Lu, Su Yan didn’t dwell on the matter. He shook his head and got back to the matter at hand. “Well, even if it wasn’t Li Ming it should have to do with him or the system. After all, that’s the reason I even found out there were gay people around.”
Nie Chang ground his teeth. Ah, he didn’t like listening to this at all. But Su Yan seemed to just get into his stride. He certainly wouldn’t stop talking about any time soon. Nie Chang took his arm and directed him toward the bridge spanning the lotus pond in front of them. Maybe there was some chance to divert his attention if the environment was different?
Su Yan indeed looked curiously at the lotus pond but he hadn’t stopped thinking his alternate life through yet. “There was that guy at the bar. Do you remember?”
“That Ling Dong Hai?” Nie Chang frowned. Ah, he didn’t like to remember that guy at all. If he hadn’t secretly spied on Su Yan that day and followed him because he thought he had a date with somebody else … Tch, he should have ruined the company of that guy’s family or something. Well, it wasn’t too late for that.
“I don’t know what his name was. But didn’t the system send me there too? And then yesterday!”
“What was yesterday?” Nie Chang felt an alarm going off in his head. He hadn’t noticed anything dangerous yesterday but considering that Li Ming as well as that Ling Dong Hai guy had both encountered Su Yan because of the system he wasn’t so sure if he could trust any kind of encounter Su Yan had because of the system.
Su Yan frowned and slapped his arm. “We went to visit my parents! Don’t tell me you already forgot?”
“No, of course not. But what does that have to do with … your potential other boyfriend?”
“Didn’t my father try to set me up with Yuan Hai? I feel like that wouldn’t have happened either if it wasn’t for the system.”
Nie Chang shook his head. “I think you’re giving the system too much credit. Shouldn’t most of it be given to me?”
“To you?” Su Yan tilted his head. “Why would it?”
“Well …” Nie Chang leaned the tandem against the handrail and swooped Su Yan into his embrace. “Who was the one going after you for so many years? And who was the one that took you out on a date? And even if that Li Ming managed to kiss you before I did, that was a forced one. Your first real kiss was definitely given by me. And I’m the only man who has ever slept in the same bed together with you.
“So if anyone is responsible for getting you a boyfriend, then that would be me. The system has only helped you to realize things a little sooner. But otherwise I’d have continued to try and I’m sure that in a year or maybe two you would have understood. Well, and if not by then, then it wouldn’t have been too late in five years or even in ten.” He grinned and bent down to give him a kiss.
Su Yan willingly accepted it but pursed his lips afterward. “What are you talking about? That’s what happened already. But weren’t we talking about what would have happened if we didn’t know each other? If I didn’t know you, none of that would have happened. So I really don’t understand what you’re talking about.”
Nie Chang sighed. “Then could we not speak about this any longer? I think it’s depressing just to imagine a life that I would spend without you.”
Su Yan blinked. “I know. Didn’t you already say that before? I was just guessing. Well, considering that …” He turned to tug at one of the buttons on Nie Chang’s shirt again. “We probably would have gotten together anyway. After all, we’re very, very compatible.”
“Oh?” Nie Chang’s lips curved up. This was something that he liked to hear. Much better than some alternative boyfriend. He wouldn’t mind dwelling on this a bit longer.
“Mn!” Su Yan happily nodded. “I don’t know if I told you last week but one of the first tasks the system gave me was to find compatible couples. When I was trying it out I made a mistake so it calculated our compatibility.”
“And that’s a mistake? I think that sounds good.” He tightened his grab and kissed Su Yan’s temple, ruffling his hair while he was at it.
“Ah, you don’t know. I actually thought it had calculated how compatible I and that terrible customer in the tight dress were. I was horrified! Because we have really high compatibility.” He pursed his lips and looked at Nie Chang, his eyes clearly ordering him to ask just how high it was already.
“Well, since your system obviously knows what to do it was probably a hundred percent. I can’t believe we’re any less compatible than that.”
Su Yan froze. Right. Why hadn’t it been a hundred percent back then? Don’t tell him there was something about Nie Chang and him that wasn’t compatible?!
As if he had suddenly figured something out, Su Yan’s gaze traveled down and stared at a certain place that had worried him before already. “Ah Chang, say do you think the missing percents are because of your bird? Maybe it’s not very compatible with my nest.”
The look in his eyes when he lifted his head again was barely enough to stifle Nie Chang’s laugh. Ah, he really didn’t want to make fun of his little darling but why did he have to pick up such words out of all the available terms?

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