OMF V5C42 Help Me Out a Bit

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While Leng Jin Yu and Jinde were sharing a sweet moment Qiu Ling went and did what his predecessor had suggested and went to find Xin Lan. Honestly, this idea wasn’t bad at all. Even if Xin Lan himself didn’t want to acknowledge it, he was still part of the dragon race so it really wasn’t asking too much to have him help out every now and then. Especially after he had refrained from lifting even a single finger for his race in the last couple thousand years.
Naturally, Xin Lan wasn’t far from where Jinde was so Qiu Ling finally managed to find him sitting under a tree a few steps away from the house.
Qiu Ling unceremoniously plopped down beside him. “The old geezer wants you to help me.”
“He said you should ask me for help, not that I’m obliged to help you.” Don’t kid him. He had heard every word spoken inside. In fact … he could even hear those two sweet-talking each other in the bedroom.
Ah, his master sounded so happy. It had been the right decision to help that Leng Jin Yu a little. He should probably do even more to make sure his master could feel more secure in this relationship. It was just … His heart squeezed at the thought. Yes, he wanted his master to be happy. But he didn’t want him to be happy with that man!
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “Well … I could go back inside and tell the old geezer you wouldn’t help me. I’m just afraid I might be disturbing him. He seemed pretty busy.”
Xin Lan didn’t answer. Maybe it would be good if that boy went and disturbed them. Then he wouldn’t have to hear them any longer.
Qiu Ling frowned and stood up. He actually hadn’t been serious right now because he was sure that Xin Lan would help him but if he didn’t want to then he would naturally go and bother the guy that wanted to sleep with his father. Tch, don’t think he’d let him be happy if even he wasn’t happy after being engaged for so long!
Xin Lan startled awake and stood up, grabbing Qiu Ling by the shoulder and pulling him back. “Where do you think you’re going?” From inside the house, he heard Leng Jin Yu murmur Jinde’s name like a question until only silence remained.
So, his master had fallen asleep. It seemed like all the worries of the last millennia were finally gone. He would become the person he had been before. That man who could laugh with his eyes sparkling and smile when he saw something he liked and bury himself in his study for hours to work on some new recipe. This was good. This was … long overdue.
“That Jin Ling probably just imprisoned them to make some trouble for you. He doesn’t have the means to actually hurt you. Not without doing damage to himself. It’s just a matter of going in, smashing in some doors and leaving.”
“I like your way of thinking. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to go since I still need to seduce my beloved back. So how about you go and do that part with smashing the doors? I wouldn’t mind if you killed some demons on the way either.”
Xin Lan eyed Qiu Ling. Everything he said was bullshit. But, well, today he somehow liked to hear it. Smashing things and driving that hateful Jin Ling crazy seemed like something he would want to do very much right now.
Seeing Xin Lan still not agree Qiu Ling grew impatient. “Come on! One of them is Fu Min. Don’t the two of you have some kind of thing going on?”
Xin Lan blinked. Fu Min? He couldn’t remember anyone with that name.
Qiu Ling also saw his confusion and gritted his teeth. This guy was so troublesome! Why was there nothing he cared about besides the old geezer?! “Didn’t you save him when he was a child? He’s been treating you like an idol since then. You can’t be so cold-hearted to have one of your fans wither away in the demon realm’s prison, can you?”
Xin Lan indeed didn’t care about this but he wasn’t against doing this task. And maybe … He could never attain his master, he knew that as well. And while his heart wouldn’t just stop loving him and move on just because he knew so that didn’t mean he couldn’t do other things. Maybe it would be less unbearable to witness his master being with that man if he also indulged in pleasure for a bit. It didn’t necessarily have to be that Fu Min but if that boy was passable, he wouldn’t mind considering him.
Xin Lan finally nodded. “Alright. Since His Majesty already said you should look for me to help I shouldn’t reject you. I’ll go and save those two. I won’t care about their condition though. Whatever happened to them in the demon realm will be their problem, not mine.”
“So you won’t kill any demons?” A hint of regret mixed into Qiu Ling’s voice. Ah, he really would have liked it if that Jin Ling’s plan backfired so much that he not only lost the means he had acquired to pressure him but even lost what he originally had.
Xin Lan only looked at him as if he was an idiot and turned around. He didn’t have to consider this boy’s opinion. He left for the demon realm but before he even left the sect grounds of the Yun Zou Sect he was faced with someone he didn’t want to see. Xin Lan frowned and withstood the urge to look at his master’s house to make sure the two of them were still inside.
Opposite him, Jin Ling smiled brightly. “Xin Lan, what a surprise to see you here. Don’t tell me you actually waited for me to come back and fetch you?”

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