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Xin Lan narrowed his eyes. “Quite the contrary. I had hoped not to see you again. Especially since I’m here to solve the mess you created.”
Jin Ling tilted his head. “Oh? It couldn’t be … that man is still alive?” He also narrowed his eyes. The last time they had met, Xin Lan had said that that man had been reborn and that one of the disciples caught in the explosion in the Leyuan region had been him. Xin Lan certainly knew which of them it was. So if he was still here … then that man was too. He had to be one of the disciples that had only been injured. Or maybe … “Is it that person you saved from that bastard Qiu Ling? That Yu Jin?”
Xin Lan cursed inwardly but his face stayed impassive. “What are you even talking about? I’m here because the Heavenly Emperor sent word that your actions were the cause of some mishap with the Son of Heaven. They asked me to fix this mess.”
Jin Ling frowned. Could this really be true? “Why would you do the Heavenly Emperor a favor?”
Xin Lan snorted. “Do him a favor? Don’t tell me you have another screw lose since we saw each other the last time? If this matter isn’t dealt with, who knows if he will live? If the Nine Heavens loose their crown prince, it is obvious what will happen, isn’t it? You sure are bold doing such things. Bold but an utter disappointment. His Majesty never would have accepted this kind of behavior. Naturally, I won’t be like you. I’ll set right what you did wrong. I’ll make sure nothing is changed about the status quo of the immortal races.”
Jin Ling looked down. So this had indeed nothing to do with that man. He was probably dead already. Well, then he’d have to wait a while longer until he could find him and annihilate him, soul and everything. Whatever. He should deal with Xin Lan first.
“So, have you fixed the mess already?”
“Then why don’t you come back home now?”
“Home?” Xin Lan’s brows lifted. How had the demon realm become his home? Actually, he never had had a home. He only ever had places where he stayed. Even at his master’s side … Could he dare to call a palace or a house where another man went to lie down in bed call his home? At the most, he was a guest that was condoned. Someone Chun Yin had accepted to be there because his master had wanted him to and he could probably count himself lucky that the two of them had never become an official couple or this might have changed.
Jin Ling nodded as if it was a matter of course though. “Yes. Haven’t you had enough of wandering outside already? It’s time to return to the demon realm. That’s where you belong.”
“The demon realm?” Xin Lan’s lips quirked up in a self-ridiculing smile. “But I’m a dragon. Shouldn’t the one to call me home be the dragon and not the demon king?
“Tch.” Jin Ling floated closer. “What are you even talking about? Jinde left you to me. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s not too bad. He gave a person he liked having around to me while that bastard only got the throne he always hated. Sure, that also should have been mine but at least he left me something that was to his liking, didn’t he?”
Xin Lan’s smile faded. Someone he liked having around? Something to his liking? How absurd! In his master’s heart, there was no place for anyone or anything but Chun Yin. He didn’t mind having anyone else around but he would also forget about them at one glance of that man.
Ah, but he had known all this since long ago. He had just … foolishly continued to hope. Well, it changed nothing about his feelings. Whether his master reciprocated them or not … He would continue on this path.
He didn’t want to leave this place. Not after he had found his master again after such a long time. He wanted to stay with him and even if they could never be together, he wanted to do all those odd tasks for him. Choosing a robe one day and brushing his hair the next, preparing the ink for him in the morning and serving him tea in the evening. Whatever it was his master wanted he would do it and he would be happy while he did. He really didn’t want to leave.
But if he did … at least … at least he could make sure that his master wouldn’t be bothered. He could follow Jin Ling to the demon realm and make sure that he didn’t run to the Yun Zou Sect for every little reason. He could make sure that his master and that man wouldn’t be discovered and could spend their time in peace, unaffected by Jin Ling’s hunger for revenge and his desire to get Jinde back.
Xin Lan sighed. Maybe it was his fate to not even be able to see the person he loved. He hadn’t been able to for such a long time, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to live with it again. The only difference was that he knew that his master was still alive now. Well, he could still contact him if he missed him too much. There would certainly be some excuses along the way.
Xin Lan finally nodded. “Alright then. I’ll come back. Maybe that will prevent you from creating even more problems.”
Jin Ling smiled. “How am I creating problems? I just had a bit of fun.”
“Then don’t have fun in the future.” Xin Lan flew past him as if he didn’t care if Jin Ling would follow him at all.
Jin Ling hovered above the Yun Zou Sect for a moment, his gaze lingering on the place at the foot of Grandmaster Zhangsun’s peak where the array led to the special dimension. Was all this really a coincidence? Or had Jinde actually managed to do what everyone had deemed impossible and somehow survived? And if he had … was he here then?
He didn’t know but he definitely wouldn’t give up until he had found out. For now, he had to follow Xin Lan though. He definitely wouldn’t let the person Jinde had left to him go! It was important to humor him for a bit so he wouldn’t run away again.

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