LWS V4C31 You Don’t Like My Apartment

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“Hah?” Nie Chang stared at his little darling uncomprehending. What was he talking about? Wearing nothing? And why was he saying it in that kind of tone? Had he done something wrong?
Su Yan harrumphed, turned back to his wardrobe and pulled a bag out. He just ignored Nie Chang and started to stuff his clothes inside.
Nie Chang scratched his head. Looking at how half of the bag was already full after just a few pieces of clothing it was obvious that Su Yan would never manage to put everything he had taken from the wardrobe in there. “Darling …”
“Uh …” Nie Chang searched for the right words but had no idea where to begin. In the end, he sighed, went over and grabbed Su Yan’s hands. “Alright, stop tormenting your clothes like this. Just what made you so angry?”
“Obviously, it’s you!” Su Yan glared at him and pulled his hands back.
Nie Chang very patiently reached out and caught them again. “Forgive your boyfriend for being a little stupid. I’m afraid I don’t quite understand. What exactly did I do wrong?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. Hmph, this guy was still pretending! “You hate my apartment but you never said so! I had to figure out everything on my own. Shouldn’t you be more honest? After all, you also want us to move in together. If we don’t like the same kind of apartment, how are we going to decide where to move in?”
“Darling …” Nie Chang had once again no idea how to continue this conversation. There was just too much information in the few sentences he had finally gotten out of Su Yan. Well, there was one point he should probably close in on. “Why would you think that I don’t like your apartment?”
This question had obviously been the wrong one. Su Yan’s brows drew together like storm clouds and he pulled his hands back again. “Well, who was the one who couldn’t wait to get to work?”
Nie Chang lowered his head. So, at the end of it all, it really was his fault? Because he had kept his plans for today a secret and just radiated happiness when he pretended to go to work with Su Yan such a misunderstanding had happened. Well, this couldn’t be entirely blamed on him though. The way Su Yan’s mind worked was just too creative.
He looked up again and reached out. “I’m afraid all this is a misunderstanding. I was really happy before but it wasn’t because we were getting out of your apartment. I just …” He paused and tried to find a good way to explain his true feelings without giving his plans away. “You know this morning just felt special somehow. I mean we’ve been together for half a week now and we’ve spent every single day together but today I felt even closer to you. It was as if we had been a couple for a long, long time already. And that made me happy.”
“Then why were you so intent on going to work?”
Nie Chang’s brows twitched. Honestly? Why did Su Yan have to be so keen when it came to this kind of thing? Couldn’t he just be his usual, slightly dense self?
“What? You can’t explain?”
“No, that’s not it. I just think you got this the wrong way. I was in a happy mood already and then I thought that going to work with you was also a very couple-like thing to do. Don’t you think that’s true?”
“My mom never went to work with my dad.”
“Well, they’re a special case. I don’t think you can really compare that. Anyway, it really wasn’t because of your apartment. I like your apartment very much. In fact, if you really decide to move in together, then I wouldn’t mind living here at all. Your apartment … is also a very special place for me. After all, we’ve spent a lot of time here and that always was and always will be the most important to me.”
Su Yan’s expression lightened up a little. “I think my apartment is better than yours.”
“Of course, it is! It’s a lot better. It’s your apartment, after all, and everything about you is great.”
Su Yan’s pout turned into a pair of slightly pursed but mostly smiling lips. “Then I guess I won’t need to pack anything. You can just stay here.”
Nie Chang smiled. He really wanted to ask if this was an invitation to stay forever but he was afraid to step on another land mine. “Then let’s go now?”
Su Yan nodded and threw the bag away, not caring about the clothes he had stuffed in there. Nie Chang looked at the mess Su Yan had made and brushed his hair back. Could they really leave it just like this? But he also didn’t want to tidy it up now. After all, this was supposed to be another great date day for them. The sooner they started with this the better. He would just take care of this when they came back.
Nie Chang nodded to himself and followed Su Yan down again. This time they managed to leave the house but Nie Chang only took a sigh of relief when he closed the car door behind Su Yan and went to sit down in the driver’s seat.
Ah, despite that little problem this had worked out quite well. And even this could be to his advantage. If they took a break today, he could just use this conversation about Su Yan’s apartment to bring moving in together up again. Su Yan definitely wouldn’t agree yet but he could at least carefully feel out his opinion. That wasn’t too bad.
Nie Chang fastened Su Yan’s seat belt with a smile before handing him his phone. “Here. If you’re bored, you could continue to read that novel to finish the task the system gave you.”
“Mn …” Su Yan pursed his lips again. Ah, he didn’t really want to but there wasn’t really much he could do while Nie Chang drove, right? “I guess I’ll do that then.”
“Mn. Don’t worry. I won’t take long to bring you there.” He leaned over and kissed his temple. When he sat back and fastened his own seatbelt a slight smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Ah, he really couldn’t wait for Su Yan to step out of the car again and notice that something wasn’t as imagined!

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