LWS V4C20 Let’s Swap!

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Nie Chang waited for a while but felt worse every moment. This was too awkward. “Ah Yan, can I … can I put it away now? You should have seen enough for now.”
Su Yan didn’t answer. He just continued to stare, his eyes bulging.
Nie Chang gulped. Alright. He couldn’t take this any longer. He didn’t wait for Su Yan’s answer any longer and just put the bird back where it came from. Then he looked at Su Yan. Unfortunately, his darling was still staring at his pants.
Nie Chang cleared his throat. “Ah Yan, could you stop staring at me like this? It’s getting a little awkward right now.”
Su Yan finally lifted his gaze and stared at Nie Chang’s face instead. His blank expression also changed into an angry one. “What are you saying it’s getting awkward for you? You should be feeling awkward, you bastard! You actually want to pop your bird into my nest even though you obviously know how big it is! Naturally, you’re feeling awkward now that I found out about it! Aren’t you ashamed at all?!”
Nie Chang rubbed his brow. “Ah Yan, that’s the way men have sex. It’s nothing I came up with. It’s perfectly normal.”
Su Yan tensed. What? This was supposed to be normal?! “But … But it’ll hurt!”
Nie Chang wanted to sit closer to him but Su Yan lifted his hands in defense.
“Don’t come over! I won’t let you do anything!”
Nie Chang sighed. His little darling was being complicated today. Just how was he going to smooth his ruffled feathers? First of all, he needed to make sure Su Yan calmed down. Having him panic even more certainly wasn’t the way to go.
“Alright.” He also lifted his gaze and even slid a little further away. “I promise I won’t do anything. So let’s talk about this calmly, alright?”
Su Yan pouted. “What’s there to talk about?”
“Well, I think that novel gave you some unrealistic expectations.”
“Ah? What are you talking about? You said yourself that … uh … That it’s done that way. It wasn’t only the novel. So don’t try to talk yourself out of this!”
Nie Chang smiled. “That’s true but that’s not what I meant. Ah Yan, if I understood you correctly, then you’re worried because you think it’ll hurt, yes?”
“Of course! Why else would I be worried?”
Nie Chang coughed. “Anyway, you don’t have to be worried about that. Think about it: If it really hurt so much, would there still be people having sex? That’d be strange, wouldn’t it?”
Su Yan pondered. Actually, that really seemed strange now that he thought about it. But maybe this was just Nie Chang trying to get away with his lies? He narrowed his eyes. “Maybe they all thought their boyfriends were good people and then they found out it wasn’t like that at all! But then it was already too late!”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. He hadn’t even done anything yet and instead patiently waited. Why was he still labeled as a bad person? “Ah Yan, if it was you and I lied to you and had sex with you even though it hurt, wouldn’t you leave me?”
“What are you still asking for? Of course, I would!”
“You see? Then if you would, why shouldn’t others do the same? So, since there are still people having sex it can’t be that bad, right?”
Su Yan nodded with some hesitation. “I guess that’s true. So it really doesn’t hurt?”
Nie Chang froze. Uh … Hadn’t Su Yan just said he would leave him if he dared to lie to him? “Well, I guess it doesn’t … normally.”
Su Yan’s expression fell. “What do you mean ‘normally’?”
Nie Chang gulped. “You see this is the first time we’re doing this. I guess it might take some time to get used to it so maybe it’ll be a little uncomfortable at first?”
“Ah?” Su Yan frowned. This couldn’t be! “Then … Are you sure we should do it? Maybe it’d be better if we just … skip the sex? We could be a couple that only does all the other couple things and doesn’t have sex, couldn’t we?”
Nie Chang’s lips moved but he didn’t actually know what to say. Why did he feel as if he was digging his own grave here? He considered how to proceed for a moment and finally slid closer to Su Yan. At least, his little darling didn’t complain again.
“Ah Yan, I can understand that you’re worried. Really. But you don’t have to be. I know how it’s done. On Friday, we’ll get off work earlier or maybe we won’t go to work at all. I’ll tell the others that they’ll be on their own on Friday. We’ll spend the whole day together and when it’s evening we’ll prepare everything. You’ll see it’ll be nice. We’ll get used to it slowly, alright?”
“Hmph.” Su Yan looked away. “That’s what Ling Yu told Wang Ya Hui! And then it hurt!”
Nie Chang really wanted to tear at his hair. Just why was it so difficult to calm his boyfriend down? He just wanted to have sex with him! Was this really asking too much?!
“Ah Yan …”
“No, no, no! You can’t persuade me! It’ll really hurt!”
“It won’t. I promise you it won’t.” Nie Chang grabbed his hands and looked at him as intently as he could.
Su Yan wasn’t impressed though. Quite the contrary. He was growing angry again. How could Nie Chang shamelessly try to convince him of this even though he knew that it would hurt him?! He was so mean! But he definitely wouldn’t let him get away with this! He’d show him!
“If it was as simple as you said, then you certainly don’t have a problem if we just swapped! Let’s put my bird into your nest instead! Then you can tell me afterward if it hurt or not!”

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