LWS V4C16 Preparation Was the Most Important

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Su Yan put a hand over his eyes. This was truly … uprooting his three views. Back when his mother was young you only had sex with someone you had married. Now he had thought you would at least only have sex with someone you were in a relationship with but it turned out you could also do it with a stranger. This was so weird.
Or maybe he was weird?
Su Yan glanced at his boyfriend. Should he ask him about it? But Nie Chang wanted to sleep with him so he couldn’t trust him on this. He couldn’t ask his mother either since she was too old to know. And as for Zhi Bao Yu … Nie Chang had already said that he shouldn’t trust her. Then what could he do?
He drummed on the case of his phone with his fingers. Maybe … he should just look up on Baidu if this was really common? But would anybody write it online if they did something like this?
Su Yan shook his head. No, definitely not! Well, even if they did, this had nothing to do with him, right? Those people were probably all drunk or just had no moral values at all. Especially if they still dared to post about it online! No, he shouldn’t listen to that kind of thing.
Then about him and Nie Chang … Su Yan tilted his head and examined Nie Chang’s face. Looking at him, the most notable thing actually wasn’t that he was so handsome. The most notable thing was that he felt incredibly familiar. He didn’t know as much about Nie Chang as Nie Chang probably knew about him but he was still more familiar with him than he was with any other person.
Nie Chang … really couldn’t count as a stranger. And even though they had only been together for three or maybe four days if you counted Sunday, it didn’t feel like it. Maybe spending so much time as friends before made it unimportant if you had sex early in your relationship?
Su Yan pursed his lips. Well, he didn’t have to think it over right now. Luckily, he still had two days to get everything sorted out.
Nie Chang raised his brows when Su Yan just stared at him. “Is something the matter? Do you want me to do anything?”
Su Yan hurriedly shook his head. “No! Everything is perfect! Just start working again.” He turned around and lifted his phone again. He did leave his head on Nie Chang’s lap though. Why would he leave such a comfortable place, after all?
Nie Chang nodded and ruffled Su Yan’s hair. “Alright.” He said so but it wasn’t as if working would be so easy with Su Yan lying on him. Wouldn’t he get in his way if he dared to reach out to his notebook? In the end, he just continued to quietly sit there and gently stroked Su Yan’s arm. Mn, sitting like this was also very nice. They should do this more often.
Su Yan didn’t even notice. He might have lifted his phone again but he was blankly staring at the black screen. He hadn’t even turned it on. Argh, why couldn’t he get these questions out of his head?!
In the end, it didn’t matter at all, did it? Nie Chang wasn’t a stranger. He wasn’t even just a friend anymore. He was his boyfriend already and they had decided to have sex on Friday. They had already talked about it and he had even sought his mother’s advice. What more was there to think about?
Su Yan scratched at the fabric below him and bit his lower lip. He somehow felt ill at ease but he couldn’t even explain it to himself. He would just have sex with his boyfriend. What was the big deal about that? His mother had even said that he didn’t need to do anything but lie down. Nie Chang would do everything else.
Su Yan blinked. Wait! He only had to lie down? Was that really true? But hadn’t Wang Ya Hui also done some things?
Su Yan debated with himself and finally turned on his phone again, scrolling back to the part where the two characters had met. Looking at the text closely for every action Wang Ya Hui had done … There were a few. This wasn’t just lying down and enjoying what that Ling Yu did with him!
First of all, he had grabbed the big bird and thus initiated everything, then he had stripped and followed him into the hot spring. He had reciprocated that kiss and held onto him, stroking his neck and head and even scratching his back. He had also told Ling Yu what to do or rather where to do it. Apart from that …
Su Yan grimaced and forced himself to read the rest of their encounter that he had skipped previously. Wang Ya Hui wasn’t completely passive in that part either. He mostly held onto the man but he also moved his hips and legs and … well, the whole time he was either sighing or moaning or groaning or something along those lines.
Was he also supposed to do that when he had sex with Nie Chang?!
Su Yan scratched harder at the fabric. Argh, just trying to imagine it made him blush in shame! Oh god! Could he really lie down with Nie Chang on top of him and then just …
Su Yan bit his lip harder. Maybe he should try it before they had sex? But when? And how? Wouldn’t that be even more embarrassing as if he did it when … well, when they did it?
Ah, having sex was so complicated! It wasn’t like his mother had told him at all! Now, what was he supposed to do?! Should he just pretend that he had never read this story and go with what his mother had said? But what if Nie Chang expected him to do all this? Wouldn’t he be a bad boyfriend then?
He couldn’t let that happen! No, he had to prepare himself! Thankfully, there were still two days until Friday. Before then, he had to find out everything he could about what he had to do while having sex. And if possible, he had to try it at least once so nothing would go wrong when they really did it. Ah, preparation really was the most important!

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