OMF V5C19 A Righteous Person?

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Leng Jin Yu looked at the person that had saved him and frowned. Well, it was a good thing he had found this Senior Xin he was supposed to talk to but unfortunately … He glanced at the disciples that had gathered around them in small groups at a safe distance. He couldn’t very well bring up the matter regarding the crown prince with so many people around, could he?
Xin Lan’s eyes narrowed while he stared at Leng Jin Yu. “Still not leaving?”
Leng Jin Yu stood up and cleared his throat. Never mind, he should at least ask him to step aside to have a chat. It shouldn’t be that much of a problem. He cupped his fists and bowed. “Senior Xin, thank you for your help. Would it be possible to —”
“Leave!” Xin Lan’s eyes blazed with fury. This person still dared to stay in front of him after he confessed that he was already in love with somebody else! He wasn’t worth his master’s affection at all! If he didn’t leave now, he really couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t finish what Qiu Ling had started. Heaven alone knew that he really wanted to take up a sword and ram it straight into his heart. Ah, using his own claws might actually be more rewarding.
Leng Jin Yu tensed and took a step back. The man opposite him hadn’t moved a single muscle but he was oozing killing intent. If he stayed any longer, he really might be unable to keep his life.
Leng Jin Yu frowned, turned away and left. He would have to find another opportunity to talk to him. Although … with how this man reacted to him, it was hard to say if it would be any different. Could it be because of the matter with Zhong Jing Yi? Was he still indignant on behalf of his king? But why had he stopped him then? He was unable to make head or tail out of this.
Meanwhile, at the scene he had just left, the female disciples applauded. “Wah! Look at this! This Senior Xin is such a righteous person! Preventing a fight but still scolding the scumbag who dared to drive a loving couple apart!”
“Right, right. Senior Xin is so cool!”
“Yeah. But I’m really disappointed with senior martial brother Yu. How could he do something like this?”
“How could he even think about it?!”
“Honestly, I can’t believe it. I always thought senior martial brother Yu was a good guy. How come he suddenly seduced someone’s fiance?”
“Yeah! He’s just a total scum! Everyone knows how much senior martial brother Qiu loves his fiance. He proposed to him in front of all the practitioners and even those from the other sects.”
All the female disciples agreed that the senior martial brother Yu they had looked up to until now wasn’t worthy of their interest. Instead, they set their sights on another person or, well, two other people. After all, there wasn’t just the righteous Senior Xin who happened to be very good-looking as far as the exposed half of his face suggested, but also the senior martial brother Qiu who wasn’t engaged anymore. Losing senior martial brother Yu to get two new prospects, that was simply a deal worth celebrating!
One of them hurried over to get the drop on the others. “Ah, Senior Xin! That was —”
Xin Lan naturally didn’t wait for her to finish talking. He didn’t even glance at her before he turned around to Qiu Ling. “Don’t make unnecessary trouble!”
Qiu Ling frowned and clenched his teeth. “What are you talking about? Unnecessary trouble? That guy seduced my beloved! Should I just take that lying low? I’ll get him back!”
“Then go and do that but leave that person alone. This isn’t something you should meddle in.” He gave him a warning look and turned around, leaving for his master’s house.
He wouldn’t let anyone destroy his master’s happiness. He had waited long enough, he deserved it. If it was Qiu Ling preying on that man’s reincarnation, then he would go and intervene. And if it was that man’s reincarnation being too liberal in showering people with his affection … he didn’t mind eliminating each and every person that dared to fight his master for that man’s care.
Even if that person was Qiu Ling’s beloved. After all, he didn’t care what became of the dragon race. As long as he made sure his master didn’t find out it would be alright.
The female disciples could only sigh in regret when he left but their fervor had already cooled by half when they saw him ignore their martial sister this obviously. Shouldn’t a gentleman at least pay a basic amount of attention to a woman? That could be expected of him, right? In that case … there was still senior martial brother Qiu!
Qiu Ling suddenly found two women at his side that were grabbing onto his sleeves.
“Senior martial brother Qiu, don’t worry too much! Even if your fiance this time betrayed you, there are a lot of other people out there. Maybe you’ll even find somebody else you can love here in our sect.”
Qiu Ling looked at them, frowned, and shoved them out of his way. “Scram! There’s only Jing He for me!” With a huff, he turned around and returned to the roof of the house opposite of his beloved’s dwelling. He didn’t believe that his Jing He would be able to stay inside forever. Sooner or later, he would come out and then he would have another chance to woo him again!
At the same time, another person turned away from the spot where Qiu Ling and Leng Jin Yu had just been fighting, a sinister smile on his lips. He walked until he was too far from the other disciples to be heard or seen and took out something about as big as two hands. At first glance, it looked a lot like a mirror except for the fact that it was as black as ink. He imbued his spiritual energy and the surface lit up, revealing the silhouette of another man.
The man turned to face him and his eyes narrowed. “What? You finally have something to report?”
“I have. And I think you’ll like the news.”

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