OMF V5C20 It Benefited Him

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“Hahahaha! His fiance broke up with him for another man?” Jin Ling doubled over with laughter. “I indeed like this news! Who’s the guy that managed to snatch him away?”
“It’s a senior disciple of our sect. He’s called Yu Jin. The youngest disciple of our Sect Master.”
“Ah … I feel like I should go and congratulate him. He really did such a good thing.” Jin Ling should his head, still chuckling.
Ah, Qiu Ling should feel pretty bad now. After all, he had just thought that he had gotten his beloved back but now he had to face the bitter truth that he had lost him even more thoroughly. Rescuing him from that secret realm was one thing but if he lacked the affection … And it would get even worse if Qiu Ling really managed to kill the boy’s new lover.
“Mn, Qiguan Cheng Da, do me a favor. Try to find out some more about this matter from that Zhong Jing Yi and if you can, fuel the conflict between the two men. Qiu Ling is already mad with jealousy. It won’t take much to make him lose all reason. As for that Yu Jin … No man likes seeing an old love of his beloved around or even hear about them. Just make sure you mention Qiu Ling and his relationship with that Zhong Jing Yi in front of him.”
“Alright.” Qiguan Cheng Da smiled. “I guess that Zhong boy won’t be able to enjoy this much longer. Tch, actually baiting both the Grandmaster’s disciple and the favorite disciple of our Sect Master …” He shook his head. “I really wonder what he has to make two men in such positions go crazy for him.”
Jin Ling smiled but refrained from saying anything. That mortal didn’t need to know about the true identity of that boy. If he did, wouldn’t there be a possibility of him changing his mind? After all, he had already proven that he only cared about the benefits he could get. If that Qiguan Cheng Da felt that allying himself with the Son of Heaven would be more beneficial to him, then that be too annoying. He really didn’t want to search for a new lackey for this little thing.
“This should be all you wanted to report, shouldn’t it?”
“Yes. Well … There was that man that stopped the fight but I don’t know if you’re interested in that.”
Jin Ling looked at his nails and sighed. “Did it seem important?” Ah, it was really too hard to find someone suitable to do his dirty work in the human realm. If only Xin Lan would come back to him …
“Well, I don’t think he’s part of the Yun Zou Sect. At least I’ve never seen him before or heard of him and I’m sure I would have if he was really one of our Elders. He was quite … conspicuous.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes. He had white hair and wore a mask.”
Jin Ling lowered his hand, his interest sparked. “A mask?” It couldn’t be, could it? “So he had his whole face covered?”
“No, just one half. It looked really strange.”
“Oh. That seems indeed interesting. You did well. That man could be important to us later on. Pay some attention to him too.”
“Alright. But the main focus will stay Zhong Jing Yi, right? You still want him dead, don’t you?”
“But of course!” Jin Ling sat up straight and gave a charismatic smile. “Although not immediately. Let him suffer a bit first.”
“Mn.” Qiguan Cheng Da nodded, his eyes curving into a vicious smile. “If you have any idea how to achieve that …”
“Just do what I told you for now. He’ll suffer enough if the men he seduced injure each other.”
“Alright. Then I’ll tell you when I managed to alienate them further from each other.” Qiguan Cheng Da stopped imbuing his spiritual energy and kept the magical artifact. Ah, he could hardly wait to see the result of his hard work.
With a satisfied smile, he walked to the house in the outer sect where Jing Yi still lived. Ah, just thinking about it he felt good. That Zhong Jing Yi had schemed so much to make the Grandmaster’s disciple fall in love with him but it hadn’t benefited him at all.
The Amethyst Lightning Pill senior martial brother Qiu had manufactured for Zhong Jing Yi had instead ended up with him, making him into a peerless genius with heavenly spirit veins. And even after traveling a year with senior martial brother Qiu, Zhong Jing Yi’s cultivation base had only marginally improved, leaving him still unable to join the inner sect.
Yes, that Zhong Jing Yi had managed to get an important mission after that due to their involvement and senior martial brother Qiu had helped him solve all issues and even assisted Zhong Jing Yi in trying to trip him. But what had been the final result? He was still the peerless genius of the Yun Zou Sect while Zhong Jing Yi had to stay in the outer sect.
Ah, going over to secretly laugh at him wasn’t bad at all. The only nagging thing was that this boy had somehow managed to latch onto senior martial brother Yu too. Well, considering he had a somewhat nice-looking face and was shameless and debased enough to spread his legs for different men it wasn’t too surprising.
But he wouldn’t let him succeed with this either. He would make sure that this Zhong Jing Yi would give his all to senior martial brother Yu and still be left with nothing in the end. Mn, thinking about that Jin Ling’s plan it actually wasn’t that bad. And if everything went the right way, it would benefit him even more.
Just imagine it: If the conflict between senior martial brother Qiu and senior martial brother Yu escalated and both got heavily injured or maybe even died, then wouldn’t that mean that he would remain as the only talent of the Yun Zou Sect? And this time it wouldn’t only be in the short term until the others returned. His time it would be forever!
Ah, Zhong Jing Yi, Zhong Jing Yi. If you had known that your dirty ways only benefited me in the end, you certainly wouldn’t have seduced so many men. But now it’s already too late.

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