LWS V4C15 Had He Done It Wrong?

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Nie Chang was startled out of his work and looked up. Had he … Had he really just seen a phone flying across the room? He glanced at Su Yan and indeed found his darling with empty hands. Just when he wanted to ask what had happened the little person next to him fell to the side, his head very accurately coming to lie on Nie Chang’s lap.
Alright. Something had happened.
Nie Chang debated whether he should ask what that something was or if he should wait for his darling to talk about it. Normally, he should start complaining in less than half a minute but normally, he wouldn’t throw his phone across the room either.
Nie Chang waited and finally placed a hand on Su Yan’s shoulder, patting him lightly. Su Yan reached up and caught his hand, intertwining their fingers with each other but he didn’t say a single word.
Nie Chang smiled. His little darling looked as if he was deep in thought. It was probably better not to disturb him. Well, it also wasn’t wrong to take a little break from work. Sitting together like this wasn’t bad at all.
Su Yan was indeed contemplating a certain matter. He just couldn’t get over what he had just read. He found it ludicrous and couldn’t imagine that there would be even a single person that would enjoy reading something like this. But considering what the system had said this kind of ‘spicy romance’ was a whole part of a genre. How could that be?
Had he really gotten it wrong? Did people like to read something like this? But why would they? He could see nothing good about it. When he had read the scene just now he had just felt really embarrassed. He wanted to stop reading the whole time and had only held on for so long because it was a task the system had given him. Was he really so different from other people? There was probably only one way to find out.
“Ah Chang …”
“Get me my phone?” He looked up with teary eyes. He had to find out now or he wouldn’t be able to sleep today!
Nie Chang smiled, leaned down and placed a kiss on Su Yan’s forehead. “Of course.” He gently grabbed Su Yan’s head, shifted aside and placed his little darling down again. Then he got up and went to get the phone.
Unfortunately, Su Yan’s phone hadn’t managed to remain unscathed after being thrown through the air like that. It wasn’t broken but it had at least opened and the battery had fallen out. Nie Chang sighed, picked up everything and put it together again. Well, even if it had been worse, he was sure he could have fixed it for him. The only question was if his little darling would be able to wait that long. He already looked impatient now.
He went back with a smile and handed the phone over before sitting down again. He even made sure to carefully place Su Yan’s head on his lap again so that he would be comfortable.
Su Yan ignored his effort and turned his phone on again. He navigated back to the novel but didn’t read this time. Instead, he opened the comments. Hn, certainly other people would have commented if they were as disgusted as he was!
He scrolled down but his brows furrowed more the further down he came. There wasn’t a single disgusted comment! There wasn’t even one saying that the person was embarrassed or otherwise uncomfortable reading something like this! Instead, he only found leering faces, comments that ended with salivating emoticons or some which had nosebleeds. How could that be?!
Su Yan looked up at Nie Chang, his gaze clearly communicating that he had been bullied once again.
Nie Chang smiled back and patted his head. “What happened, ah? Do you want to talk about it?”
“Mn!” Su Yan nodded furiously and showed his boyfriend the comments. “Look at this! Those are all comments to a chapter where one of the protagonists went and made out with a complete stranger. Why would people do that?”
“Make out with a stranger? Uh …” Nie Chang scratched his head. How to explain this to his darling without hurting him? “Well, I guess if they aren’t in a relationship but like having sex, then they would go and do it with someone who felt the same.”
Su Yan blinked. “What are you even talking about? I meant how people could comment something like that!”
Nie Chang froze. Su Yan froze too.
Wait! What had his boyfriend just said? If you weren’t in a relationship but liked having sex, then … So there actually were people who had sex with a total stranger?! His eyes went wide, instantly shutting up Nie Chang who had wanted to explain himself.
Su Yan took the phone back and stared at the comments. So it wasn’t as strange as he had thought. People really … had sex with strangers. Then didn’t that mean that he was the strange one? He had been with Nie Chang for almost a week and they had known each other even longer but they still hadn’t done anything.
Had he really … done it wrong? Was he supposed to have sex with Nie Chang immediately after getting together? Su Yan couldn’t believe it. It sounded so strange! Maybe he had just gotten something wrong?
He hastily navigated out of the comment section and went back to the novel, scrolling over the rest of the scene describing how Wang Ya Hui had sex with that man. He was sure he would find some kind of revelation at the end. Maybe that man was actually friends with Wang Ya Ting or he was at least someone from the same city as them who had liked Wang Ya Hui for a long time already. That would explain why he wanted to have sex with him! Instead, Su Yan found something else entirely.
[“Oh, right.” Wang Ya Hui turned in the man’s arms. “What’s your name?”
“I’m Ling Yu.”
The man smiled and thus the two strangers finally became familiar with each other.]

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