LWS V4C10 Explain the Matter with the Birds to Me!

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Su Yan stared at his phone blankly. He really didn’t understand this any longer. How could Wang Ya Hui casually grab the bird? And why would he reach down for that if he was so much shorter than the other man?
He looked to the side to ask Nie Chang only to notice that his boyfriend hadn’t returned yet. Ugh. Now he couldn’t even ask him. What should he do now? Reading something and not understanding it was really unbearable! He might be able to overlook it if it was just a comment but now he didn’t even understand the novel!
“Could it be that this was why Ah Chang noted that I shouldn’t start with this novel? Because it is so hard to understand?”
He pursed his lips. He really didn’t like to admit that he didn’t understand a novel but he couldn’t imagine at all what was happening in that changing room. Su Yan sighed. Should he just read on? Maybe it would become clearer later on.
“Argh! How can this be? There are clearly many people reading this novel. It can’t be that I’m the only one who doesn’t understand this, can it?” Su Yan straightened up. “Eh? If there are other people who don’t get this, then shouldn’t they have commented?”
He opened the comment section and scrolled down but all he found were comments like [Uh! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)], [You better hold onto that big bird well, WYH! (¬‿¬)], [Ah, I like where this is going (^་།^)] or [Alright, I’ll hold the fort at the bathhouse! _(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_].
This couldn’t be! Was he really the only one who hadn’t understood this chapter?! Su Yan frowned. In that case, he really couldn’t do anything but read further.
[The man took in a sharp breath. This little creature looked so adorable but he was unexpectedly evil!
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“You asked about the bird.” Wang Ya Hui was oblivious to the man’s reaction. Instead, he looked at the bird in his hands. “Oh, look! It has woken up!”
“Mn …” The man’s grab on Wang Ya Hui’s shoulders tightened. “You didn’t answer my question, little birdie. Did you come for the hot spring?”
Wang Ya Hui wasn’t too happy about his new nickname but since the man was still smiling at him he let it be. “I did! The man at the desk in the front said it’s a famous place in the city. Well, big brother wasn’t too happy about it. He said there could be bad men going to the hot spring so I shouldn’t go there alone.”
“And then you ran here all alone?”
“Mn!” Wang Ya Hui smiled happily. “Brother won’t be angry. He dotes on me.”
“And what if your brother was right and you’ll meet some bad man?”
Wang Ya Hui tilted his head. “Why would I? And even if I did, aren’t you here now?” He finally let go of the bird he had caught and instead grabbed onto the robe that was still hanging loosely from the man’s shoulders, nearly pulling it down in the process.
The man held it in place before deciding that it didn’t matter anyway. The little devil had already touched him that intimately. Why should he still care about something small like this? He let go of the robe and it dropped to the floor.
“Little birdie, if you want to get into the hot spring, you’ll need to take off your robe too.”
“Alright!” Wang Ya Hui didn’t waste any time, opened his belt and let his robe drop to the floor too.
The man’s gaze wandered up and down before he grabbed his hand. “Then come on in.” He led him through the door into the courtyard with the hot spring.
Wang Yan Hui was instantly excited. “Ah! So that’s the hot spring!” He pulled away from the man and ran to the edge of the spring, crouching down and reaching into the water. “Whoa! It’s really hot!” He turned and looked up at the other man.
“Mn.” The man didn’t even look at the hot spring and instead observed Wang Ya Hui. “Want to get in, little birdie?”
“Can I?!” His eyes glittered in anticipation.
The man smiled. He stepped forward, bent down and grabbed Wang Ya Hui by the waist, pulling him to his feet. “Of course, you can. What’s there to be afraid of? You said it yourself: I’m here with you!”
“Mn! That’s right!” Wang Ya Hui grabbed the man’s arm and followed him into the hot spring.
Steam rose from the surface of the spring and engulfed them, making Wang Ya Hui’s face flush red.
“Ah, it’s really hot!”
“Mn.” The man slipped closer and put his arm behind Wang Ya Hui. “That is why it’s called a hot spring.” He bent down and gently caressed the youth’s shoulder. “Since we’re here already … How about doing something that’s also hot?”]
Su Yan dropped his phone as if it had suddenly grown hot too. The fuck?! Just what had he read just now? Don’t tell him that bird was … was … His face flushed. How could the author be so … so … so wicked?! Writing about something like that and then innocently calling it a bird! That was utterly shameless!
Just then the door on the other side of the car was opened. Nie Chang threw his bag on the back seat and slipped into the driver’s seat, leaning over to give Su Yan a kiss. “I’m ba—”
His shoulder got slapped before he managed to finish his sentence. Nie Chang’s eyes widened and he gulped. Uh. Had it really been that bad that he asked him to move in together?
“Ah Yan, I’m sorry I … I didn’t want to —”
“What didn’t you want to do? What kind of dirty thing did you put in my library? What if other people see that?!”
A phone was thrown at him. Nie Chang hurriedly caught it. Wouldn’t his little darling be angry at him if it broke? He couldn’t risk that! “Ah Yan, just what happened?”
“You still dare to ask! Explain the matter with the birds to me!”

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