LWS V3C61 A Deadly Weapon

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“Alright, alright. Get back to your seat and eat.” Nie Chang hurriedly pressed his little darling back onto his chair before Su Yan could do anything else. Seeing the smile still on his lips his hands started sweating. Would he live through this evening or would Mister Su strangle him to death because he had been treated to too much affection?
Su Yan picked up his chopsticks again and dedicated himself to the rest of his food. Madam Su smiled happily and turned to Nie Chang.
“Ah Chang, so, how’s it with work? Ah Yan also joined your repair shop, didn’t he?”
“Mn. It’s a lot easier to organize work since he’s there and much more fun too. Before, there were only me and my two employees so one of us always had to sit at the counter and couldn’t work on the repairs. With Ah Yan’s help, it’s a lot better.”
“Mn. That’s good, that’s good.”
Mister Su furrowed his brows. “Two employees, what kind of repair shop is that?”
His wife ignored him once again. “So Ah Yan, did you get used to the shop already? You were at that railroad station for so long. Isn’t it difficult for you now?” She looked at him as if somebody had asked him to go and climb up the Mount Everest after swimming through the Pacific Ocean.
Su Yan lifted his gaze from his bowl. He wanted to just nod but then he caught his father’s expression that seemed to say that he was still looking for something he could use to get a handle on Nie Chang. Hmph. That damned old man! He’d show him not to target his boyfriend!
In a show of rare patience, Su Yan put down his chopsticks and smiled at his mother before he explained. “It’s not that difficult, actually. I also thought it would be at first but Ah Chang explained everything to me in detail. You know today Ah Chang even came to sit at the counter with me.”
“Really?” Madam Su’s eyes lit up. Ah, she really had such good eyesight! Her future son-in-law really knew how to treat her baby!
Mister Su snorted. “I thought you employed Xiao Yan so you wouldn’t have to sit at the counter anymore.”
Nie Chang nodded with a smile. “Mn, that’s right but I was afraid he might not be too used to it yet so I offered to accompany him.”
“Yes! Isn’t Ah Chang very, very thoughtful, Daddy?” Su Yan blinked at his father and smiled, rendering Mister Su unable to respond.
Ah! When had his darling little son last looked at him like this? It felt like his heart was melting right now …
Nie Chang watched Mister Su’s taut expression slacken and slowly change into a smile and couldn’t help but marvel at his boyfriend’s ability to wrap people around his little finger. This smile of his really was a deadly weapon to almost everyone. Ah, he himself didn’t dare to look right now. He hurriedly picked up his chopsticks and stared into his bowl.
Meanwhile, Mister and Madam Su competed in who could find something to drop into their son’s bowl faster. It turned out Mister Su had the natural advantage due to a pair of longer arms. His chopsticks reached Su Yan’s bowl just a second before Madam Su’s and a piece of sweet and sour pork landed on top of the little mountain of food that Su Yan still had in his bowl somehow.
Su Yan looked at it, blinked and picked it up. Mn, he might not like his father very much right now but this was his mother’s home-cooked food! How could he waste any of it? It had been a long time since he ate anything this delicious!
Seeing her husband beat her to it Madam Su leveled him with a death glare before dropping her piece of chicken into her own bowl. How could she give Su Yan more meat when her husband had already given him some? With a snort, she picked up some cabbage instead and carefully placed it into Su Yan’s bowl instead.
“Here, Ah Yan, have some cabbage. Only eating meat also isn’t good. You need to eat a healthy diet so you won’t fall sick.”
“Mn!” Su Yan happily picked up the cabbage and turned to smile at Nie Chang.
His boyfriend’s shoulders involuntarily moved up. Why did he suddenly feel a chill down his back? Don’t tell him …
Indeed. Su Yan gulped down the cabbage and happily went on to praise him in front of his family. “Don’t worry about it, mum. You see Ah Chang actually went ahead and learned how to cook just for me. He’s always feeding me delicious things and when he doesn’t have time to cook then he makes sure that we go somewhere to eat or at least order some take out if there’s too much to do at the repair shop. He’s really looking out for me!” His chopsticks were once again put down and Su Yan grabbed Nie Chang’s arm instead.
“Ah Chang, I’m really so happy I have you as my boyfriend!” He leaned over and his lips pressed against Nie Chang’s cheek, once again leaving a bit of oil behind.
Nie Chang sighed. Should he be happy that Su Yan was showing off their affection so much or should he be angry because he was going a little overboard? He didn’t know but even if he did, it wouldn’t have made a difference. He just … couldn’t be angry at him at all. Not even a little bit.
He covered Su Yan’s hand and leaned over to kiss him on the lips but Su Yan actually slapped him away and even looked miffed that he dared to come close.
Nie Chang’s eyes widened and he needed a few attempts before he could get something out. “Darling, what —”
Su Yan didn’t think of waiting for his question. He huffed angrily and pulled his own hand away from Nie Chang’s. “What do you think you’re doing? There’s oil on your lips!”
Said oil-stained lips twitched. There’s oil on my lips? Then who left that stain on my cheek just now?

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