LWS V3C60 Start Simple

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Mister Su gritted his teeth. This bastard! Not only had he led his son astray, now he even dared to behave this atrociously in his house! He’d teach this guy a lesson!
“Ah Yan, come on, have some more.” Madam Su ignored her husband and instead gave her son something more to eat. Ah, it was so nice to have him over for dinner again! She should make use of the fact that he hadn’t been together with Nie Chang for long and have the two of them come over more often in the name of making his father accept them!
Su Yan didn’t even notice what was going on next to him and only looked at the dishes in his bowl. That was all his favorite food, ah! And even though Nie Chang had learned to cook really well, it still couldn’t compare to his mother’s cooking!
Thus Su Yan happily dug in and just ignored his father and boyfriend. After seeing his father coming in while ignoring them he hadn’t looked at him even once. Why should he care about what this old man thought? He was happy and his mother was also happy. That was enough.
Nie Chang also turned away from Mister Su and instead looked at Su Yan. “Happy?”
“Mn!” Su Yan only murmured once and continued to eat.
Mister Su straightened up and smiled triumphantly. Unfortunately, nobody noticed. His smile collapsed and he instead picked up his chopsticks. Ah, never mind that hateful guy. First of all, he had to make sure that he pleased his wife!
He looked around for something he could drop into his wife’s bowl to collect some points but just when he had picked something up and reached over Madam Su pulled her bowl away. Mister Su remained with his chopsticks awkwardly lifted in the air.
Nie Chang’s lips curled up. He picked up some meat and leaned over to Su Yan, putting it into his bowl. “Here, have some more, darling.”
Su Yan happily picked it up and ate it without any hesitation. Mister Su tightened his lips. Was this guy messing with him?! Why did his son take something to eat from him even though they weren’t even together for a week while his wife refused to take food from him when they had been married for more than twenty years?!
He looked at the piece he still held and put it into his own bowl. Maybe his wife hadn’t liked how it looked? He examined the other dishes and picked up something different.
Unfortunately, Madam Su still didn’t want to give in. She pulled the bowl away and even went so far as to cover it with her hand. “What are you doing? Do you want me to get fat?”
“Ah?” Mister Su blanked.
“Hmph.” Madam Su turned away and resumed eating.
Nie Chang had trouble holding back his grin. “Aiya, mother-in-law, what are you saying? You’re such a beautiful woman. You can eat whatever you want and would still be beautiful.”
Madam Su smiled. “What are you even saying? Come on, keep eating!”
Nie Chang nodded, turned to his bowl and finally started to eat.
Next to him, Su Yan had already eaten half of his food and finally remembered that he had actually brought his boyfriend along today. He turned to the side and smiled. “Ah Chang, how do you like my mother’s food?”
Nie Chang smiled back, reached over and grabbed Su Yan’s nose. “You! Have you forgotten that this isn’t my first time being here? I’ve often eaten your mother’s food. It’s always good.”
“Uh.” Su Yan recoiled and rubbed his nose. “How mean!”
Seeing his son ‘argue’ with his boyfriend, Mister Su instantly perked up. Could it be that this was his chance?! He cleared his throat and glared at Nie Chang. “You! What are you doing to my son? I inv—”
“Su Guanting, you shut up!” His wife finally turned toward him but she looked everything else than happy.
Mister Su retracted his head. Uh, he probably shouldn’t have tried to go against his son’s boyfriend today. Now his wife was even angrier at him. He should … he should try to make amends!
He cleared his throat again and put on a harmless smile, looking at Su Yan. “Xiao Yan, that didn’t hurt, did it?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and looked at his father angrily. “What are you even talking about? Ah Chang isn’t like you! He definitely wouldn’t hurt me!” He put down the chopsticks, leaned over and hugged Nie Chang. Seeing his father’s lips tighten Su Yan’s eyes sparkled.
He leaned even closer to Nie Chang, snuggled up against his side and rubbed his chest, giving him a pitiful look. “Ah Chang, don’t be sad! Even if my father doesn’t like you, I’ll stay with you! I won’t leave you regardless of what he does!”
Nie Chang shuddered and hurriedly caught Su Yan’s wandering hand. He definitely couldn’t let him do anything outrageous in front of his parents! “Don’t worry about it, Ah Yan. I’m alright.”
“Really?” Su Yan pursed his lips, clearly not happy with this answer.
Nie Chang gave a dry cough and forced himself to nod. He did understand what Su Yan was trying to do right now but … Couldn’t he implement his plan in a way that wouldn’t discredit his boyfriend in front of his mother?
Su Yan reached over with his other hand and tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve to signal him that he should play his part now. Nie Chang gulped. It seemed he wouldn’t get around it.
“Uh … I’m really touched that you’re worried about me.” He hurriedly grabbed Su Yan’s other hand to make sure they wouldn’t roam around.
Su Yan looked at his hands in Nie Chang’s and decided that this was probably enough to drive his father mad although he would have liked to do a little more. Well, this was also good. They could slowly step up their game! They would start simple and by the end of the dinner …
An evil little grin had the corners of Su Yan’s mouth lift. Oh, his father was so going to get it tonight!

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