OMF V4C90 They’d Ambush You

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“Ah?” Jing He raised his brows. Why would his lover suddenly ask this?
Tian didn’t say anything else. He only pulled Jing He still a little closer, closing the last inch that had separated them. Any further and they would have to melt together. Tian’s breath caressed Jing He’s face, their hearts beat wildly next to each other and their legs stuck together down until their toes.
Jing He gasped again before holding his breath. He looked at Tian’s form before him in the dark and waited. What would his lover do next? Could it be that … Would it still happen today?
Tian’s hands indeed stroked his back but that was it. He only moved his hands up and down gently before finally lying still again. “Promise me. Promise me that we’ll marry as soon as you get back.”
Even in the dark of the night Jing He felt like he could feel Tian’s gaze on him. He really was serious about this. He wanted to marry him. If there had still been any slight hesitation in Jing He, then it finally vanished at this moment.
“I promise you. As soon as I get back we’ll marry.”
“Mn. That sounds good.” Having obtained his lover’s promise Tian finally seemed unable to hold back. He leaned over and kissed Jing He, his lips lingering on his beloved’s until Jing He had to pull back to take a deep breath.
“Ah, you —”
Tian chuckled and once again sealed Jing He’s lips with a kiss. “What’s there to talk about now?” He only murmured those words before cradling Jing He in his arms again and continuing.
“Mn, you —”
Jing He still didn’t get the words out and finally, he just surrendered. Seeing that his beloved didn’t want to speak up any longer Tian also stopped. It really made one wonder if he had been afraid of what Jing He might want to say.
The two of them lay there in the darkness, their breath mixing together. Jing He hesitated but finally still brought up what had been on his mind.
“Say after we’ve married … are you going to take me away?”
“Of course. Or could it be that you still want me to run over here every day to see you instead of moving into your husband’s palace?”
Jing He smiled and shook his head. “How could that be? I also want us to spend more time together.”
“Mn. We’ll definitely have more time then. Eh, just imagine spending every night like this one. Lying in the same bed, whispering to each other in the dark … maybe …” Tian’s hands grabbed onto Jing He’s and pulled them up against his chest. “We can also do some other things by then.”
“Other things?”
“Mn. Won’t I be your husband then?” Tian’s voice dropped to a whisper and he gently stroked Jing He’s shoulder. “Aren’t there certain things you’d do with your husband at night?”
Jing He could have sworn he saw his lover’s lips curl in the moonlight but he wasn’t sure if he hadn’t seen wrong. He hastily lowered his own gaze and just concentrated on the fabric below his fingertips. “Things I’d do with my husband …”
Jing He certainly couldn’t be called knowledgeable in this regard but he was intelligent enough to get the hint. Well, it was hard to miss with the way Tian had whispered those words. “Whatever it is my husband wants to do I’d certainly comply.”
“Mn, that’s how it should be.” Tian brushed Jing He’s hair back and gently stroked his cheek. He sighed. “I also know this isn’t easy for you. The gods are different from us in that regard but … you don’t have to worry. We’ll have a beautiful wedding following your customs first and only then will I take you to my kingdom. We’ll follow my race’s customs then and after that … However you imagine our life to be, is how it’ll be. Whatever wish you have you only have to tell me.” He laughed lightly. “Ah, no, I said it wrong. You don’t have to say anything. Just look at me. Your husband will be able to read your thoughts from your eyes and before you can even think of bringing it up I’ll have your wish fulfilled already.”
Jing He’s lips lifted. After having known his lover for ten years, he could very well imagine that it would indeed happen that way. “You don’t have to take the trouble to do so much. Just staying with you will make me happy. Just … take a bit of your time every day and spend it with me, alright?”
“That’s a given.” Tian’s lips brushed Jing He’s forehead. “Mn, how about this? After marrying according to our customs, the next day I’ll show you around the palace and the capital. It’ll be just the two of us. Nobody else.”
Jing He hesitated slightly. “Wouldn’t that be dangerous? You’re the king, after all. Shouldn’t there be some guards with you?” Not that he had ever seen his lover with guards before …
“What guards? They’re a bunch of useless fools. Haven’t you heard yet? Your husband is hailed as the strongest warrior of his race. Even if I took these guys with me they wouldn’t be of help. They’d only get in my way if something happened. So you don’t have to worry about me. And you don’t have to worry about your own safety either as long as I’m with you. Oh, come to think of it. In the future, if you go out, do tell me beforehand, yes? I’ll arrange some people to protect you if I can’t come with you myself.”
“I can’t go alone?”
“Of course not! Just look at you, my love. You’re so beautiful! You’d naturally be ambushed as soon as you step out of the palace.”
Jing He barely held back the laugh that rose in his throat at these words. “What are you even saying? You’re the only one who thinks so.”
“How could that be? You’re clearly … clearly the most beautiful person in the Nine Heavens. No, not just that. You’re the most beautiful person in all of the immortal realms. Ah, I can’t believe that I really have the good fortune to marry you in two months’ time already.”
“It’s the truth. And if anything then shouldn’t I be the one who’s disbelieving? Such a wonderful man like you just fell in love with me and despite everything you …” Jing He didn’t have the words to describe what he felt. He wanted to lean forward and kiss his lover but in the end, he still didn’t dare. Ah, he would wait until they were married for that.
“What are you even saying? How couldn’t I fall in love with you? Don’t you know? The first time I saw you I was already head over heels for you. No, in fact, I already irrevocably fell in love with you when I only heard your voice. Mn, come to think of it … Seeing that you’re about to leave for such a long time … How about singing your husband-to-be a lullaby?”

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