OMFV4C80 How About Stealing a Child?

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Outside of the secret realm Qiu Ling was sulking. How could that guy only tell him something like this and then go? Wasn’t that cheating?! He was supposed to help him free his beloved!
Qiang Wei looked at his king and tried to find something reassuring to say. “Uhm … I guess an ascended deity would count as a human? There’s certainly one that had a child with one of the gods.”
Qiu Ling turned around with a deadpan expression. “You don’t say. I went to the Nine Heavens to find an ascended deity and didn’t succeed. Now please tell me how I am supposed to find the child an ascended deity had with a god. And even if I found it, it still wouldn’t have demonic blood.”
“That’s true.” Qiang Wei furrowed his brows. “Then … How about the demon king? Doesn’t he also have some wives from the gods? He should have a child with at least one of them.”
“Isn’t that the same? It still wouldn’t have human blood.”
“Well, you could steal the child and then have it marry a human and then have them have a child together.”
Qiu Ling stared at him, making Qiang Wei grow flustered.
“What? It could be possible! And it is better than searching for someone who actually has all three types of blood on his own, isn’t it?”
“You have a point. How long would that take?”
“Depends. If you steal a child that has almost come of age, about a year’s time should be enough. Otherwise …”
“A year …” Qiu Ling sighed. “Well, that’s better than waiting indefinitely, isn’t it?”
“Mn. I think so, too.”
“Then I should go and have a look at the demon realm again.
“Let’s ask Fu Min about his children. That should be faster.” Qiang Wei hurriedly took out a transmission stone and imbued his energy.
Soon enough Fu Min’s voice sounded from the other side. “Qiang Wei, what is it? Did His Majesty tell you to relay some orders to us? Can we leave the demon realm?”
“Er … that’s not it. Say, do you know if the demon king has a child with one of his wives from the gods?”
Qiang Wei looked up at the sky. “The demon king. He has married some women from the gods, hasn’t he? Does he have a child with one of them?”
“Why are you suddenly asking something like that?”
Qiu Ling listened intently but couldn’t take it any longer. He snatched the stone from Qiang Wei. “Fu Min, you bastard, you better tell me what you know now!”
Fu Min tensed. His Majesty was there, too?! And this was even his question?! Why had nobody told him?! “Ah, Your Majesty, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know —”
“Just tell him what he wants to know.” Fu Heng piped up next to him, nearly scaring him into dropping the transmission stone.
Luckily, a pair of strong hands reached over and made sure he held onto it. Fu Min took a relieved breath. Ah, he really didn’t want to imagine what might have happened had he cut off the connection with His Majesty now.
Fu Heng took his hands back and calmly sat down next to him. Mn, this was a step in the right direction.
Fu Min didn’t even notice that a certain someone was happy and just concentrated on the question his king had asked. “Actually, Your Majesty, I’ve never heard about him having a child with any of his wives. And I really mean any. Not just the ones from the gods. Even those from his own race don’t seem to have borne any children for him yet.”
“Huh? Qiu Ling blinked. “What’s that supposed to mean? Isn’t he … Uh, well, he’s not that much younger than me, is he?”
There was a slight pause on the other side and Qiu Ling felt Qiang Wei’s doubtful gaze on him. It seemed to say ‘Oh? So you know that you’re old?’. He somehow felt misunderstood being subjected to this.
“I don’t really know how old he is. Honestly, it feels like he just popped up back when Your Majesty took the throne. Well, rumor has it that Jian Heng didn’t like him very much.”
“Well, who would like him? He’s detestable.”
“He was his son though and he’s quite capable. For a demon …”
“For a demon.” Qiu Ling stared at the stone in his hands.
Well, he probably couldn’t argue that. After all, that bastard had managed to snatch the demon king’s throne after he killed his predecessor and he had held onto it all these years. That said something about his capabilities.
“So, does that mean that he doesn’t have a child with any goddess?” Qiang Wei couldn’t help but remind the two of them of the real subject. They still had to find a child of the three races, after all.
Fu Min frowned. “Didn’t you listen? He doesn’t have any children at all. Ah, it really makes one wonder if maybe he’s lacking in ability …”
The other three men kept silent about that. Never mind that Qiu Ling didn’t like Jin Ling as a good guy he naturally wouldn’t gossip about something like that. Although …
“Honestly, he has married so many people and has lived for so long and he still doesn’t have children? Please! If not for the Heavenly Emperor obstructing us, Jing He and I would probably have two children already.”
Qiu Ling’s boasting was met with silence.
“What? You don’t believe I have the ability?” Qiu Ling glared at Qiang Wei who instantly shrunk.
What was he supposed to say to this?
Thankfully, someone else took it upon himself to save him from this situation. “Your Majesty, did you forget? You’re a man, His Highness is also a man. You won’t have any children regardless of your ability.”
Qiu Ling blanked. Huh? What did Fu Heng mean he and Jing He wouldn’t have a child? Naturally, they would have one! At least one! At the very least. Mn, he’d actually like to have a few more. After all, his Jing He was so beautiful and he was so handsome. It would be a crime against aesthetics not to have several good-looking children!
Qiang Wei could see that his king hadn’t really gotten the point but he refrained from saying anything. Ah, he’d just let him see for himself when the time of marriage finally came.

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