OMF V4C81 My Natural Instincts Are Better

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Two dragons were silently sitting on an empty plane, one of them holding a transmission stone in his hands. Nothing but the wind in the trees surrounding the clearing could be heard. This peculiar sight was what Xin Lan found when he arrived in the Leyuan region again.
He landed a few meters away from the two dragons and slightly frowned. “What? You haven’t even started searching for the person with that blood yet? Your beloved can’t be that important to you then.”
Qiu Ling and Qiang Wei looked up. Wasn’t this the person that had left before?
Simultaneously, Fu Min’s excited voice came through the transmission stone. “Is that Senior Xin? Senior Xin, it’s Fu Min! Do you remember me? I —”
The transmission was suddenly cut when someone took the stone from Fu Min’s hands. “His Majesty already knows now. Don’t bother him any longer.”
“You …” Fu Min leaped to his feet and pointed at the bastard next to him. “Fu Heng, you’re shameless! Haven’t you heard that that was Senior Xin on the other side?! That’s my idol! The most important person in my life! You’ll immediately reestablish the connection!”
Fu Heng calmly kept the transmission stone, stood up and walked away. He definitely wouldn’t let him talk to that ‘most important person Senior Xin’ for even a second longer. With a calm expression, he walked away while a certain someone followed him and hurled abuses at him. Well, at least they were spending time together.
In the Leyuan region, Qiu Ling handed the transmission stone back to Qiang Wei and stood up, too. “What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you —”
“I went and made sure that you said the truth.” Xin Lan hurriedly interrupted him before Qiu Ling could once again blurt his master’s secret out. Ah, just why had this person found out? If they weren’t careful, the whole dragon realm might know about it soon. Well, that was something to worry about later.
“Now that I’ve confirmed it I came back to help. I promised to help you free your beloved, didn’t I? How could I just stop midway?” With a righteous attitude, he faced Qiu Ling. Naturally, he wouldn’t have done anything had his master not asked him to do so.
Ah, why did that person have to be trapped in there, too? Well, at least like this his master would still be free for a while. He didn’t even want to imagine what would happen when that man returned. Hadn’t it been enough to break his master’s heart one time? Why did he have to come and bother him again?!
Xin Lan’s face darkened which in turn calmed Qiu Ling down. Mn, look at this! As if that guy would ever willingly help him. It was obviously the old geezer that had helped him out! Mn, if you’re like this, it would be rude of me to reject your good intentions. Ah, I might even forgive you for not holding on to my father back then.
“Well … then what special insight does Senior Xin have? I can’t wait to hear it.”
Xin Lan didn’t bother to respond to Qiu Ling’s taunting. “Let’s go to the Nine Heavens.”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “What? Are you just going to look around until you find someone? Don’t tell me you’re able to sniff out if someone has mixed blood.”
Xin Lan went over and grabbed Qiu Ling by the scruff of his neck. “Don’t talk so much or I’ll go by myself.”
“Heh!” Qiu Ling lashed out at him, showing his claws but Xin Lan effortlessly deflected the hit.
“Don’t bother trying. You’re a few thousand years too young to win against me.”
Qiu Ling grumbled and retracted his claws. “Then what are we going to do in the Nine Heavens?”
“Visiting the Fate’s Scribe.”
“Hah? Why would we do that?” Qiu Ling blinked and hurried to keep up with Xin Lan.
He certainly couldn’t imagine how the Fate’s Scribe would be able to help them. Well, even if he could it would probably be pointless to ask him. That guy had refused to help him find an ascended deity to free his beloved. Why would he help them find a person with the mixed blood of three races? Absolutely impossible!
The other dragon only rolled his eyes though and sped toward the Nine Heavens. Qiu Ling didn’t have another possibility than to follow him if he wanted to know what Xin Lan’s plan was. Qiang Wei who had just tried to help his king think of ideas was left behind without a thought. His king didn’t even bother to tell him to keep guarding the entrance of the secret realm.
Ah, it really wasn’t easy to be His Majesty’s subordinate …
Soon, Qiu Ling and Xin Lan arrived in the Nine Heavens. Xin Lan didn’t hesitate for even a second before making his way to the Scribe’s palace.
“You know your way around here surprisingly well.”
Xin Lan threw a glance at Qiu Ling but didn’t respond.
“Do you know the Fate’s Scribe or something? Don’t tell me I’m tagging along for some emotional reunion. Eh? No, that can’t be. Wasn’t he in love with that servant girl? Or does he swing both ways?” He slightly furrowed his brows but finally decided that it wasn’t his problem. “Anyway, there’s no reason to drag me along if you want to have some private time with him. Just tell me what I should do to find a person with such a composition of blood and I’ll go do it.”
Xin Lan frowned. He didn’t really want to talk with Qiu Ling but he was afraid that the boy wouldn’t shut up if he didn’t say anything. “Isn’t it because I often accompanied His Majesty on official business after your father betrayed him?”
Unfortunately for Xin Lan, this kind of angry response naturally wasn’t able to shut Qiu Ling up and instead made him hasten his steps so he could walk next to Xin Lan. “You’re still bitter about this? Come on! Even the old geezer gave up on it. It’s been such a long time and my old man even paid with his life for that fault. What more do you want him to do?”
Xin Lan didn’t say anything more now that his plan had obviously backfired.
“Actually, it was also the old geezer’s fault. Honestly, have you ever drunk his wine? It’s so strong I couldn’t remember how I got home that one time I drunk it. Well, I at least managed to find back to my beloved even in that state. That must be natural instinct.” He hesitated for a moment before turning to Xin Lan. “So I guess my natural instincts are just better than my father’s? Or maybe it was because he got drunk at his beloved’s place and so he went the wrong way because of that?”
Xin Lan just ignored the person tagging along with him. He knew exactly what had happened back then but whatever. There was no use in discussing with this child. It was better if he concentrated on finding the Fate’s Scribe so that he could bring that person back to his master’s side.
Maybe he was thinking too much and this time everything would turn out well. Maybe his master would finally find his happiness. If that could happen, then he didn’t mind sacrificing his own for it. His happiness, his life, whatever he had to give to make this special person show a genuine smile again, he would give it immediately and without any regrets.

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