LWS V3C46 Committing a Crime

Su Yan grinned happily and rubbed his hands. This had always been the part he liked most about xianxia novels: When the main character was minding his own business but some idiot just had to come knocking at his door to challenge him. Naturally, the opponent would lose by a mile.
He really, really wanted to have the situation escalate and develop into a sword fight where his protagonist showed everyone what he was made of. Especially this was also what the readers had wished for. Unfortunately … his protagonist was a little brat that probably hadn’t even held a sword as of yet while his opponent was the prince of a kingdom that had probably enjoyed at least basic training. If it really came to a sword fight, Jin Bao Fu would certainly mop the floor with Dou Fang Hai.
Su Yan sighed. Ah, this wasn’t how he had imagined his novel to be! What should he do? Could he rewrite everything? But he had already published the first part …
Uh, what should he do now? Su Yan pursed his lips and looked for his boyfriend but he wasn’t there. Right, Nie Chang had gone to talk about the lunch with Old Lao and Gong Gong. So, he couldn’t ask him. Ah … This really was hard.
Well, considering that he couldn’t start writing the story in a different manner he had to find a solution for the current scene. A sword fight was out of the question but there had to be some escalation. Maybe Jin Bao Fu would continue to make a ruckus and finally be told off by Ziju An which would make him hate Dou Fang Hai in turn because the one whom Ziju An defended should have been him.
Su Yan frowned. That would work but it was so … anti-climatic. No, he didn’t want that! There had to be at least some kind of confrontation between his protagonist and his antagonist. Wouldn’t it be boring otherwise?
Mn, maybe they could compete in something else than a sword fight? But Dou Fang Hai didn’t know about cultivation either. The things he knew about …
Su Yan’s lips twitched. He couldn’t do that, could he? Wouldn’t the readers lynch him for that? But it sounded like the most plausible thing to happen in the story. Su Yan looked around to make sure nobody watched him commit this crime and continued to write his second story.
[When he still didn’t get any reaction from the man he wanted to be his master or the sect master that should have intervened by now Jin Bao Fu clenched his fists. He glared at Peak Master Su and then turned to Dou Fang Hai. Never mind the old man this was the person he had called the Grandmaster’s disciple. This boy was the person who had stolen his position!
“You!” He pointed straight at Dou Fang Hai’s nose, his face scrunched up in anger. “Get down here and duel me! I won’t let you become the Grandmaster’s disciple!”
Dou Fang Hai blinked at pointed at his own nose. It seemed that this boy was pointing at him? But what was he talking about?
“Yes, you! Get down here already!”
Dou Fang Hai blinked and turned to look at the person beside him. He had just come up here with his future wife so that they could watch the test. Why was somebody asking him to come down now? He didn’t want to!
Turning back to the boy Dou Fang Hai shook his head. “Don’t wanna!” He decisively returned his attention to Ziju An, holding onto his bigger hand with both of his small ones now.
This move naturally enraged Jin Bao Fu even further. His face flushed red in anger and his finger that was still pointing at Dou Fang Hai trembled. “You … How dare you! I said I challenge you to a duel! You’re not a man if you don’t accept! Hmph!” Jin Bao Fu crossed his arms in front of his chest and smirked. He was feeling really smug right now. After all, he was sure that nobody would be able to bear such a taunt. In a moment, this hateful boy would be down here and duel him and then he would show the Grandmaster that he was a far better disciple for him!
Unfortunately, Dou Fang Hai didn’t play along. Instead, he was wondering why his future wife was looking so displeased. This couldn’t be! He had just gone home with her and had wanted to have some fun but she didn’t like it at all! He had to do something! Well, first of all, he had to find out what the issue was.
He pulled at Ziju An’s sleeve to get his attention. “Are you bored? You’re looking so displeased.”
“Oh. He’s being disrespectful to you.”
“And you can’t stand it?” Dou Fang Hai’s face brightened. So his wife was angry on his behalf! Ah, he had really found the right pretty sister to marry! “Then I’ll go and accept his challenge!” Dou Fang Hai stood up. Instead of hurrying down there immediately, he grabbed Ziju An’s shoulder, leaned over and pressed a wet kiss onto his cheek. Then, under the shocked gazes of the petrified Elders he walked down to Jin Bao Fu to make his future wife happy again.
Sect Master Xue Chang Fu couldn’t help but lean over to Ziju An. “Eh, Senior Martial Brother, say what did just happen?”
“Your disciple … seems awfully close to you? How did that happen?”
Ziju An watched his disciple descend the steps. “Oh, isn’t that because those disciples of your sect mistreated him? Because of that he didn’t want to join the Jin Shan Sect in any case. Actually, he even refused to let me talk about it so in the end I could only promise to marry him to lure him here.”
Xue Chang Fu stared at his senior martial brother before turning to the other side. He clutched the shoulder of the other Elder next to him and started to laugh unabashedly. “Ah, Elder Yue, did you hear this? My senior martial brother … Hahah, he actually had to promise to marry someone to take in a disciple! Hahahaha!”
The elder brusquely threw the troublesome sect master off. Want to laugh? Hmph, do it somewhere else!]

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