OMF V4C45 Blame Your Previous Actions

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Qiu Ling paced up and down in front of the folding screen, his brows furrowed. He didn’t know that much about the Nine Heavens. The only place he had explored in detail was Jing He’s palace. So where was he supposed to find ascended deities? It wasn’t like they were carrying signs around to identify themselves.
Qiu Ling stopped and slightly raised his brows. He needed help. He needed someone who knew his way around the Nine Heavens and could find an ascended deity for him. Unfortunately, his in-laws weren’t on his side this time. Who else could help him?
Jing He’s uncle? But he certainly wouldn’t help if his sister was against this.
Qiu Ling frowned again. He didn’t really know anyone else besides these three people. Hadn’t he seen any other god until now? He tilted his head. Most of his time in the Nine Heaven’s had been spent with Jing He at Jing He’s palace. The only times he wasn’t there were official festivities.
Oh. Qiu Ling straightened up. Right! There had been that one other time, too …
He hurriedly left Jing He’s palace and grabbed one of the Heavenly Guards patrolling the streets. “You! Tell me where the God of Fate is.”
“The …” The guard frowned and took a closer look at the person in front of him. “Longjun?”
“Mn. So where is he?”
“The God of Fate. Uh …” Qiu Ling frowned back when the guard still looked at him as if he had no idea what he was talking about. “The … god that writes down the fates of the mortals?”
“The Fate’s Scribe?”
“Yes! That one! So, where is he?”
“In the Scribe’s palace, I guess?”
“Bring me there!”
The guard looked around. “I’m on duty.”
“That’s great. So bring me over to that Scribe’s palace.”
“But …”
“Great, thank you so much!” Qiu Ling grabbed his arm and pulled him down the road.
“That’s not the right direction!”
“Alright, then let’s go in the other one.” Qiu Ling pulled him back into the other direction until the guard finally sighed and led him to the palace.
“Here. I have to go back now though.”
“Mn, no problem. Thanks again!” Qiu Ling didn’t even look back and stormed right in, grabbing one of the scribes on his way. “You! Tell me where the Fate’s Scribe is!”
“Ah? He … He’s probably in his study.”
“Great! Bring me there!”
“Sure …” The scribe hurriedly led the troublesome person over, bowed and hurried away again. He really didn’t want to have anything to do with this. Just look at how their Fate’s Scribe had been put under house arrest because of what that guy had done. If he got involved with him, he might get fired or even worse!
Qiu Ling didn’t mind. He was only here to get some help anyway. Why would he need to involve other people?
He pushed the door open and rushed right in. “Fate’s Scribe! I need your help! Tell me where to find an ascended deity!”
Shun Tao who had just been watching how Hong Bao’s fate was playing out in the mortal realm, jerked and dropped the scroll of fate.
Qiu Ling hurried over and plopped down on the chair on the other side of the table. “What is it? Are you thinking about whom to call? You probably know a lot of ascended deities.”
Shun Tao looked at the dragon king without knowing what to say. He blinked, took a deep breath and picked up Hong Bao’s scroll of fate again, rolling it up before putting it to the side. “Longjun, why are you here?”
Qiu Ling frowned. “Didn’t you listen to me at all? I need an ascended deity. So tell me where to find one. A talented one, please.”
Shun Tao also frowned. Never mind that he didn’t know any ascended deities besides Hong Bao who had been banished from the Nine Heavens already and Leng Jin Yu who was currently trapped in the secret realm with …
Wait! Shun Tao tensed up. Longjun couldn’t have come to find an ascended deity to get the crown prince out of the secret realm, right?!
Seeing Shun Tao’s reaction Qiu Ling tensed, too. “What is it? Did you think of someone?”
“Longjun … Are you asking because you want to set His Highness free?”
Qiu Ling opened his mouth before closing it again. Thinking of how his mother- and father-in-law had reacted he couldn’t tell him. “No! Naturally not! Why would I do that?”
Shun Tao tilted his head. “Then … What does Longjun need an ascended deity for?”
“That …” Qiu Ling looked away before frowning again. “That’s none of your business! Just tell me where to find one!”
Shun Tao raised his brows. “You expect me to help you after everything you’ve done without knowing what you’re up to now? Forget it!” Shun Tao stood up and motioned at the door. “Longjun, excuse me for being discourteous but I won’t be able to tell you what you want to know. You’d better go and ask the Heavenly Emperor if you want help.”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “But why?!”
“Better blame your previous actions. I might have been wrong in not telling the Heavenly Emperor what was happening but you’ve been wrong for getting involved in His Highness’ trial without understanding what was happening. I won’t be part of it if you’re getting involved once again. And you better consider well if you really want to repeat your past mistakes.”
“Hmph. I’m going to find an ascended deity on my own then!” Qiu Ling leaped to his feet and rushed out of the room once again.
Argh! How could this bastard do this to him?! He had been asking so nicely! Hmph, watch him find somebody else to help him. And when Jing He was finally free wouldn’t his parents be happy, too? Then that hateful God of Fate or whatever would be left out in the cold. Hah, he’d deserve it!
Qiu Ling left the Scribe’s palace, his thoughts circling around whom to ask for help now that this option had proven to be fruitless.
Meanwhile, Shun Tao remained standing in his study and stared at the door Qiu Ling had left open. Why did he feel that some kind of chaos was going to ensue now that the dragon king had been there? Ah, he should take a look at the crown prince’s fate immediately!
He hurriedly sat down and unfurled Jing He’s scroll of fate. His eyes only skimmed a few lines before he leaped to his feet again and ran out of the palace. He didn’t even see Qiu Ling who was still standing not far from the gate. Instead, he rushed straight to the palace of the Heavenly Emperor to report.
It was a pity that Rong Su was still at his son’s palace together with his wife.

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