OMF V4C44 Most Troublesome Rival

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Qiang Wei took out his necklace again and imbued his spiritual energy, making the corresponding transmission stone in the Nine Heavens light up. His king … wasn’t that interested.
Qiu Ling frowned slightly but continued to hold Jing He’s hand. He didn’t want to let go. Honestly, who would disturb him at a time like this? He was finally with his true beloved for a bit and somebody actually dared to demand his attention?!
The next moment his expression changed though. What if this was Qiang Wei who wanted to tell him that the secret realm had opened again? He couldn’t just ignore it!
He hurriedly took the thing out of his spatial ring and stared at the pale apparition of Qiang Wei. So that was indeed the case! Thankfully, he hadn’t just ignored it!
“Qiang Wei!” Qiu Ling’s expression lit up, startling the other dragon.
Honestly, when had his king ever seemed so happy to see him? This definitely couldn’t be because of him so … he had probably misunderstood. Qiang Wei sighed and schooled his expression. “Your Majesty, there’s news.”
“The secret realm opened?!”
“No.” Qiang Wei didn’t hesitate to throw out this answer. He definitely couldn’t let his king misunderstand even longer. He couldn’t be ambiguous with this.
Qiu Ling’s expression fell and instantly turned even darker. “Then why are you disturbing me?!” He only hissed, his voice so low that Qiang Wei had some trouble understanding him.
This guy couldn’t really worry that he would wake up the crown prince, could he?
“Your Majesty —”
Qiang Wei rolled his eyes and started to whisper, too. “Your human master came back. He said your idea wouldn’t work but that you should ask an ascended deity from the Nine Heavens since they were mortal before and should know more about it. I thought you —”
“Right!” Qiu Ling straightened up. Why hadn’t he thought of this himself?!
He leaped to his feet and instantly cut the connection, leaving Qiang Wei to stare at his necklace dumbfounded. Qiu Ling wanted to leave immediately to find an ascended deity but then remembered that he couldn’t just go without wishing his beloved farewell. He turned around and looked at the peaceful face of Jing He. With a gentle smile, he leaned down and kissed his temple.
“My love, wait for me. I’ll go and find someone so that you’ll be released from that terrible realm. You certainly wouldn’t want to be trapped. With another man, that is. Ah, we should have hidden away in such a secret realm when your father didn’t want us to be together. Would he still have dared to oppose our marriage after that? Whatever, I’ll be back soon. You don’t have to be afraid at all. Your awesome fiance will save you.”
He gave him a kiss on the lips just to make sure his beloved wouldn’t feel neglected before happily hurrying outside. He slipped around the folding screen and … collided with his father-in-law. Who looked extremely grim and whose arm was being held by his mother-in-law who nonchalantly stood next to him.
“Uh … Father-in-law, mother-in-law! I didn’t know you were here!” Qiu Ling still smiled happily. Ah, this was great, too! Now he could immediately tell them that he had an idea how to save Jing He!
He grabbed onto Rong Su’s sleeve and excitedly leaned forward. “Father-in-law, guess what I thought of! We could ask one of the ascended deities for help! Isn’t that great? They would definitely not have trouble to find out what that array is about. Jing He will be freed in no time! So, do you have anyone in mind already?”
Qiu Ling’s eager expression pissed the Heavenly Emperor off even more. “You … You bastard! Don’t think we haven’t seen what you just did to our precious son!”
Qiu Ling blinked and looked at Bai Fen. “Mother-in-law …”
“Don’t you dare try to get our wife onto your side!”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips, looking pitiful, and shuffled to Bai Fen’s side. “Mother-in-law!” Excuse him for being shameless but he finally had a clue how to proceed. He definitely wouldn’t waste time arguing with his father-in-law right now.
Bai Fen raised her brows and turned away. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m not going to help you this time.”
“Hah?! But …” Qiu Ling clutched her sleeve instead of the Heavenly Emperor’s this time but Bai Fen cruelly plucked it off again. “Mother-in-law, what are you doing? This is to save your son from the evil clutches of the demons!”
Bai Fen shook her head and gazed at her husband pointedly before stepping into her son’s room. “You explain it to him.”
Rong Su harrumphed. He didn’t want to talk to this troublesome dandy any longer, especially after what he had done to his precious son right now but … well, if his wife insisted …
“You bastard! Why were you crying wolf in the first place?! The person in the secret realm with our son is obviously one of our own people! So stop being bothersome and go back to your own realm! We don’t need you here! Hmph.” He turned away and followed his wife, leaving Qiu Ling to stand in front of the folding screen all alone.
The dragon king blinked. Huh? The person in there with Jing He was one of the gods? So there was no reason to worry?
Ah! Wait! Qiu Ling’s face rapidly paled. Just because this guy wasn’t a demon and a god instead that didn’t mean that he could relax! On the contrary, he had to be especially careful! After all, the Heavenly Emperor would help him against a demon but what if this god was after his beloved? Wouldn’t the Heavenly Emperor support that guy instead of him?!
No, he couldn’t let that happen! This was his toughest rival until now! He had to devise a plan to hinder him. Ah, no, the most important thing was separating him and Jing He. He had to open that secret realm as fast as possible.

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