LWS V3C22 Plotting Something?

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From the time Nie Chang came back from the bathroom to the time when they both arrived at the repair shop after eating at Auntie Zhu’s, a certain someone was suspiciously well behaved. Nie Chang couldn’t help but wonder if maybe his boyfriend was plotting something. If he did … How bad could it get?
Actually, Su Yan was only trying to be nice to find the best moment to tell him about his decision preferably without bringing his mother and their call up. He had managed to hang up before Nie Chang came back so he thought that just maybe he would be able to not talk about the fact that he had once again asked for her advice regarding the time when they should have sex. After all, wouldn’t it be really embarrassing that he really called her after Nie Chang said all that to him?
He certainly never would have thought that Nie Chang might wonder if something was up because of that.
“Ah Chang!” Su Yan hugged his arm when Nie Chang wanted to go to the back room.
Nie Chang tensed. “What is it?” Was this the moment when he would find out what his little darling was plotting? He couldn’t help but gulp. Considering just how strange Su Yan behaved right now it had to be something big.
Su Yan felt uneasy when he saw Nie Chang looking at him like that. This probably wasn’t a good opportunity to talk about that … Maybe he should wait until lunch break? Or maybe the evening would be even better? But he still felt that it would be better to tell Nie Chang as soon as possible …
He slowly let go of his arm, lowered his head and pursed his lips. What he needed was more time with Nie Chang to find a suitable opportunity …
“Darling?” Nie Chang leaned forward and tilted his head. “If there’s nothing else …”
Nie Chang gently kissed his temple and smiled. “Then I’ll be in the back. If something is still the matter … You know where to find me.” He turned around but after only two steps he felt a tug at his sleeve and had to look back.
Su Yan had actually reached out and grabbed his sleeve.
“What is it?” Nie Chang really didn’t know what to say any longer. Did Su Yan want something or not? Why did it seem as if he couldn’t make up his mind at all?
“Uh … I … Mn …” Su Yan’s cheeks flushed red and he lowered his head even further.
“Ah Yan?”
“How about … spending some more time together?”
“I mean … I could help you in the back room … or something.”
“Help me?” Was this what all this was about? Su Yan felt they weren’t spending enough time together?
Su Yan felt idiotic when Nie Chang just repeated his words. Alright, he also knew that there wasn’t anything he could do there. After all, he knew absolutely nothing about technology. How was he supposed to help? And furthermore, who would stay at the counter to talk to the customers? Ah, he was such an idiot!
Nie Chang smiled and ruffled Su Yan’s hair. Ah, this really was too cute! So his little darling had been plotting this all along! He had felt neglected and wanted him to stay with him longer! Well, if that was the case …
“If you want me to, I could work here at the counter. You’ll talk to the customers and I’ll just do the repairs next to you. How does that sound?”
Su Yan looked up, his cheeks still flushed red. “You … You would do that?”
“Mn.” Nie Chang nodded and pulled him into a gentle embrace. “Have you forgotten already? I’d do anything for you. And naturally, I’d also like to spend more time with you.”
“Won’t it be making things difficult for you?”
“No, it’s alright. It doesn’t make a difference where I do the repairs. In fact, it might even be beneficial to do it here. After all, who wouldn’t like to witness how it is done once in a while? That way our customers will feel better about leaving their devices with us. They’ll see what experts we are.”
Su Yan pursed his lips to not show his smile. “Well, you’re the expert and they are your customers, too.”
Nie Chang cupped his boyfriend’s cheeks and bent down for a kiss. “You’re my expert at dealing with the customers and they’re obviously your customers, too.”
“It’s your —”
“It’s our repair shop.” Nie Chang smiled sweetly. “Ah Yan, it’s only been a few days. I know that. But you’re my boyfriend now and I hope that you’ll stay with me forever so … Naturally, it’s your repair shop, too.”
Su Yan looked up at him and couldn’t help but smile back at him. Nie Chang really loved him very much. His mother was right. There was no need to worry about what he would think if he told him his decision. And not because he was a man but because he was such a great boyfriend.
He reached up and gave Nie Chang another kiss before pulling back with a happy smile. “Ah Chang, I’ve thought about what you said this morning. Let’s … only wait till Friday, alright?”
Nie Chang blinked. “Huh?” Was this … Was he still asleep? Had his darling just told him that … he wanted to have sex on Friday? Ah, wait! “Are we … Are we talking about next Friday or this Friday?”
Su Yan tensed. “Of … Of course, it’s this Friday! Why would we talk about this if it was next Friday?”
Nie Chang found his smile back. “I just wanted to make sure.” He hugged Su Yan closer and sighed. “Thank you. Thank you for trusting me this much.”
“I asked my mother.”
Nie Chang chuckled and kissed Su Yan’s cheek. “I expected nothing else. But you still wouldn’t bring yourself to do it if you didn’t trust me enough. You’d chicken out as soon as the call with her ended. Alright, and now sit down and do what your system says. Don’t you want to start working on your new story?”
“Mn!” Su Yan smiled happily and skipped over to his seat while Nie Chang went to the back room to get an additional chair.

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