OMF V4C43 Baffling Messages

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Meanwhile, Zhangsun Xun Yi returned to the Leyuan region. What he saw let him halt instantly. There were the disciples of their Yun Zou Sect lying on the ground while his disciple … had vanished.
Zhangsun Xun Yi touched his forehead and repressed a sigh. Qiu Ling couldn’t be serious! He had given him only one task and that was guarding the injured disciples. And now he actually dared to just leave them alone?!
“Qiu Ling!” Against better knowledge, he called out. He really wanted to see where his irresponsible disciple was hiding.
Qiang Wei who had been tasked with guarding the disciples hurriedly rushed forward and dropped the spell hiding him. “His Ma— Uh … He had to do something and left.”
“You are …?”
Qiang Wei tensed. “A … A friend.”
“And my disciple told you to …”
“Guard those humans!” Qiang Wei pointed at the disciples on the ground. “He’ll come back as soon as he has taken care of his … issue.” He hurriedly averted his gaze and hoped that His Majesty’s human master wouldn’t ask any more questions. He really didn’t want to have to make up some kind of story why their king had vanished. And he certainly couldn’t just tell the truth, could he?
Zhangsun Xun Yi took one look at Qiang Wei’s expression and turned away, too. He felt that he didn’t even want to know what exactly his disciple was up to now. “As long as he had someone keep watch everything is well. So, did anything happen while I was away?”
Qiang Wei hurriedly shook his head. “No, everything was normal. No one came by. Everything stayed quiet. Nothing strange happened. Really exceedingly normal.”
“Mn, well. You’ll stay here until Qiu Ling comes back?”
“Alright. Then I’ll leave the heavily injured disciples in your care and escort the others back to the Yun Zou Sect.”
“Of course.” Qiang Wei nodded.
“Right … Mn …” Zhangsun Xun Yi pondered how to tell this person about what that person had said. He wouldn’t risk involving someone else but he was afraid his disciple wouldn’t take it seriously if he didn’t mention where the message came from. “Qiu Ling wanted to know something. Is there any possibility to reach him?”
Qiang Wei nodded again. “That shouldn’t be a problem.”
“Very well. Then please try to reach him and tell him that his idea won’t work. But he can go to the Nine Heavens and ask for the help of an ascended deity. It’s important that the person is an ascended deity since they were human before. Alright?”
Qiang Wei continued to nod. “I’ll inform him.”
Zhangsun Xun Yi took a last look at Qiang Wei before turning away and going over to the disciples waiting in the middle of the meadow.
As soon as he was gone and Qiang Wei was sure that nobody was watching he once again hid his form and took out his necklace.
He wanted to imbue his energy and contact Qiu Ling but hesitated. Wouldn’t His Majesty expect that the secret realm had opened if he contacted him? Ah, did he even need to do this? Who knew if His Majesty cared about this? He hadn’t been in the Nine Heavens with His Highness for long. He should give him a bit more time. Well, he should try to reach Yi Zan. As soon as His Majesty stepped out of His Highness’ palace Yi Zan could inform him.
He put the necklace back but just then the normal transmission stone he carried with him glowed on its own. Qiang Wei frowned and took it out, imbuing it with his energy.
“Qiang Wei,” sounded Fu Heng’s deep voice from the other side. “Are you with His Majesty?”
“No. His Majesty is in the Nine Heavens right now while I’m waiting in the human realm. What’s up?”
Fu Heng took a look at Fu Min who was sulking not far from him. He shook his head and turned away. “His Majesty sent us to the demon realm to investigate something but … something strange happened.”
“The demons weren’t planning anything? Well, you were probably too late. Something happened on our side.”
“Hah!” On the other side, Fu Min’s cry sounded. “You hear that? We could have prevented this! It’s all because you didn’t want to do what Senior Xin said! I really don’t understand why you’re acting so high and mighty!”
Fu Heng frowned but just blended Fu Min’s nagging out. “While in the demon realm we met Senior Xin. He told us that the demon king was plotting against His Majesty’s beloved.”
Qiang Wei frowned. “Senior Xin? He’s still alive? And he knew about the demon king’s plans?” Why did this sound so strange?
“That’s exactly what I wondered. He told us to leave the demon realm and inform His Majesty immediately but he didn’t give any additional information.”
“Do you suspect he isn’t telling the truth?”
“Fu Heng! Qiang Wei!” Fu Min’s angry voice came from the other side again. “How can the two of you suspect Senior Xin?”
Qiang Wei rubbed his brow. He really didn’t want to be involved in this lover’s tiff. “How about I inform His Majesty of this? He can judge for himself what he thinks of this. I had to notify him about something else anyway.”
“Sounds good to me.”
“Don’t you dare slander Senior Xin in front of His Majesty!”
“Naturally. I’ll just tell him that Senior Xin was there. Right, was there anything else he should know about this?”
Fu Heng narrowed his eyes. “The Senior was as enigmatic as ever. I wouldn’t dare make any assumptions. There are two puzzling things, though. Regarding the attempt on His Highness’ life, we couldn’t find anything even though we searched for a while longer.”
“It’s because we’re not as good as him! How can you say it as if it was Senior Xin’s fault?!”
“The second thing is that Senior Xin said that he was on a mission in the demon realm and that mission seemed to be given by the previous king. He didn’t divulge anything about its contents but … I found it strange that he would still be working on a mission there. It’s been so long, after all.”
“Mn, that’s true. Especially since … Well, I don’t know about you but I thought he was dead. I’m afraid nobody saw him since the previous king died?”
“Yes, I thought so, too.”
“Isn’t that our fault for not paying attention?” Fu Min sharply tugged at Fu Heng’s clothes but still couldn’t make him shut up. He was getting furious right now. How could this guy shamelessly badmouth such a great person?!
“I’ll tell His Majesty. Thank you for contacting me.”
“Mn. It’s what should be done.” Qiang Wei cut the transmission and frowned.
That mysterious Senior Xin was in the demon realm on an old mission? He provided Fu Heng and Fu Min with information those two couldn’t get? This … sounded indeed quite strange. It seemed he still had to disturb His Majesty himself after all.

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