LWS V3C21 Just Lie Down And Let Him Do It

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Mister Su’s face had turned paler the longer he listened to his son. Faced with the question of how his son was supposed to sleep with another man he wordlessly handed the phone back to his wife, stood up and went up into his study. He really felt like he needed a drink now. A strong one. Maybe getting really drunk was an option, too?
Ah, his only son was really gay! There was no denying it any longer. Ah, what a pity. He still wanted to have grandchildren … And who would take over the company now?
Madam Su had no idea what was going on. She listened for what Su Yan was saying but her son was waiting for an answer and didn’t talk.
“Ah Yan?”
“Mom!” Su Yan straightened up. “So what do you think?”
Madam Su sighed. “What did you say just now?”
“I asked what you think!”
“About what?”
“Mom!” Su Yan’s tone became accusing. He really felt like crying. Why was his mother being like this? “Didn’t you listen to me at all?!”
“Tch, don’t complain! Just tell me what you wanted to know!”
“I asked what you thought about Nie Chang and me! Should we really wait for two weeks? He’s kind of … impatient. And how are we supposed to have sex?”
“Oh.” Madam Su looked at the staircase. Well, considering how her husband had thrown a fit when he saw the photos of his son kissing two different men he had reacted quite well now that Su Yan had asked him when he should have sex with one of them. This was definitely a step in the right direction! Mn, maybe she could get him to give Su Yan some tips on how to do it?
Ah, no, that was wrong. He should be giving Nie Chang those tips …
“Well, about the two weeks I only suggested those because you were afraid he’d leave you, right? If you yourself feel that that won’t be the case, then there’s no need to wait, Just go for it.”
“Oh.” Su Yan nodded. As expected. His mother still knew best. “Then what about … the other thing?”
“The other thing?” Excuse her for being preoccupied with the fact that her son had just unwittingly asked his father for relationship advice. What was the other thing he had wanted to know?
She raised her brows and picked up the glass of water in front of her. “Have you forgotten already that the connection was bad at first? Don’t be like this. Just repeat it for me.”
“Well, you know … about … how we’d … do that.”
“My precious little baby, mother can’t understand what you’re saying. Speak in complete sentences with me.”
“I meant … How are Nie Chang and I supposed to have sex? How do we do it?”
Madam Su choked on the water. For heaven’s sake! Was that what Su Yan had asked her husband?! No wonder he had left looking like that! Ahahahaha! Ah, she should mark this down in her calendar! This really was too funny!
She coughed to mask her laughter but didn’t say anything yet. Who knew if Su Yan would hear how amused she was? Thus, she only responded with silence. Naturally, her son grew worried.
“Mom! Please don’t be like this! I’m serious. How can we have sex? We’re both men! It’s not like … Well …” Su Yan thought about what he knew about women and how a man was supposed to have sex with a woman and could only come up with one solution for their problem. But … that couldn’t be true, right? Who would do something like that? Wasn’t that … uh …
His cheeks flushed red and he gulped. Nah, that couldn’t be.
Madam Su cleared her throat to make sure she sounded normal. “Ah Yan, don’t worry about that. First, decide on a date when you want to do it. Then make sure you tell Nie Chang properly. After that, just lie down and let him do what has to be done. Nothing is required of you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Mn. Of course. Would your mother ever lie to you? Please!”
Su Yan felt that to be true. Naturally, Madam Su actually meant ‘Please! Naturally, I’m lying to you. But it’s still for your best so just do what I say.’
If she said the truth, would her son still dare to have sex? Don’t joke with her! She knew him well enough. If she actually told him how it worked, then he would totally get cold feet and back out before Nie Chang had even had a chance to strip and show off his six-pack. And her future son-in-law would certainly be too kind to force her son to show him how much he would enjoy it.
Ah, she really was so helpful! Come to think of it she should use this opportunity to enlighten her son a bit further.
“So, are you thinking about doing it today?”
“I’m not sure. Do you think I should? I feel like it’d be a bit abrupt if I did. I don’t want him to think that it was because of what he said to me today.”
“But it was because of that.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Well, that’s true. But he doesn’t need to know that, does he?”
“Ah Yan, do you honestly think Nie Chang would care? He’s a man. Tell him you’re prepared to have sex with him and he’d be willing to forget whatever you want him to forget. There’s really no need to be so pretentious.”
“Maybe … But wouldn’t the weekend still be better? We’ve got work today and … uh …” And I’m still nervous.
“Haish, child, you’re really too difficult! Alright, then don’t do it today. But don’t wait too long. How about Friday?”
“That’s only two more days.” Su Yan’s voice got whiny instantly. It suddenly seemed really daunting now that it was so close!
“Ah Yan, there’s today, there’s Thursday, and there’s almost the whole Friday. How does that make two days in your head? It’s clearly three. Now quit your whining. You’re going to be twenty-two in a few months. It’s about time you lose your virginity to your boyfriend. Nie Chang is such a good catch, too. Just look at him. Even with him wearing his clothes you can see he has a nice body. You’ll definitely have fun with him in bed.”
“Oh. He really has.” Su Yan looked back at the door.
They had slept together in the same bed for the last few days. He already knew how Nie Chang looked without a shirt. Thinking about it now his mother was probably right. And Nie Chang and he had already established that he liked cuddling and kissing. So, he definitely would like having sex with him, too. After all, Nie Chang was a really good boyfriend.
Calmed down like that Su Yan broke into a happy smile. Ah, he had really thought too much about all this. He should just do what his mother said. Wait for it and then enjoy it. Nie Chang would know what to do exactly. There was no need for him to worry about it.

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