LWS V3C20 Wrong Number? Wrong Person!

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Nie Chang rubbed Su Yan’s head and got up. “Well, let’s get dressed. I’ll bring you to auntie Zhu’s shop later. You probably want me to use the bathroom first?”
Su Yan nodded absent-mindedly but he didn’t really notice when his boyfriend left. He was still pondering what Nie Chang had just said.
Did he really pay too much attention to what other people said? But wasn’t that good? Whether it was Zhi Bao Yu or his mother they both knew more about love than he did. What was wrong with listening to them?
But Nie Chang was obviously dissatisfied with how things went. So maybe … he should really stop clinging to the idea of waiting two weeks? But if he did that wouldn’t he still be doing what Nie Chang said? That wasn’t alright either!
He pursed his lips and leaned over the edge of the bed in search of his phone. He finally found it somewhere between his clothes but hesitated to really pick it up.
“Ah, damn this! Why did you have to say something like that, Ah Chang? Now I can’t even call my mother to ask about this!” He lied back down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.
Ugh. What was he supposed to do now? He rolled around and hugged the pillow. Should he have sex with Nie Chang already? But what if his mother was right? Well, alright, Nie Chang definitely wouldn’t leave him.
After a few days of being together, he didn’t question that anymore. Actually, thinking about it now he probably shouldn’t have worried about that on Sunday either. Nie Chang was a responsible guy. He wouldn’t leave someone just because he had sex with him early on. He knew him long enough to know that.
Maybe he had been too shocked? Maybe that was why he had overreacted? If that was so, then there really wasn’t a reason to wait. And Nie Chang wasn’t wrong about what had happened on Monday. For a short moment, he had really felt that it wouldn’t be too bad. So maybe …
Su Yan rolled onto his back once more, still hugging the pillow to his chest. He tried very hard to imagine having sex with Nie Chang.
Unfortunately … he came up with a blank.
Uh … come to think of it how were they supposed to have sex? After all, they were both men. Don’t tell him … Su Yan sat up and stared at the door Nie Chang had left open. His cheeks were slowly turning red.
Ah, he couldn’t take this!
He picked up his phone and still called his mother in the end. Naturally, if it was her precious baby calling her, Madam Su wouldn’t even waste a second in answering the phone.
“Ah Yan, finally you’re calling again! You’re not angry at me for not protecting you from your father that day, right?” She used the opportunity to angrily glare at her husband that was sitting across from her.
Mister Su gulped. He had only been let into the house again this morning. He definitely didn’t want his son to remind his mother of what he had done! Wouldn’t he be thrown out again?!
“Ah, my dear wife, let me talk to our son and apologize!” He hurriedly reached over and snatched the phone from her.
Unfortunately, the other side hadn’t heard what had happened in the residence of the Su’s. He had assured his mother that he definitely wasn’t angry and had already gotten to the part where he was explaining in a teary voice why he was calling, not taking even a slightly longer break to breathe so that his father had no opportunity to interrupt.
“Mom! You have to help me! It’s terrible! I don’t know what to do! Are you really sure it’s the right thing to wait for two weeks? Nie Chang has complained I’m listening too much to other people.
You know Zhi Bao Yu — that’s one of my previous co-workers from the railroad station — she said that I shouldn’t wait but Nie Chang then said that I shouldn’t listen to her and I also thought that you probably know more about relationships than her since you’re still married to Dad. But Nie Chang isn’t really happy and he asked me to have sex already.
So what do you think I should do? Still wait the two weeks until we do or give in and have sex with him right now? Uh, well, I don’t mean now like right now more like … maybe this evening? Or … well, maybe the weekend would be better? But I’m not sure if he would like that. After all, it’s only Wednesday so he’d still have to wait three days. Well, three days if we’re talking about Friday. If it’d be Saturday, then it’d even be four days. That’s pretty long if he’s waiting already.
Well, actually, I think that’d still be pretty early considering we talked about two weeks before but Nie Chang seems like he really wants to have sex with me and I guess it’s pretty uncomfortable for him to hold it in?
Uh, well, that might be my fault, too. He told me it would be better if we didn’t sleep together for now … Ah, I mean in the same bed not like … well, you know having sex or something, it’s really just about sleeping in the same bed.
But then yesterday we watched a horror movie in the evening and you know I can’t stand it and I, well, I just got scared so I told him to stay and then in the morning … Uh, I guess he felt I had gotten too close? So we talked about it again and I … I don’t know.
I feel like he isn’t completely wrong. I do like him and I also like when he kisses me and it’s really nice to cuddle with him. He’s really warm and cuddly. Having a boyfriend actually isn’t bad. But then again I’m still not sure about having sex. Never mind the time but how am I even supposed to have sex with another man? How do you do that?”
Su Yan finally stopped talking. He nervously bit his fingernails, waiting for his mother’s answer. He still had no idea that he hadn’t actually spoken to her but to his father.

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