OMF V4C18 Just a Misunderstanding

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At that moment, the Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao was sitting in his study and listened to the report of one of his scribes. This was the person he had sent to check on Hong Bao. The results … Well, nothing major seemed to have happened but her talent of causing trouble hadn’t seemed to diminish by much. The only saving grace was probably that the crown prince’s reincarnation hadn’t stayed too long in the Hei Dian Sect.
He sighed and waved at the god to leave. His gaze unwittingly landed on the scroll of fate next to him. The situation really was vexing. The boy hadn’t made much progress in his cultivation but he had learned alchemy. Wouldn’t that benefit him in the future? Alchemists were especially important in the human realm. If he learned more, then how was he supposed to make his life difficult?
Shun Tao tapped the table in front of him and pondered. Maybe that could also be a chance for another trial. A high tree would attract the winds. If he actually became a great alchemist, he might find supporters but might also attract enemies. Wouldn’t that be beneficial for creating some new trials?
Just when Shun Tao considered how to set up such a trial a guard hurried into the room and bowed. “Fate’s Scribe, the Heavenly Empress came to discuss some matters with you.”
Shun Tao leaped to his feet. “The Heavenly Empress?!” His eyes widened immediately. This wasn’t good! Had something happened to the crown prince?
He hurriedly grabbed the scroll of fate and skimmed the last few lines. His lips twitched. What was this about? The crown prince had nearly been killed but was now somehow trapped in an environment that was just too suitable for cultivation? And the one who had actually pulled him into this environment was none other than Leng Jin Yu who had been sent to help with the crown prince’s trial? How could this be? Hadn’t he just listened to a report for a few minutes?!
And now the Heavenly Empress was standing in front of his door! Everyone knew that she deeply cared about the crown prince! She might not have a temper as bad as the Heavenly Emperor but that didn’t mean that he wanted to tell her what had happened. And she had certainly come because she wanted to know how her son was faring.
Shun Tao couldn’t do anything about that though. He stood up and had the guard lead the Heavenly Empress inside. He didn’t even have time to greet her though.
Bai Fen impatiently waved and had the guard withdraw before sitting down at the other side of Shun Tao’s table. “Fate’s Scribe, excuse us for disturbing you without prior announcement. You might have already noticed that something happened to our son.”
Shun Tao gulped. So she already knew. “What may this one do for the Heavenly Empress?”
Bai fen sighed. “We received a report about what happened in the human realm but we don’t know about our son’s current situation. Fate’s Scribe, just tell us where he is now and if he is still well.”
Shun Tao was stunned. The Heavenly Empress had actually come by to make sure her son was alright? “That … naturally, this one can do that.” Shun Tao once again picked up the scroll and made sure that nothing had happened since he last looked at it. “As far as his fate has been revealed, His Highness’ reincarnation is trapped in a secret realm but has otherwise only suffered light injuries.”
“Will the demons be able to take advantage of this situation?”
Shun Tao’s brows raised. “That … is highly unlikely.”
Bai Fen’s face lit up. “Did the demon that attacked him get hurt when they were thrown into the secret realm?!” These news would be fantastic! In that case, she wouldn’t have to worry any longer. As long as Jing He wasn’t trapped with a demon this matter wasn’t all that serious.
Shun Tao frowned. “Your Majesty, this one is afraid … he doesn’t understand what you are talking about. His Highness was nearly attacked by a Jade Gathering Beast but the person this one and the God of War sent down to the mortal realm to help with his trial managed to save him in time. To make sure he wouldn’t be caught up in the explosion and most likely to also separate him from the dragon king that was still making things difficult he pulled him into the secret realm. Nobody besides His Highness and that person are inside the secret realm and nobody but the master of the dimension should be able to open it again. This one can’t see any opportunity for the demons to take advantage of this situation at all.”
Bai Fen stared at the Fate’s Scribe. “The person … you and my brother sent to the mortal realm?”
Shun Tao nodded. “His name is Leng Jin Yu. The Heavenly Empress had already seen him back when …” Shun Tao coughed. “Back when the matter about the soul-devouring dagger was revealed.” He definitely didn’t want to bring up his own shameful history again.
The Heavenly Empress stared at the god opposite her. She had a vague recollection of the person he was talking about. “That ascended deity?”
“Mn. Precisely.”
Bai Fen took a moment to digest this information. Then, she laughed. Her laughter was full of relief but her eyes teared up. She had thought her son was in grave danger, that even his soul might be lost in an insidious plan of the demon race. But now it turned out that everything was just a misunderstanding!
The mysterious man who had attacked her son-in-law wasn’t actually in cahoots with the demons. Instead, he was an ascended deity that wanted to save her son! Those two men might just have misunderstood each other because of the situation and her son’s identity.
Shun Tao had no idea what was going on but he felt that the Heavenly Empress’ laughter lightly meant that he didn’t have to fear anything.
Indeed. When Bai Fen had calmed down again she smiled at Shun Tao and stood up. “Thank you for telling us, Fate’s Scribe. You really helped us very much.”
“Ah, it’s nothing, it’s nothing.” He hurriedly accompanied her when she turned to the door. “Is there anything else this one can do for the Heavenly Empress?”
Bai Fen shook her head. “Just continue as before. We only hope … that our son can safely pass the trial and return as soon as possible.” She smiled slightly before already leaving the Fate’s Scribe’s palace again.

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