LWS V3C3 What Do You Like About Me?

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Su Yan looked at the things Nie Chang was unpacking and gulped. Did he really expect him to help? But he didn’t know how to cook, ah! Wasn’t that the reason he had asked him to take a cooking course last week?!
Su Yan grumbled but Nie Chang didn’t even seem to listen. He stuffed a red pepper into his hands before he continued to busy about.
“That … What am I supposed to do with this?”
“Wash it. Cut it.” Nie Chang placed some of the things he had bought into the fridge. After all, he hadn’t just gone shopping for their breakfast.
Mn, come to think of it … Nie Chang peered at Su Yan who eyed the red pepper in his hands suspiciously. He hadn’t actually thought of proposing to Su Yan anytime soon. After all, they had just become a couple on the past weekend. But he had thought about doing it in the future. Before that he wanted to move in together though. At that time, this kind of thing would be normal.
He carried the other ingredients over to the cupboard, picked up a knife and handed it to Su Yan who still hadn’t moved even a single step.
Su Yan held the knife in one hand and the red pepper in the other and stared dumbly at both of them. What was he supposed to do now?! Nie Chang hadn’t even told him what they were going to cook!
Nie Chang finally took pity on his boyfriend. He grabbed his arm and pulled him to the sink. “Just wash it.”
Su Yan held the red pepper under the water with an unwilling expression. He didn’t want to wash anything or cut anything! He just hadn’t explained but how should he have known that Nie Chang would misunderstand him this much?
Nie Chang watched with a smile. Ah, Su Yan really looked too cute when he pouted this much. In a good mood, Nie Chang took a cutting board out of the cupboard and placed it next to the sink, waiting for Su Yan to finish.
The water continued to flow but Su Yan still rubbed the already clean red pepper. His thoughts had already flown far away. He really never would have thought that Nie Chang would think he wanted to break up but he felt a bit bad about it. The way Nie Chang said those things when he tried to call him … He really was very much in love with him.
Uh, well, he had known that before. Obviously. Otherwise, he never would have thought that Nie Chang might be thinking about proposing to him. Come to think of it, the way he reacted was probably not too good. Wouldn’t Nie Chang think now that he didn’t like him enough?
But he did, ah! It was just that … somehow everything went wrong.
Su Yan frowned and started rubbing the red pepper a little harder. This was all so stupid! He had taken so long to figure out what Nie Chang felt and then when he wanted to do something for him, everything went down the drain because he listened to Zhi Bao Yu. Now, he had even managed to make Nie Chang feel bad because he didn’t explain himself. What kind of boyfriend was he?!
Nie Chang tugged at Su Yan’s shirt, pulling him out of his thoughts. “It’s already very clean.”
“Ah?” Su Yan’s knitted brows relaxed in confusion. What was clean?
Nie Chang sighed. “You don’t have to wash it so meticulously. Just holding it under the water for a while is alright. It’s not like it’s poisoned or something.”
Su Yan looked down and finally noticed that he was still holding a red pepper. He turned off the water and put the thing on the cutting board Nie Chang had prepared. His boyfriend handed him the knife again but Su Yan just stared at it.
Alright, he would admit it. Even though he was already twenty-one he had no idea how to cook at all. Till the day he left home his mother had always taken care of him and after that, he either invited himself to someone who could cook, went to eat somewhere with his colleagues or just ordered take-out. How would he know how to cook? Cutting up a red pepper really seemed like a daunting task to him.
“You just have to cut it into small pieces.” Nie Chang watched with a bit of worry.
He knew that Su Yan wasn’t proficient in the kitchen but it couldn’t be that bad, could it? Cutting up a red pepper should be alright. So why was Su Yan staring at it like this?
Su Yan pursed his lips. He could hear the slight worry in Nie Chang’s voice and his bad conscience became even worse. Nie Chang was so worried about him even though he was only supposed to cut some vegetables. He really … treated him too well. And he had never really reciprocated. Not now as his boyfriend and not when they had just been friends before. It had always been Nie Chang who took care of him.
He couldn’t help but scrunch up his face and turn to Nie Chang.
“Ah Chang, honestly, what do you even like about me?”
“Ah?” Nie Chang was stunned. How had they arrived from cutting a red pepper to what he liked about Su Yan?
Su Yan put down the knife and turned to his boyfriend. He reached out and tugged at his shirt. Actually, if considering who was more likely to leave the other one … Wouldn’t it rather be Nie Chang who would be fed up with him one day?
“You’ve liked me for so long. But I’m not even a good person. I’ve never treated you well enough. So … How did you even fall in love with me?” Su Yan looked up, his gaze slightly worried. The longer he thought about it, the less he understood. What did Nie Chang see in him?
Nie Chang had no idea how Su Yan had arrived at this question while washing a red pepper but he didn’t mind talking about it. In fact, after that misunderstanding from before he felt it would be a good idea to make that kind of thing clear between them.
“Well, when talking about that … I’d probably have to start from the day we first met.”

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