LWS V3C4 A Good-Looking Big Brother

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“The day we met?” Su Yan furrowed his brows. Honestly, he felt like he had known Nie Chang his whole life. How would he remember when they had first met?
Nie Chang just smiled and took the knife from him. If he waited until his boyfriend cut that red pepper, they would never get to eat. “You don’t remember? That was on the day we entered school.”
Su Yan was stunned. That was truly too long ago! How would he still remember that?
Nie Chang looked at him and continued to smile. “I actually didn’t expect that you still know. You had … probably just turned six back then? I was a little older so I guess that’s the reason why I remember it a little clearer. Mn, thinking back now you were already very cute back then.”
Nie Chang leaned over and pinched his cheek. “You’re the cutest person I know. Do you know what you did that day?”
Su Yan shrank back and touched his cheek. Why did it seem as if he had done something bad? That definitely couldn’t be! “I was certainly very well-behaved.”
“Mn. Really very well-behaved. You were quite late because you had probably thrown a tantrum at home and you were still angry at your father for scolding you.” The movement of the knife stopped when Nie Chang thought back. “God, I’ve never seen a woman as fierce as your mother. She looks so elegant and reserved normally but your father didn’t even dare to lift his head when she scolded him for treating you like this.”
“He still doesn’t dare.”
“Mn. Unfortunately, you still hadn’t calmed down that day. In fact, when she wanted to turn around and leave you alone you started crying bitterly.”
Su Yan flushed.
Nie Chang put the red pepper aside and looked at Su Yan, his eyes gleaming with a teasing light. “You were really unsightly back then with tears all over your face and completely puffed up red eyes.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. Ugh. Why did Nie Chang remember all of that?
Nie Chang took up the next ingredients and just processed them himself. “Anyway, your mother loves you so much. How could she have just looked the other way when you were behaving like such a bear child?”
“I wasn’t a bear child! I was a really lovable child!”
“Mn, really cute, as I said. But you always knew how to throw tantrums.” Nie Chang hurriedly turned back to look at the vegetable in his hands.
Thinking about it now, nothing seemed to have changed since then. Su Yan was still like this. It was just that he didn’t start crying anymore at any little thing. Well, he didn’t need to. His little darling had obviously learned with time that just using a pitiful look was enough to have him fulfill any of his wishes.
Su Yan didn’t dare to say anything in response. He really couldn’t remember being so difficult when he was young, ah! He felt like he had always been well-behaved …
“I still admire your mother for her quick thinking that day. She crouched down in front of you while gently patting your head. And then …” He grinned and put the knife down before turning back to Su Yan.
“What?” Su Yan had a very bad feeling about this.
“Then your mother showcased the most creative way of abandoning a child I’ve ever seen in my life.”
“Mn.” Nie Chang nodded earnestly but had still a hard time to suppress his laughter. “She asked you ‘Didn’t you always want a big brother?’ and pointed at the other students who had come to look at the one making a scene.”
“I would never make a scene!”
Su Yan’s protest was naturally ignored.
“She told you that you should just have a look around and choose one that could be your big brother from now on.” He nearly choked on his laughter. “The best thing was when your mother made sure to give you some last advice: ‘Just make sure he’s a good-looking fellow!’ Ah, your mother is really …” She has such foresight!
Su Yan didn’t dare to lift his head. He just played with the hem of his shirt and pursed his lips. “So … What did I do?”
“Eh? Naturally, a good child like you would do what his mother said. You stopped crying as soon as you heard that you finally had the opportunity to get a big brother and then you looked around. Unfortunately, a certain little someone had extremely high requirements. I guess not everyone can become Su Yan’s big brother?”
Su Yan’s cheeks flushed even more. He didn’t even dare to ask further questions and just waited for Nie Chang to continue speaking. How come his mother had never told him this story? He had never heard of this!
“Ah, you looked at all of them with contempt and were just short of throwing another tantrum.” Nie Chang paused and savored Su Yan’s unsightly expression. Hmph, serves you right for letting me believe you want to break up with me for so long!
He washed his hands before leaning against the cupboard next to Su Yan. “Thankfully, your eyes were always sharp. Just when you turned back you actually spotted me in the crowd.” He grinned even more and ruffled Su Yan’s hair. “Mn, really, such a pair of discerning eyes. I was obviously the best of that group of little brats and you really saw it at first glance. Your face immediately lit up and you ditched your parents to run over and throw yourself into my arms. You refused to let go afterward.”
“That … You’re making that up!” Su Yan looked up, his face completely red. He’d totally call his mother later to confirm!
Nie Chang just smiled. Su Yan’s thoughts were practically written on his face. “By all means, go and ask your mother about it. I have nothing to hide. It really happened like that.”
Su Yan averted his face. “How come you’re telling such a story? Didn’t I ask what you actually liked about me? It certainly couldn’t be that you like that I’m such a troublesome person that threw tantrums as a child.”
Nie Chang looked at him and grinned. Did Su Yan really think that he just did that as a child? Obviously, nothing much had changed since then! But, well, he definitely wouldn’t say that or his little darling would get angry. And just now, he felt that even though they were talking about Su Yan’s ‘dark history’ the atmosphere was really quite harmonious. This was the kind of relationship he wanted to have.

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