LWS V3C2 Clearing Up a Misunderstanding

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The two of them continued to look at each other quietly, both unsure of what else to say.
In the end, Nie Chang pointed at Su Yan’s wet hair. “You … What were you doing just now?”
Su Yan frowned. “Wasn’t I showering? But then someone starting mumbling in the kitchen, so I came over to take a look. Who would have thought you were preparing something like that?” His voice grew lower and lower until Nie Chang barely understood the end of the sentence.
The slightly embarrassed expression on his face told Nie Chang everything he needed to know though. Su Yan had probably only heard the latter half and thus thought he had been practicing a marriage proposal.
Nie Chang looked at the ceiling. What kind of misunderstanding was this?
He took out his phone and held the message his boyfriend sent before in front of Su Yan’s face. “What about this message?”
The shy look on Su Yan’s face disappeared and made way for one of righteous indignation. “The system gave me the task of finding out what could make a couple break up. But honestly, what kind of suggestion was that? As if grocery shopping would have such an effect! Do you take me for an idiot?!”
Nie Chang threw the phone on the table, stepped forward and hugged Su Yan, not caring even a bit that his hair was still dripping wet and that he instantly slapped his chest to make him let go. Instead, he just laughed.
“You’re so troublesome.”
“Hah? How am I troublesome?” Su Yan who had only pretended to be angry just now to mask his embarrassment became really angry. “What is that supposed to mean?”
Nie Chang’s arms tightened in response and he secretly rubbed his eyes. If Su Yan actually saw him cry in front of him again, wouldn’t he think of him as a wimp? He couldn’t let that happen!
He was a little late for that though. Su Yan might not have been the fastest when it came to romance but he had known Nie Chang for many years. While Nie Chang’s attempts at seducing him had slowly intensified over the years and thus been perceived as something normal, this sudden emotional outburst definitely wasn’t. Unfortunately, a certain someone once again drew a questionable conclusion.
“Eh, Ah Chang, don’t be like this.” With a bit of a guilty conscience, he patted Nie Chang’s back. “You see it’s not that I don’t love you or don’t want to marry you at all. I just think we should wait for a while. At least …” He stopped talking and buried his face in the nape of Nie Chang’s neck. His cheeks were glowing scarlet red. Oh god! Was he really about to say that?
He grabbed Nie Chang’s shirt and nervously tugged at it, leaving it crumpled. “At least wait until we’ve … we’ve …” Su Yan stopped talking again. Oh god, he just couldn’t say it! This was too embarrassing! “At least wait until we’ve gone out a while longer!” He looked down and cursed himself in his heart. Ah, he was really too weak! He couldn’t even talk about having sex with his own boyfriend!
Nie Chang chuckled. He could imagine what Su Yan had wanted to say originally. “Don’t worry about it. I … I wasn’t practicing for a proposal. Just check your voicemail. I thought …” He leaned back a bit and looked at Su Yan’s face. His cheeks were still flushed.
Nie Chang grabbed the towel and started rubbing Su Yan’s hair dry. “You know … today when I came out of the bathroom I saw that you were really busy. I thought that maybe we wouldn’t have the time to go to Auntie Zhu’s shop after you finished, so I went out to buy some groceries to cook. Then when I was standing in line to pay I suddenly got your message. I was really scared. We’ve only been together for two days and I thought maybe you saw that I had left and were angry because of that. You didn’t even respond to my message. So I thought … you wanted to break up with me.”
“That … I thought it was a stupid suggestion.” Su Yan looked even more guilty. He definitely wouldn’t have thought that Nie Chang would think something like that!
Nie Chang smiled wryly. “I was desperate. I hurried home as fast as I could but you weren’t in the living room and not in the kitchen either and I …” He shook his head and sighed. “It’s probably my fault, too. I was so anxious that I didn’t even think of checking the other rooms. I just thought you were furious and had run away. So I called you and begged you to come back to me.”
Nie Chang hugged him closer again and took a deep breath. “I’m so happy to see you right now. Do me a favor, please. In the future, when you get some kind of mission from that system and want to ask my opinion then tell me why you’re asking. I don’t think I can take such a shock again.”
Su Yan nodded hurriedly. “Of course, of course!” How would he dare to send such a message again without warning if his boyfriend misunderstood him so easily?!
Su Yan hurriedly clasped Nie Chang’s neck and tiptoed, kissing his lips. “You definitely don’t have to worry! You’re such a great boyfriend! Why would I break up with you?”
Nie Chang smiled. “I’m glad to hear that.”
Su Yan smiled back and peeked around Nie Chang’s shoulder. “So, what are you going to cook?”
Nie Chang couldn’t help but laugh. “So that’s what you’re worried about now?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Everything’s cleared up. We both haven’t eaten yet. What’s so bad about worrying about food now?”
Nie Chang gave a teasing smile. “Then … how about helping me?”
“Help?” Su Yan’s eyes widened. He looked at the bag with the groceries and then at the stove. What did Nie Chang expect him to do? His gaze traveled to Nie Chang’s smile again.
Why did he suddenly feel as if his boyfriend was trying to punish him for the thoughtless message that had caused their misunderstanding?

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