LWS V2C50 Publishing the First Part

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Su Yan opened the document where he had saved the story and copied the first scene. Then he went back to the website again and pasted it into the space for the first chapter.
He wriggled his fingers but didn’t press the [publish] button. He had already created the account and his story was long finished. There really wasn’t any reason to wait anymore.
His lips tightened into a thin line and he grabbed his hair. “Oh god! I can’t do it!”
Nie Chang watched as Su Yan put his forehead against the table and remained in that position. This really was a side of his boyfriend he didn’t get to see often. Was he always like this when he published something?
Su Yan turned his head and looked at Nie Chang pitifully. “Ah Chang! What should I do?”
“That depends on what is wrong this time.” Nie Chang propped his head up on one hand and forced the smile down that threatened to lift up the corners of his mouth. He definitely couldn’t display any kind of teasing behavior right now or he’d really end up as a hermit.
“I suddenly feel like everything I’ve written is trash. You haven’t read it but if you did you’d probably tell me that there’s no suspense and everything is really predictable and anyway the voice isn’t appealing at all.”
“Do you think it’s romantic?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “That’s the only good thing about it.”
“Then it’s alright.” Nie Chang didn’t care for his boyfriend’s lacking self-confidence, reached over and once again pressed the button for him.
[Chapter published!]
[Do you want to leave a message for your readers?]
Su Yan blanked. This … He looked at Nie Chang accusingly but didn’t say anything. Ah, in the end, it was probably better this way. At least he didn’t have to agonize over it any longer. Now, he just had to hurry up and write the message for the readers. After all, the Lovely Writing System wanted him to post one.
He pursed his lips and started to type once again.
[Hey everyone! New author here o (^‿^✿) I hope you have fun with the start of this story (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧]
Su Yan read the message again and nodded. This should probably be alright? Nobody wanted to read long messages from the author anyway. Especially when the person just started out. He clicked [send] and then leaned back.
He stared at the screen and then turned around and lunged himself at Nie Chang. “Ah Chang, let’s go sleep!”
Nie Chang’s brows shot up. “Right now? Didn’t you —”
“Yes! Right now!”
“But —”
“Come on!” Su Yan forcefully shut both their notebooks and pulled Nie Chang up and into the bedroom without caring for any words of protest. He definitely couldn’t stay in front of the notebook now or he’d worry the whole time what the readers would say. He had to go to bed and fall asleep at once to calm his nerves.
Nie Chang’s brows lifted even higher. If he hadn’t seen that Su Yan just published his story and was probably extremely nervous because of that, he would really think that he wanted to pull him into bed for some other purpose.
“Ah Yan …”
Nie Chang wanted to stop at the door to the bedroom but Su Yan actually displayed amazing strength right at this moment and just pulled him along. He even went so far as to push him down on the bed before flopping down next to him and burrowing his face into Nie Chang’s chest.
Well, even though Su Yan was two heads shorter than him he was still a man, too, and not a delicate little girl. He probably shouldn’t be so surprised.
Nie Chang gave a sigh and ruffled Su Yan’s hair again. “There’s no need to be like this, Ah Yan. You’ve already written so many stories and you edited this one a lot, too. The readers will love it.”
“Mn.” Su Yan didn’t say anything else. He knew he was probably overly anxious but he couldn’t stop. This was a new account, a new genre, a new story. There weren’t any of the old readers he already knew. He had to start completely anew. It was frightening however you looked at it.
“Then let’s go sleep. You should get out of your clothes first, though.” He rolled Su Yan to the side and wanted to open his shirt when he halted. Uh, this probably wasn’t too good. “Should I … go and sleep on the couch?”
Su Yan grabbed onto his shirt and scrunched up his face. “No! You can’t leave me alone now!”
“Alright, then …” Nie Chang gently plucked Su Yan’s fingers off his shirt and stripped. He still felt like it wasn’t a good idea though. Wasn’t this just asking for something to happen? Well, if his darling wanted to sleep together to divert his attention, then he’d naturally comply.
Nie Chang reached over and slowly opened Su Yan’s shirt. His fingers trembled slightly. Was this a taste of what he’d get in two weeks? Ah, he knew that staying with Su Yan tonight wasn’t really a good idea. Especially …
Nie Chang gave a cough. “Could you stop looking at me so nervously? It really makes me think you’re expecting me to do something else.”
Su Yan gave him a slap against the chest. “What are you even saying? How could I stop being nervous now? Just continue!”
Nie Chang coughed again. What ‘just continue’? Did you notice I’m undressing you right now?! He still helped Su Yan out of his clothes and went to turn off the lights afterward. His heartbeat didn’t calm down though even when they were lying together under the blanket. Especially since a certain someone was too excited to sleep and rolled from one side to the other, his hands trying to grab onto something as if they needed to hold onto something.
Nie Chang finally couldn’t take it any longer. He caught Su Yan’s roaming hands, turned him around and hugged him from the back. “If you want to sleep, then sleep.”
Su Yan grumbled but indeed tried to lie still. His thoughts couldn’t help but wander back to the part of the story he had just published though.

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