LWS V2C49 Finishing the Set Up

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Su Yan typed in the title he had chosen: [Like a Ray in My Night]
He looked at it and felt that it seemed quite good. It showed Mei Chao Bing’s feelings toward Yun Bei Fen and even hinted at the tone of the story. Ah, it fit perfectly! It was all thanks to his great boyfriend. He was really such a lucky guy for having someone like Nie Chang at his side! Mn, he should show him his appreciation.
Su Yan got up, hurried into the bathroom and washed up. Then he ran back, hugged Nie Chang and gave him a kiss. Before his boyfriend knew what was going on he already let go and sat down in front of his notebook again.
After finding a title the next thing he had to do was making a cover. Ugh. He never liked that part. He wasn’t really gifted with technology in the first place and making a good cover for his story was definitely out of his capabilities. Well, he’d just do the same as ever: Search for an acceptable picture on Baidu and just slap the title on it. That much he’d still be able to do. If the picture was nice, nobody would complain. Or, well, at least not many people. There were always one or two who did.
Su Yan opened the website and searched for ‘immortal’. He indeed didn’t need to search for long until he found a few pictures that would work. He just wanted to download one of them when Nie Chang grabbed his arm.
“What are you trying to do?”
Su Yan looked over and then pointed at the other tab. “I need a cover for the story.”
Nie Chang’s brow twitched. “So you’re … taking a picture from Baidu and just use it?”
Su Yan nodded earnestly.
Nie Chang gave a sigh, reached over and closed the tab. He took a look at the title Su Yan had chosen and scrolled down to the synopsis that was still empty. “You think about the rest. I’ll take care of the cover.”
“Oh … Alright.” Su Yan watched how Nie Chang took out his own notebook and opened a website he had never seen before.
As soon as he typed something in rows upon rows of pictures turned up. Most of those were exactly what he needed. Nie Chang scrolled and clicked around a bit before suddenly opening another program.
Su Yan blinked, tried to watch a little longer but finally turned back to his own notebook. Forget it. He didn’t understand at all what Nie Chang was doing there. He might as well try and come up with a good synopsis for the story.
He pursed his lips and put his fingers on the keys. This shouldn’t be too hard, should it? He just had to write down what it was about. He had done that so many times already. He took a deep breath and started to type:
[When Yun Bei Fen starts out as a disciple of a deity sect he finds his idol in his Senior Martial Brother Mei Chao Bing. But things go downhill when Mei’s Master betrays the sect and a misunderstanding threatens to drive a wedge between the two disciples.]
Su Yan stared at the two sentences and frowned. That covered indeed what the story was about but why didn’t it sound like a romantic story at all? It rather seemed like it was a pure xianxia story or maybe something about brotherhood at most. He definitely wouldn’t think that those two would end up together if someone showed it to him.
He definitely couldn’t use this! Maybe he should focus more on Mei Chao Bing’s side of the story? Su Yan tried another approach:
[When Mei Chao Bing’s Master betrays the sect he feels like being submerged in darkness. His only ray of light is his Junior Martial Brother Yun Bei Fen. But then a misunderstanding occurs that threatens to create a rift between them.]
Su Yan leaned back and drummed on the table with his fingers. This sounded a bit better but he still felt like something was missing. He had already hinted at their relationship so that should be alright. Well, there wasn’t anything on Yun Bei Fen now though and he was also important. In fact, wasn’t he the actual main character? He should probably add something for him.
[Now Yun Bei Fen can only try to convince him of the opposite.]
That … should be alright? Su Yan nodded to himself. He’d just leave it at that for now. The synopsis could be changed later on anyway.
He turned around and found that Nie Chang had actually managed to create something that looked like a legit cover for a novel. “Eh, Ah Chang, how do you know how to do this?”
Nie Chang gave his boyfriend a sideways glance before he continued to work on the cover. “Well, I’m certainly not a professional but I do know my way around a few programs. If you want to, you could hire a professional though. I just thought you wouldn’t want to wait that long.”
He added a final filter and nodded at his creation. This was probably the best he could do. He pressed the keys to export the file and send it over to Su Yan.
“Finished. You can download it and then just upload it on the site. The size and everything should fit already.”
“Mn. Thank you!” Su Yan leaned over and gave his boyfriend another kiss. Then he did as he was told.
Seeing the finished cover on his screen and then even on the website he couldn’t help but become giddy with excitement again. He hurriedly scrolled down to the section with the tags and added the ones he had seen back when he read that web novel the system recommended him. In the end, he chose ‘romantic fiction’ as the genre and then clicked on the button for creating the novel.
There was a short pause before the next page was loaded.
[Congratulations on creating your very first novel, Lao Gong Says I’m The Best! Do you want us to walk you through creating the first chapter?]
Su Yan clicked on [decline]. He had done this often enough. Now, it really was time to create his story.

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