OMF V3C100 Such a Beautiful Place

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While Qiguan Cheng Da and Jin Ling had gone outside to discuss their plan someone inside had tried to set his own plan in motion. The person who had noticed who Jin Ling was, was none other than Xiao Dong who was still in the Yun Zou Sect to divert Shao Hai’s attention on the command of his king.
In the past year since he had seen that Qiu Ling had become a disciple of the sect too and that Jing Yi would most likely become an inner sect disciple, he had started to work hard to have Shao Hai and himself likewise admitted into the inner sect.
With his dragon blood and the sword skills taught by his father as a basis, it hadn’t taken long before he realized his plan. In fact, he had even been taken in by one of the Elders and was chosen to follow him to the secret realm now.
Seeing Jin Ling he turned around to the Elder next to him. “Master, seeing that it’s still a bit of time can I go to say farewell to Brother Shao?”
The Elder sighed. He knew how close the two of them were but Shao Hai wasn’t talented enough to enter the secret realm with them. In fact, if not for Xiao Dong, he wouldn’t even have managed to become part of the inner sect this fast. “It’s a secret mission. We can’t let anyone know.”
“I won’t tell him about the realm or anything. I’d just say that I’m going on a mission. Please?”
Faced with his disciple’s eager expression the Elder finally couldn’t take it any longer. “Alright. But hurry up.”
“Mn. I’ll be back right away.” Xiao Dong didn’t take the front gate but ran out through one of the doors at the side puzzling his Master, as well as the Sect Master.
Grandmaster Zhangsun watched the boy leave with a contemplative expression. One just had to take a look at Xiao Dong’s golden hair to know that he wasn’t a normal person. With what he knew about that man in the special dimension and his own disciple, it was obvious that this child was a dragon, too. Now, this dragon had run out in such a conspicuous way. Something was up.
The last thing that happened and that might make him take another way outside was obviously the appearance of that person talking to Qiguan Cheng Da now. The boy probably didn’t know about the person in the special dimension so maybe he was trying to reach his disciple? Just who was that Jin Ling?
Xiao Dong didn’t dare tarry. He flew down the mountain and sped into a little grove at the foot of the peak of his own Master. He took out a transmission stone and imbued it with his energy. The stone started to pulse with a white light but the signal didn’t stabilize.
Xiao Dong hit the tree next to him. “Fuck!” How was he supposed to warn His Majesty now? He hurriedly took back his energy. If he couldn’t reach his mother, then he might still be able to reach his father. Once again, he tried to establish a connection but nothing happened.
He instantly grew flustered. What to do now? This was one of the exceedingly simple stones that could only be used to connect with a few people! He couldn’t even reach his uncle Yi Zan through it!
Before he had the chance to try reaching his parents once again, his wrist was hit and the stone flew out of his hand. Xiao Dong took on a battle stance and looked up but he was faced with a smiling face. “You …”
Jin Ling continued to smile. “I was wondering what kind of little mouse hurried away so fast. Turns out it wasn’t one at all. It’s actually a dragon. Who were you trying to reach?”
Xiao Dong frowned. “Stop the chatter, demon! What do you want?” He lowered his hands and stared at him gloomily. There was no reason to pretend. He wouldn’t be able to win against this person. For now, he had to try and stay alive so that he could still message His Majesty somehow.
“Oh, it’s nothing much. I just wanted to … ask a few questions.” Jin Ling’s gaze flitted to the golden hair flowing down Xiao Dong’s back. “You wouldn’t know about some special dimension here at your sect?”
“Whatever I know I certainly wouldn’t tell you about it.”
“Mn … That isn’t really a nice thing to say.” Jin Ling clasped his hands behind his back and slowly circled Xiao Dong. “Actually, I feel like the two of us could get along really well.”
Xiao Dong kept silent. He really wanted to give this demon a piece of his mind but if he angered him and that guy killed him, then how would His Majesty ever find out what was going on?
Needless to say, Jin Ling wouldn’t give him the opportunity to inform Qiu Ling anyway. He had finally set everything up. He didn’t even need to do anything by himself. If the Nine Heavens noticed, then it would be one of that Zhong Jing Yi’s fellow sect members who had done it. Or maybe it would even be assumed to be an accident.
Well, even if it wasn’t and they managed to find out that his death had been connected to a Jade Gathering Beast, they would only be able to make assumptions. Based on that alone they probably wouldn’t start a war.
Even if the Heavenly Emperor did declare war, the gods would be alone in that. After all, that idiot Qiu Ling had certainly merged part of his soul with his lover. If that person died, he would just lose his life alongside him. The dragons would be like a headless snake then, unable to do anything. In fact, it might even be a good opportunity to realize his father’s ambitions and take over the dragon race’s throne.
Jin Ling stopped behind Xiao Dong and smiled. “You don’t believe me?” He slowly reached out and grasped that golden hair. Most likely, this was the person who had made him believe erroneously that Jinde was still alive.
“You’re looking a little young but … I’m a lot like a dragon in many aspects. One of them is that I’ve always liked this kind of shimmering, golden hair. It really makes me feel like the world is such a beautiful place.”
Xiao Dong tensed. He was really getting goosebumps now. This guy was the fucking demon king! What did he think he was doing?!
Jin Ling didn’t care for that though. He pulled Xiao Dong back against his chest and smiled. “How about marrying me? If you do, I might just let you go to report to your king.”

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