LWS V2C51 Beware! A Horde of Fus!

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In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, a certain official rubbed her hands. “Hehe, thanks for finally publishing your story!”
She opened her personal terminal once again and logged into the account she used for posting the web novel. Now, it was time to inform her readers of this prime opportunity to help out their favorite couple! Naturally, it had to be done in a low-key manner.
[Our favorite author from lesser planet 32847, Su Yan, has finally finished his first story and started to post it on his planet’s network. Let’s hope the readers’ comments will enlighten him not only on his way as an aspiring author but also in regard to his own relationship with Nie Chang!
Don’t forget: Your guest accounts for the lesser planet are also valid to visit the website where Su Yan is posting his story. You may read and comment on his finished work but aren’t allowed to divulge information only available to those of our galaxy.]
Shen Lu halted and grinned madly. Hehe. This would be interesting and hopefully give Su Yan some incentive to not drag things out with Nie Chang too much. She really couldn’t take it any longer!
Uh, naturally, that wasn’t because she really wanted to watch those two roll around in the sheets but rather for the web novel! Right. It was just because she was such a dedicated worker!
After all, there was already a huge difference between Su Yan’s real life and the story of the web novel. What if that Old Lao and Gong Gong posted something on that Weibo page of their lesser planet and the readers of her web novel figured out there were some discrepancies? Her boss would fire her if that happened!
So, the most important thing now was to get the real Su Yan to have at least similar experiences to the one in the web novel. In other words: He definitely needed to have sex with Nie Chang soon! After all, their first time in the web novel had already been when Su Yan was drugged a week prior in the bar and it hadn’t been the only time since then while the real Su Yan …
Uh, don’t even talk about it. He had had so many great opportunities but somehow his chrysanthemum still hadn’t been plucked! Something had to be done about this. Mn, the comments to his story would probably be enough to point him in the right direction. After all, the fujoshis and fudanshis reading it certainly wouldn’t hold back.
Indeed. Shortly after Shen Lu submitted the message the first comments started to trickle in.
Where’s my gong?: [Madam Long, don’t worry about it! Just leave educating the shou to us! ✩⚫꒳⚫✩]
The Alpha and the Omega: [At the post above ⬆ What are you even saying? Educating this little shou is still the big gong’s task! … We’ll just push him into a toilet stall or something (ര̀ᴗര́)و ̑̑]
Let me kiss you, little junior: [Why don’t I understand what you are saying? Brother Su is from the scribal peak. There’s no need to exchange pointers with swords. Just slip him a few written notes for reference ….〆(・ω・。)]
Cultivating sword arts: [Brother Let me kiss you, little junior, what are you even saying? Cultivating the art of the sword is the most important thing! 〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-→ O]
Master’s favorite disciple: [Senior Cultivating sword arts, please enlighten this junior! (^་།^)]
Let me kiss you, little junior: [Master’s favorite disciple, Brother Cultivating sword arts is single-mindedly focused on cultivating. You’d better ask this senior if you want to be enlightened! I promise it won’t hurt! ꉂ ꀞꀞꀞ(ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)˒˒]
Cold-faced CEO: [Did you forget what the Madam wrote? Why are you still here? Hurry up and do what she asked for! (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )]
Master’s favorite disciple: [I was just asking! (ᗒᗩᗕ)՞ Master, save your disciple!]
Where’s my gong?: [Shoo, shoo! Cold-faced CEO is right. Let’s go and educate the shou! O((*^▽^*))o]
The Alpha and the Omega: [That’s the gong’s job though … (-‸ლ)]
There wasn’t any immediate reaction to that. Shen Lu hurriedly switched to the lesser planet’s network herself and instantly grinned. Quite a few comments written by people with familiar sounding usernames had already popped up. It seemed she wouldn’t have to worry about Su Yan for much longer.
Ah … She spun around on her chair doing a little happy dance. You can thank me later, Su Yan! Enjoy your time with Nie Chang for now!
The couple in question wasn’t enjoying itself though. Nie Chang could try to trap Su Yan in his arms as much as he wanted, a nervous author wasn’t something that could be held back by such a trivial thing as a boyfriend. He stayed peaceful for maybe five minutes before he once again started to struggle.
Ugh, he couldn’t take this any longer!
“Ah Chang!” Su Yan tried to turn around and rubbed some sensitive spots in the process. “I can’t sleep!”
Nie Chang’s brow twitched. Do you think I can sleep with you being like this?! Who was the one that absolutely wanted to go to bed? It certainly wasn’t me! “Then get up and have a look at your notebook.”
“But I’m not wearing anything! I’ll get cold!”
Subtext: Get me my clothes! Or even better get up with me and let us get dressed again! No, in fact, it would be for the best if you got up to bring my notebook over and then I’d just take a look while comfortably lying in bed.
Nie Chang took a deep breath. Normally, he wouldn’t mind doing exactly that. What was the problem with going to the next room to fetch his boyfriend something he needed? Unfortunately, he’d need to turn on the light to find his way over and then Su Yan might see something he didn’t want him to see. How embarrassing would it be if that happened three times on the very same day?
Nie Chang turned to the other side and fumbled around on the ground. Finally, he somehow managed to find Su Yan’s pants on the ground and fished out his phone. He handed it over with a wry smile. “Why don’t you use this for now?” He even turned it on for him, the light from the screen illuminating Su Yan’s tensed expression.
“You’re my hero!” Su Yan gave him a smack on the cheek and instantly opened the website. He didn’t forget to burrow deeper into Nie Chang’s embrace though. After all, he’d have to expose his shoulders to the cold air when he used his phone. He definitely needed to borrow a bit of Nie Chang’s warmth for his.
Thus, somebody’s boyfriend was once again subjected to some unwitting teasing. Inwardly, he started to contemplate whether or not handcuffing your boyfriend was allowed when you had your first time together.

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