LWS V2C46 Registering An Account

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Su Yan gaped. That … that abomination was his new username? He turned to look at Nie Chang incredulously before rage finally took over. “You dumbass! That name can’t be changed anymore!”
Nie Chang laughed before hurriedly changing it into a cough when Su Yan’s face flushed red in anger. Oh god … Had he just done something that couldn’t be undone? “Ah, look, it’s actually nice, isn’t it? I’m sure your readers will love it!”
Su Yan wasn’t appeased though. Instead, he became even angrier when he saw how nonchalant Nie Chang was about this.
Nie Chang hurriedly let go of him and leaned back. “Uh … Maybe look at what the system says? Don’t you get second chances if the task isn’t done well? Maybe you’ll have the opportunity to change the name.”
Right! Su Yan perked up and hurriedly opened the system on his notebook. Unfortunately, the system didn’t seem to think the name was any problem:
[You’ve decided on a platform and chosen a fitting pen name. Now, it’s time to confront your audience. Post the first scene of your romantic short story together with a sweet message for your readers!]
Su Yan was stunned. This actually counted as a fitting pen name? Could it be that it wasn’t important whether or not it was actually fitting and it just wanted him to choose any name so he could start to publish his story online? That seemed to be the only possibility. He would have liked a better name though.
He mechanically turned around and looked at Nie Chang. His gaze read ‘it’s all your fault’ and the way his lips had tightened spelled trouble!
Nie Chang gulped. He suddenly regretted having that streak for mischief and he regretted even more deeply that he had high hand-speed. Had Su Yan been able to hold him back in time he wouldn’t be in trouble now.
Su Yan’s eyes narrowed even more before he finally announced his decision: “I’m adding another day for you!”
Then he turned around to his notebook again and started to set up the rest of his account. His thoughts were in an uproar though. Damn this! How could he have trusted Nie Chang with this?! He should have known that guy wouldn’t do anything good! He was always like this!
Nie Chang looked blankly at his boyfriend. He originally only had to wait two weeks of which he could have argued that the first day had already passed since they had become a couple on Sunday but now, over the course of just one day, two days had been added. It seemed he’d have to be really, really careful with what he said or did in the next two weeks or else he might become a hermit.
He sighed and looked at the screen with Su Yan. In all honesty, he really felt like the name wasn’t bad at all. It had something that was typical for the genre and it expressed his honest sentiments: Su Yan was the best one out there. Shouldn’t that count as a fitting name? Even the system had said so!
Su Yan still didn’t like the name but he still felt a little bad. Maybe he had treated Nie Chang too harshly just now? It was true that he himself hadn’t been able to come up with a name after all. Furthermore, it was just a name he’d be using online. Nobody knew it was him. He could even claim that he was a woman and none would be the wiser.
Su Yan actually contemplated doing that while he filled out his profile information. In the end, he still decided against it. He wouldn’t feel comfortable lying about his gender and it was just a pen name. No need to take it so seriously.
He left it blank though. After all, it wasn’t his problem if people just assumed something that wasn’t true but he definitely wouldn’t strut around, telling people that he was a man with such a name. What Lao Gong? He was a man himself! Even if he had a boyfriend, he couldn’t have a husband!
Su Yan paused at that notion. Wait. Come to think of it … Hadn’t Nie Chang said that he had to marry him so his mother wouldn’t get angry? In that case …
He blushed and hurriedly lowered his head. Oh god! Had they really talked about that? Why hadn’t he noticed before that this was absolutely impossible?! Ugh. Su Yan once again implemented his usual ostrich mentality: You encounter something unpleasant or complicated? Then just don’t think about it anymore!
Having made up his mind he put the matter into the back of his mind and conveniently forgot about that supposedly added day, too. In fact, he couldn’t even remember the first day he had added earlier. He still had set his mind on the date two weeks from now. Nie Chang had worried without cause.
Filling out his profile wasn’t much work. Su Yan didn’t even need to stop and think. After all, he had already done so once. Soon enough he came to something puzzling though. He was supposed to say what his favorite genre was. Thinking about what he normally read and what the system wanted him to write he suddenly found himself in a dilemma.
Wouldn’t it look strange for a bl author to put xianxia as his favorite genre? But he also couldn’t put bl there since he had only read one novel and hadn’t even liked it very much. What should he do now? Just lie? But he didn’t want to. Maybe he should also leave it blank for now?
Su Yan pursed his lips. Well, the profile page wasn’t like his name. He could always go back and change it. But he wanted to do everything right. This was a task given by the system, after all. Wouldn’t he get feedback based on his results? So what if something like the profile page actually influenced that? No, he didn’t want to risk it!
Well, come to think of it, his own short story was a mix of both genres. It was actually about the romance but it still had a xianxia setting. What was wrong with putting both?
Thus the profile of ‘Lao Gong Says I’m The Best’ went online.

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