OMF V3C91 Entertaining the Guests

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While Guanyu had trouble holding in her excitement Xiao Li gritted his teeth the whole time. Over and over again he reminded himself why he was doing this and that he could still return to the demon realm after the task was finished. The demons wouldn’t even find anything strange about it. For them, marrying several partners was natural. What was one human wife? They wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at this.
He calmed himself and accompanied Guanyu in the three kowtows and then in paying respect to those gods the mortals prayed to and to Guanyu’s ancestors.
Heavens! He wanted to puke! Why did he have to pray to some gods? And pay respect to some humans?! He was a demon! A demon! If anything, he should be the person that was being paid respect to by the humans not the other way around!
He clenched his fists inside his sleeves and thought of the beautiful face of his king and that gentle smile on his lips. Just taking one look at him would tell everyone how superior demons were. Over and over again Xiao Li told himself these things and swore that he’d marry a few women of the demon tribe in the future to make up for the shame he felt today.
All of the rituals were done soon. Guanyu retired to her chambers while Xiao Li stayed behind to entertain the guests. Naturally, the people of the capital were thrilled to have the chance to speak with a real Daoist. Whatever they had thought about this wedding previously, all of it was long forgotten.
Who knew how they would react if they ever found out that Xiao Li was a demonic cultivator instead of a righteous Daoist? And even part demon on top …
Xiao Li managed to continue smiling gently through the remainder of the afternoon and even answered some of the questions.
How had he become a Daoist Immortal? Well, naturally that was because one of the Elders of the Yun Zou Sect went out on an important mission one day and happened upon him. Seeing his natural aptitude for cultivation he took him back to the sect with him.
His mortal family? Ah, that had been long ago so none of them were alive anymore but both of his parents had been from good households. His mother was a woman of nobility while his father had been a man of the military. Other siblings? He didn’t have those. Yes, indeed, everything had fallen to him after their death. Naturally, a cultivator wouldn’t care about worldly possessions. Spiritual enlightenment was so much more important.
Oh? You asked how it could be that a Daoist Immortal would marry? That wasn’t anything strange, actually. Quite a few of the Elders of the sect were also married. It wasn’t actually forbidden. Love, too, was important in life. The only prerequisite was that it had to be a pure love not tainted by desire.
When Xiao Li got to that point the men all looked at him as if they had seen a monkey riding into town on a pig. What did he mean ‘not tainted by desire’? It couldn’t be …
One of the guests couldn’t take it any longer and asked in a roundabout way. “So you can’t have children with her?”
Xiao Li gave him a contemplative look. “Of course I can. Why wouldn’t I?”
“Well …” The man scratched his head and then shut up. He definitely didn’t dare to ask that question.
Zhong Gang had heard too what Xiao Li had said just now and was getting impatient. Why couldn’t this guest ask further?! He wanted to know what this was about! He hurriedly elbowed Shao Chen who wasn’t that easily embarrassed and motioned for him to pose the question.
Shao Chen smiled wryly. Even though his skin was a little thicker, how could he just ask something like that so directly?
An awkward silence enveloped the place. Xiao Li looked at the entrance and pondered whether or not he should take his leave now. The light of the day was already waning and soon enough night would fall upon the capital city. Maybe it was time?
Just when he wanted to say his farewell Shao Chen finally spoke up. Or, well, first of all, he gave a cough. “Uh … Pardon me, Daoist Immortal, but … you see, I’m an uncouth man. I don’t know much and can’t even read that well. I was wondering what does that mean ‘a love not tainted by desire’? How is it different from normal love?”
The other guests curiously looked at Xiao Li before hurriedly throwing piqued glances at Shao Chen as if they couldn’t believe he actually asked.
Pretentious pack! Shao Chen snorted. As if he didn’t know that they had all asked themselves the same question! It was so obvious but they still wanted to pretend. Did they think this Daoist Immortal was blind? If even he himself could see it, then this man could see it even more easily.
Xiao Li really wanted to sigh. Had he said too much? Well, maybe he should have said that he indeed couldn’t have any children. Then he wouldn’t have to do anything with that human woman. But then again wasn’t pillow talk exactly what he was after? He wanted intimate details about the dragon king’s beloved, after all.
Xiao Li lowered his head and gave another smile. “Oh, no, it’s my fault, Mister Shao. I probably didn’t say it right. You see it’s not something anyone else can judge. Only the person himself and heaven will know. You could say that it is in the reason for the marriage. Does one marry because one truly loves the other person or is it because of something else like materialistic gains or just because one wants to indulge in carnal desires?”
“Oh!” Shao Chen made a show of enlightenment while all the other people nodded along as well.
So it was like this!
Zhong Gang also heaved a sigh of relief. It was great that his daughter had married a Daoist Immortal but what could she get out of it if they two couldn’t have children? After marriage, a woman’s worth was always measured depending on her son, after all. That certainly wouldn’t be different even among Daoists.
Knowing that he had only made a wrong assumption and that his daughter’s future wasn’t at stake Zhong Gang hurried over to Xiao Li’s side. “Alright, alright. You’ve talked so much with the groom already. He should go and spend some time with his wife now.”
The guests all signaled their understanding while Xiao Li just continued to smile gently. He cupped his fists at the guests and even bowed to Zhong Gang.
“Then if you would excuse me. Miss Guanyu is certainly waiting already.”
Nobody had any objections to this. Thus Xiao Li turned around and went in the direction of Guanyu’s quarters. Nobody noticed the grim expression on his face. Only he knew how much he loathed having to do this.

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