LWS V2C42 It’s the Little Gestures That Count

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Su Yan woke up to the smell of his favorite food. He blinked lazily and sat up. A blanket actually slid down from his shoulders. He tried to catch it but it slipped through his fingers and landed on the couch.
Uh … How had he gotten onto his couch? Hadn’t he been in that cubicle with Nie Chang? Or had that been a strange dream? Come to think of it, that seemed likely. Who would lock two customers in a changing cubicle? Especially if one of them was a friend of a friend they knew?
While Su Yan doubted if this incident had happened at all, a certain fujoshi in the Heaven Corporation angrily chomped down on her chips. If anyone had seen her this way, they might have wondered if this was the real Official Shen Lu eating or maybe just a recording of her eating chips because it really looked as if she was eating in fast forward. She even managed to approach two times the normal speed.
Actually, she just tended to eat faster the angrier she was and right now she was really angry. This was her project! Everything about it was perfect! She had a lovable protagonist and a hot male lead and a situation that was just too favorable to not lead to anything. Even the random side characters had helped with trying to speed things up!
But somehow the main couple had still managed to resist the temptation. Don’t even talk about rolling in the sheets together, those two hadn’t even made out with each other! Alright, there had been that short episode in the morning but one couldn’t really take that seriously. It had been way too short and the more, the better was her motto anyway.
Why hadn’t Nie Chang taken advantage of that situation? They wouldn’t even have needed to have sex. It would also have been alright if they at least tried those clothes on and then maybe touched here and there!
Official Shen Lu grabbed into her bag once more and … was faced with a problem again. Yes, there weren’t any chips anymore. Now she was in a bad mood and didn’t have anything to munch.
“Ah, too stressful … I also need a boyfriend like Nie Chang who’ll provide me with the food I want whenever I want it.” She threw the empty bag into the bin and patted the crumbs off her fingers.
Then, she had a look at her personal terminal again. She really wanted to do something about the snail’s pace those two were going at but for now, she had no idea what to do. Thus she only made a short note on the hull of the new chapters saying that she definitely wouldn’t exclude the things that could have happened in the changing cubicle. After all, how could she let the people reading on the Corporation’s website suffer through the same depressing fate as herself?
Oh. Official Shen Lu paused and then smiled deviously. Come to think of it, these readers might come in handy when Su Yan finally started to publish his story. After all, who could educate an innocent little shou better than a bunch of fujoshis and fudanshis? Alright, there was still the gong for that but if that one was too nice, then other possibilities had to be utilized!
Thus Official Shen Lu wrote another note to herself before getting back to working on the chapters.
Meanwhile, Su Yan had figured out that something was wrong. He looked at the bowl with egg-fried rice in front of him and the chopsticks Nie Chang was holding in front of his face and frowned.
“Ah Chang, did all of that really happen?”
“You mean if you really complained about the crows on my roof? Yeah, that really happened.”
Su Yan reached over and slapped his shoulder before taking the chopsticks and starting to eat. “I didn’t complain about them,” he mentioned between two bites. “In fact, I even said I like them because I like you. Aren’t you touched at all?”
“I am. Especially since there only seem to be two crows.” He grinned. “Anyway, the reason we talked about that was that question of yours. How did you come up with that? Does it have anything to do with your new story?”
“Mn.” Su Yan pursed his lips. “The system made three suggestions on how I could improve it. I already managed to finish the first two but I have no idea how to implement the third one.”
“And that was to have a romantic gesture?”
Su Yan leaned back and sighed. “Yeah. Well, it didn’t really say romantic gesture but it’s supposed to be a love story, isn’t it? And the suggestion was to show their feelings through interactions.”
“So what’s the story about?”
“Cultivation? And some misunderstanding?”
“So the main couple doesn’t like each other at first?” Nie Chang put down his bowl and watched Su Yan. Somehow he had stopped eating along the way and knowing him he would only remember his food when he had finished explaining everything.
“That’s not really it. They do like each other but they don’t know each other much and then there’s that misunderstanding that drives them even further apart. In the end, they manage to make up and get together.”
“Then how about just changing the number of interactions they have?”
“I mean they don’t know each other at first that implies that they don’t have much to do with each other. And then it gets even worse. But after that they grow closer together so they’re interacting more with the other one, right? So maybe it’ll be enough if you just write some little interactions. It doesn’t really have to be romantic since just interacting will show how they grow closer.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. What Nie Chang said sounded good but … it was a short story. Did he have enough space to do this? Then again …
Su Yan’s eyes lit up and he lunged himself at Nie Chang, kissing his cheek. “You’re the best! Thanks for the food! I’m off to write!”
“Ah …” Nie Chang wanted to say something but Su Yan had already grabbed his notebook and ran into the kitchen. Nie Chang sighed. “Well, I guess I’ll just heat it up for you when you’ve finished.”
Ah, being a responsible boyfriend really wasn’t easy.

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