OMF V3C90 They Were All Blind

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While Qiu Ling and Jing Yi reported to Yu Jin, Zhong Gang and his wife Li Fang were busy preparing their daughter’s marriage in the capital. They had finally gotten her fiance back. If they didn’t pounce now and made it official, would Guanyu ever manage to marry?
They hurriedly sent their servants out with the message that the wedding would be held the very next day and that the attempt two days prior had been a misunderstanding. Well, they had already lost face, so why shouldn’t they explain? The important thing was that Guanyu would really get married this time. Furthermore, they had gotten a cultivator as their son-in-law. Whatever face they had lost, he’d win it all back for them just by appearing!
Soon enough midday had gone by and the guests slowly started to trickle in. Not just a few of them were gossiping in hushed voices even upon arrival. Zhong Guanyu who was already waiting in the hall couldn’t help but clench her fists. This was her wedding! How dare these people badmouth her on this perfect day?! Alright, they had already come two days ago and then went home without having seen a wedding but still. Could something like that happen a second time?
That was exactly the question everyone was asking themselves or their neighbors. “Heh, do you believe that so-called groom will show up this time?” This question was directed at Shao Chen who was known to be friends with Zhong Gang. Everyone thought that he should have some inside information.
Shao Chen didn’t know anything but he naturally wouldn’t say something that brought trouble to his friend. “Why shouldn’t he? Didn’t the Zhongs explain that the last time was a misunderstanding?”
The other man laughed. “What kind of misunderstanding could that be? Maybe they misunderstood the so-called groom and mistakenly thought he wanted to marry that Guanyu-girl? Honestly, there isn’t anything good about her and everyone knows.”
Shao Chen wanted to retort but actually found himself tongue-tied. Well, Guanyu certainly wasn’t a girl he’d want as his daughter-in-law … Ah, not everyone could be as demure and obedient as Zhong Jing Yi. That really was one of the biggest regrets in his life that he hadn’t managed to make Shao Hai marry him!
“Hmph. Now you see!” The other man wasn’t satisfied with just silence as his answer. “If the Zhong family actually manages to produce a groom today, then they probably just paid a beggar to take on that role. Which good man would even consider her? She’s loud and has a bad temper and no wifely qualities at all. If this was about my family I’d rather my sons don’t marry at all than marry someone like her.”
Shao Chen couldn’t argue with the first part but as for the second … “You’re being too harsh. This is her wedding day and the Zhongs certainly didn’t need to coerce him. He’s doing it out of his own free will. Just because you can’t see anything good about Zhong Guanyu that doesn’t mean that others are just as blind.” Alright, he was blind too but this was his best friend’s daughter. Even if he thought differently inwardly he still had to say something nice about her outwardly.
The other man just laughed though. “I’d really like to see the man who has such discerning eyes!”
As if he had just waited for that cue, Xiao Li walked into the hall in a fiery red robe. His gaze touched upon the assembled guests and finally stopped at the man who had vilified Guanyu. He certainly didn’t want to marry her and he definitely didn’t like her but this woman was still his bride-to-be. How dare a mere human talk about her like this?!
“That man would be me,” he said coolly and flicked his sleeve before walking to the front of the hall where Guanyu stood.
Guanyu instantly got over her frustration. What a grandiose entrance! Her future husband wasn’t just good-looking he was even so domineering! She really couldn’t wait to become his wife! She really wanted to tell him but she was afraid that somebody would hear or, even worse, that her mother might be right. Maybe he would really be appalled if he got to know her and refuse to marry her. She couldn’t let that happen! Thus Guanyu kept quiet in a rare show of obedience.
The guest who had spoken badly about Guanyu didn’t dare to say anything else. It turned out … the groom was real and just judging from his presence he was not the usual kind of person. Maybe he was from a really prestigious family? That kind of arrogance where one looked down upon everyone else was normally just achieved in such families. Come to think of it, this was the capital city. It could even be that he was part of the royal family!
The man elbowed Shao Chen and lowered his voice. “Old Shao, just who is this man?”
Shao Chen himself had no idea who exactly this person was. He knew the most important thing though. With a smug smile, he turned to the other guest. “You probably won’t believe it but he’s a Daoist Immortal!”
“A …” The guest snickered. “Alright, alright. I went too far before. I’ll apologize. But tell me the truth now. Who is he?”
Shao Chen frowned. “It’s the truth already. He is part of the Yun Zou Sect.”
Right at this moment, Xiao Li turned around to Guanyu and nodded. “Miss Zhong, I’m very sorry for what happened previously. Getting the days mixed up and having your family take the blame … there really isn’t anything I can do to make amends. Just that, since we’re about to become husband and wife I hope you’ll forgive me.”
Guanyu grinned madly behind her red veil but she forced herself to calm down. “Naturally. How could I dare resent my husband? It’s all Guanyu’s fault.” She made an attempt at being as demure as possible but it really sounded unnatural.
Xiao Li didn’t care though. His king had ordered him to marry her. Even if he didn’t want to, what option was there? “As a small sign of appreciation let me give you this.” He took the small jade bottle out of his sleeve and handed it Guanyu. “This is a mystical pill my Master once gave me. It will cleanse a practitioner’s body and thus enable him to reach greater heights.” He forced himself to give a gentle smile.
The guests were awed. This girl who always made trouble in the capital had actually managed to get herself a Daoist Immortal as her husband-to-be! Not only that, the man was obviously smitten! How could she have such heaven-defying luck?!
Guanyu felt immensely touched. She took the bottle from Xiao Li and held it in her hands like a treasure. “Thank you. I … I’ll definitely cherish it!”
Xiao Li faked an even sweeter smile. “It’s not to be cherished. It’s to be consumed. You see I’ve already cultivated for a long time while you haven’t even tried. There is already a difference in our lifespans. I hope that this pill will allow us to overcome this difficulty and be together for the longest possible time.”
Guanyu didn’t even know what to say anymore. She could only nod obediently, nearly choking because she somehow had to stifle her happy laughter behind her veil.
Then, finally, it was time for the ceremony.

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