LWS V2C41 Let’s Be Nice

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Su Yan blushed and then slapped his boyfriend again. “What do you think you’re doing? You were the one who couldn’t hold back before! Don’t try anything funny now. Or was everything you said just now only for sweet-talking me so I would be more willing to give in?”
Nie Chang lowered his head until his forehead came to lie on Su Yan’s shoulder. Could it be he had done something wrong when he got up in the morning? It seemed everything he said would upset his darling today.
“I’m talking to you!”
“Darling … Why does it seem like I can’t do anything right today?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and considered this question. It really seemed like he was a bit cranky right now. Mn, most likely … “It’s because you forget to go eat something with me. It’s already so late and now we’re even locked up. When are we going to have supper?”
Nie Chang lifted his head. Oh. That made a lot of sense. Su Yan always got a bit grumpy when he didn’t eat. “I’ll bring you home after this and cook for you. What would you like?”
“Egg-fried rice!”
Nie Chang laughed. “Alright. You can ask for one more thing if you like. I can handle two or three dishes.”
Su Yan wanted to blurt out another one of his favorite dishes but barely managed to stop himself. Mn, Nie Chang was being so nice. He should also be a little nicer to him. “Then make something you like. I mean we’re eating together anyway, aren’t we?”
“Of course. You didn’t think I’d bring you home, cook for you and then just leave, did you?”
“Not really?”
“You see? But I don’t mind. We can eat whatever you want.”
“You’re too good to me! So I’ll let you choose. Just for today though.” Su Yan grinned before worming his way into Nie Chang’s arms. He snuggled up against his chest and closed his eyes. “Mn, since we can’t get out anyway how about we sleep?”
Nie Chang blanked out. “Uh … Could you repeat that?”
Su Yan tugged at his shirt and snuggled up even closer. “Let’s sleep for a while.”
“You …” Nie Chang looked at the small person in his arms and couldn’t help but sigh. “I guess you’re lying there quite comfortably.”
“Mn. I am. Although …” Su Yan rubbed the chest below his head. “It’s a little hard. How about working out less? You do work out, don’t you? Don’t tell me all of this is natural. That wouldn’t be scientific.”
Nie Chang gently patted his head. “Whatever you want, darling.”
Su Yan nodded and soon enough his breathing had evened out. Nie Chang sighed. Well, come to think of it Su Yan had had a rough time yesterday and then probably hadn’t slept that well last night. Today had also been quite stressful. It was normal for him to get tired. So, should he let him sleep for a while?
He gently stroked his back but finally took out his phone. Letting him sleep was alright but it would be even better if he could do so in the car or at home and not on the floor of a changing cubicle.
He searched up the information of the boutique and gave the counter a call.
“Yes, this is —”
“I’m the guy you locked up in one of your changing cubicles and I’d like to be let out.” Nie Chang didn’t even think of letting her waste his time.
“Ah?” The woman looked up at her co-worker and pointed to the back of the shop causing her to frown.
“What is it?”
The first one held the phone away and lowered her voice. “It’s the guy from the changing cubicle. He called and said we should let him out.”
“Hah? They’ve finished already?”
“Who knows? Eh! That’s not the point! He sounded angry. What do we do now?”
The second one straightened up. “Deny everything!” She snatched the telephone from her and cleared her throat. “I’m sorry. Who is there?”
“Nie Chang. The guy you pushed into the changing cubicle before locking the door. I’d like you to open it now.”
“I’m sorry. I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Maybe you called the wrong number? There are only two customers in our shop right now and they’re trying on their clothes at the moment.”
Nie Chang frowned. “You have two choices now: One, you come over, drag away whatever it is you pushed in front of the door and I’ll forget about this. Two, you continue to stand there at your counter and pretend nothing happened and I’ll call the police over. Let’s see whether or not they think it could be a total coincidence something heavy happened to be in front of the door after we’ve somehow entered. So, which option do you choose?”
The saleswoman gulped. “Uh, give us one minute.” She hung up and looked at the other one.
“We better let them out now. And never accept again if Zhi Bao Yu calls asking for a favor.”
“That bad?”
“Worse. He threatened he’d call the police on us if we don’t come over now.” She threw the phone back onto the counter and hurried to the back.
With the two of them pushing the box away from the door and the additional motivation they had gotten from Nie Chang’s threat, they didn’t even need half a minute. They both hurriedly stepped to the side and lowered their heads, not daring to look into his eyes.
Nie Chang carried Su Yan out and gave those two a cursory glance. Well, he might not appreciate being locked in a changing cubicle but it had still been nice to spend some time with Su Yan.
“We’ll take the sweater with the cat. I’ve already transferred the money.”
Leaving that sentence behind, he left the boutique with his boyfriend in his arms. The two saleswomen could only watch them dumbly and wonder if this had really happened.

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