OMF V3C84 A Genius Not Just with the Sword

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While Xiao Li prepared for the wedding with Zhong Guanyu, Qiguan Cheng Da finally arrived at the Yun Zou Sect again. Actually, he could have been there a few days earlier already but he hadn’t seen any reason to make haste. Wasn’t this just about Zhong Jing Yi? Who cared how dangerous the mission was? The Grandmaster’s disciple could take care of himself and that Zhong Jing Yi wasn’t important at all. As far as Qiguan Cheng Da was concerned, that boy could go and die.
But, well, he still had to report what had happened at the Hei Dian Sect. Not that he minded. In fact, he was quite pleased with this part of his mission. After all, the order had come from the Sect Master himself even though Yu Jin had been the one to inform him. For the report he brought back he would certainly talk to the Sect Master directly. This was his chance to impress him and get some benefits out of this!
He walked to the palace on the Sect Master’s peak and nodded at the two disciples guarding the door. “Disciple Qiguan came to report on his mission to the Sect Master.”
One of them nodded and hurried to the study inside. “Sect Master!” He cupped his fists and bowed. “A disciple Qiguan is outside. He said he wants to report on a mission.”
“Mn, I see. Get Yu Jin for me and then let him in.”
“Yes!” The disciple bowed again before hurrying out again. Naturally, he didn’t leave through the front door. Instead, he used one of the doors at the side of the palace and flew to Yu Jin’s dwelling on his sword.
He stopped a few steps short of the door and tidied up his clothes first. Honestly, he had always admired Sect Master Yuchi. It might not show on the outside but he had been a genius back in the day. Even though he had the spirit veins to become a cultivator he still learned the way of the sword, too. And he had gotten great results with both and in a short time no less. It was a pity that he hadn’t had enough time for his training after taking over the duties of Sect Master. He hadn’t advanced in a long time.
But now this genius had actually taken in another genius. The disciple was once again awed by this person. Thus he didn’t want to face this Senior Martial Brother in a state that wasn’t perfect. He actually regretted not being able to re-do his hair right then and there.
Inside the house, Yu Jin had long noticed that someone was outside. He didn’t pay that person any mind though. Once again he sat at his table and painted. He somehow felt like the background was becoming clearer and clearer even though he still couldn’t say what or who was in the middle.
A knock on the door finally broke his concentration. “Senior Martial Brother Yu?” The disciple sounded nervous.
Yu Jin didn’t think that something might have happened though. If that was the case, that guy wouldn’t have stood in front of his house for that long. Most likely, he was just intimidated by the fact that he was the Sect Master’s disciple.
“Come on in.”
The disciple gingerly opened the door and came into the study. “Senior Martial Brother Yu …” He took a peek and blushed. Ah! This genius wasn’t just talented with the sword it seemed! He really looked up to him more and more.
Yu Jin lifted his gaze, his expression as tranquil as ever, not even slightly bothered by this kind of admiration.
“Ah …” The disciple scratched his head. “It’s like this … I was guarding at the Sect Master’s palace today and then a disciple called Qiguan came to report on some mission. The Sect Master said to call you over before letting him in.”
“I see. Thank you for telling me. I’ll hurry over then.” Even though he said he’d hurry, he still cleaned the brush before putting it down as if he had all the time in the world. Finally, he took another look at the half-finished painting, hoping to notice something he hadn’t seen before.
Unfortunately, there was still nothing.
He repressed a sigh and put the painting to the others. Some things just couldn’t be rushed. He was sure if he just kept on trying he would someday find out what this was about.
He turned around and nodded at the disciple who was once again in awe witnessing Yu Jin’s unhurried manner.
He himself would have dropped everything and flown over as soon as he knew the Sect Master was looking for him. Well, that probably just showed how much of a difference there was between them.
He followed Yu Jin back to the Sect Master’s palace and finally took his leave in front of the study. “I’ll go and get that disciple Qiguan then.”
“Mn.” Yu Jin nodded and stepped into the study. “Master.” He cupped his fists and bowed.
Yuchi Bing Xia didn’t really care for those formalities and waved him inside. “Jin’er, you’ve come. Don’t just stand there. Come over here.”
Yu Jin nodded and took a seat beside his Master. Without waiting for him to say anything he poured him a cup of tea. After that, he didn’t move again. His Master might not have said anything but he understood that he had called him over to hear what Qiguan Cheng Da had to say. Most likely he’d talk it over with him afterward.
Yu Jin took a look at the insignia of the Sect Master hanging from Yuchi Bing Xia’s belt. It seemed he couldn’t wait too long before he decided whether or not he wanted to accept his offer. After all, his Master was obviously trying to groom him as his successor. If he didn’t want to become the next Sect Master, then he had to give him the time to find and train somebody else.
Yuchi Bing Xia actually also wanted to ask if he had given the question some thought already but he knew that this wasn’t the time for that. For now, they had to see what those two had been able to find out in the Hei Dian Sect.

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