OMF V3C78 Aren’t We Siblings?

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Jin Ling left the hall but naturally, he didn’t leave the estate immediately. Instead, he had a look around and tried to find that sister-in-law of his nephew. It was just … the girl seemed to have vanished. He had already circled the whole estate twice but he couldn’t find her. In fact, even when he used his senses to explore the estate he could only feel two other people inside, one of them being his nephew and the other one being his nephew’s wife. That girl wasn’t even there.
Jin Ling shook his head. Who knew where that girl had gone to? Ah, being in the mortal realm was really troublesome. If this was his own realm, he could just summon her.
He stopped and looked up at the sky. When had he last needed to do this kind of thing by himself? It had probably been after he returned to the demon realm back then. Mn, thinking about it now … it really brought back bad memories.
He sighed and shook his head. There was no use thinking about it any longer. All of that was in the past. Whatever he did, he wouldn’t get the happiness from those early years back. He could only continue on and make sure that he’d achieve one day what his father had wanted him to do. As long as it brought him a bit closer … it was alright.
He left Shen An De’s estate but stopped in front of the gate. If he couldn’t find that girl, then he should have a look at the other person. After all, he didn’t want to have come here in vain.
With a smile, he let more of his aura leak until it even seemed to manifest in the air. As long as Qiu Ling wasn’t completely without senses, he’d definitely notice it and hurry over. After a moment, Jin Ling retracted his aura and vanished once more.
In front of the gates of the Alchemy division of the Hei Dian Sect, Qiu Ling’s head jerked up. Demonic energy! And not just a bit. This was … This was just like back then in the war.
His gaze wavered. For a moment, he didn’t know what to do. Jing Yi was inside bringing those things he had made yesterday to that Senior Martial Brother. He would have the time to go over and take a quick look.
His hands twitched but in the end, he didn’t move even an inch. No. His Jing He was still inside. If by any chance, there was more than one demon, wouldn’t he be in danger if he went to take a look? It was still better to stay here and guard him.
Not far from him a figure emerged. Qiu Ling whirled around and both of them froze.
Jin Ling gave a hollow laugh. “Ah, it seems I was careless.” So much for not giving the game away before it was too late. It seemed this bastard wasn’t as rash anymore as he had been back then. He really had expected him to hurry over there as soon as he noticed the demonic aura.
Qiu Ling narrowed his eyes. So it was this bastard. Why had he come here? It couldn’t be that he wanted to personally deal with Jing He, could it?!
Jin Ling slowly walked over, a small smile on his lips. “Mn, Qiu Ling, who would’ve thought you’d be here, too?”
“What do you want?”
“Oh, nothing much. You might not know but the sect’s Grandmaster Shen An De is my nephew. He’s half human. Well, you know how complicated the relations between demons can be.” He turned to the side and took a step but Qiu Ling barred his way. It seemed he wanted to hinder him from entering the estate behind him by all means. He didn’t even take the time to refute the previous statement. “Is something the matter?”
“Why are you here?”
Jin Ling stopped and folded his hands behind his back. The smile he gave Qiu Ling was more than a bit mocking. “What’s with you today? Didn’t I just explain that I came to see my nephew?”
“That so-called nephew of yours lives on the other side of the sect and you were already there. So why have you come here?” Qiu Ling didn’t even blink. He stared at Jin Ling, prepared to launch an attack if the demon as much as looked in the wrong direction.
“Naturally, I sensed that someone of the immortal races was here. Who would’ve thought it was you?” His smile grew even more pronounced. “Well, it’s not bad, isn’t it? We haven’t seen each other in so long. Why don’t we have a chat to catch up? I’m sure a lot of things have happened to you since we last saw each other.”
“I don’t feel like chatting with you. I don’t feel like seeing you either. So you better scram back to where you came from.”
Jin Ling tsked. “How can you be so cold? Aren’t you even a bit happy to see me? After all, we can be considered siblings. With your mother being my father’s wife and all.”
The response he got were five dragon claws swiping at his face. Jin Ling stepped back and narrowly avoided them. Damn! Did this guy need to go after his face? How come he was already this angry after just that remark? He hadn’t even brought up his lover yet! Well, there would be an opportunity the next time they met.
Jin Ling stepped back even further and gave a bright smile. “I just remembered there is something I urgently need to do so I’ll have to leave now. Don’t forget to watch your back, dear unrelated brother of mine.” His eyes curved and he vanished just in time to evade yet another attack of Qiu Ling.
Back in his palace in the demon realm, he hummed a little tune. Ah, it really felt great ruining that bastard’s day. Maybe he should do that every time he went over. He still needed to go there a few times anyway. After all, neither had he seen Qiu Ling’s lover yet nor had he managed to find Shen An De’s sister-in-law. Mn, it seemed his future days would be full of fun.
“Xin Lan … I’ll be gone for a few days. Help me take care of my kingdom.”
Only a sigh answered him from the shadows. Xin Lan already knew whatever he wanted to say about this behavior it wouldn’t change anything. These two were already as irreconcilable as fire and water. If his Master knew … he’d turn over in his grave.

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