OMF V3C79 Calling on Family

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Qiu Ling took a few deep breaths and tried to calm down. This bastard just wanted to taunt him. He couldn’t lose his reason or something bad would happen. The most important … the most important was seeing Jing He now!
He turned around and wanted to dash inside but he held back at the last moment. No, he had been outside the whole time. He knew there was no demon inside. He would have noticed in such close proximity. For now, he should rather make sure what Jin Ling had really wanted here in the sect.
He whipped out a transmission stone and imbued his energy, anxiously waiting for it to connect to the other side. Soon enough the pale apparition of Qiang Wei could be seen above.
“Your Majesty, what —”
“Have you found out about the demons already?” Qiu Ling didn’t have time for any chit-chat. That bastard had already come over himself. Most likely he knew about Jing He’s trial. They had to do something now or it might be too late!
Qiang Wei looked to the side and raised his brows. The next moment, his head was shoved to the side and Fu Min’s face appeared above the transmission stone. “Your Majesty? Is that you?”
“Who else? Now tell me what you found out!”
“Uh … Actually, there isn’t anything.”
“Fuck! When did I give you that mission? You still haven’t found out anything?” Qiu Ling was livid. The life of his beloved might depend on this!
Fu Min pouted. “It’s not like that. We’ve already come to the demon realm and pried about but there’s nothing. If that demon king has anything planned, then it’s not a large scale action. If anything, he might only have involved a handful of people but finding out about that …” Fu Min shook his head. “Qiang Wei and I aren’t enough for that.”
Qiu Ling frowned. This wasn’t good news. He could guard against a large scale operation. He was the dragon king, after all. But a small secret mission? How would he do that if he didn’t know anything about it?
Well, there was nothing he could do about that now. “Alright. I understand.”
Fu Min didn’t say anything else but Qiang Wei’s head popped up again. “Your Majesty, should we continue to look for clues?”
Qiu Ling pondered. It was important to find out more but … it was even more important to guard Jing He. “Who’s guarding Jing He’s body right now?”
“Yi Zan and Xiang Yong.”
“Alright. Call Fu Heng to the demon realm.”
“Hah?!” Fu Min shoved Qiang Wei to the side. “Your Majesty, you can’t do this! Why do I have to work with that asshole?!”
“Stop this bullshit right now! Can’t you see that Jing He’s life might be on the line? I don’t give a fuck about your feelings! You’re going to do this with Fu Heng. Qiang Wei!”
“Yes! Your Majesty?” Qiang Wei hurriedly took the necklace with the transmission stone back and turned away from the grumbling Fu Min.
“You get An Bai and come over here. Jing He’s mortal reincarnation can’t be left alone for even a second.”
“I understand.”
Qiu Ling pressed his lips together and considered whether he had forgotten anything. No, this was probably everything he could do here. “Alright. Then get ready. We’re in the humans’ Hei Dian Sect. You should be able to find that?”
“Yes, Fu Min drew a map when he collected information on the humans before.”
“Good. Hurry up.”
Qiu Ling ended the transmission but didn’t keep the transmission stone. He looked into the distance, a bad feeling in his heart. Maybe it was because he hated Jin Ling or maybe it was because he had already seen how manipulative this guy was but he felt like he couldn’t just depend on this.
He once again imbued the stone with his energy but this time the stone that lit up in response wasn’t with a dragon. The voice that answered him didn’t sound pleased either.
“You damned bastard! What do you think you’re doing with my —”
“This is about Jing He.”
The other side stopped screaming at him and silence stretched between them.
Qiu Ling took a deep breath. He didn’t have the time to consider anything right now. “That bastard Jin Ling came by. He might know about Jing He’s trial. Father-in-law, I wouldn’t bother you if it wasn’t important. I’m with Jing He the whole time and I’ve already called two of my best men over but I’m still ill at ease. You know how that bastard is. Now that Jing He isn’t immortal wouldn’t he be an easy target? Please send some support. You also wouldn’t want for anything to happen to him.”
The Heavenly Emperor still didn’t say anything. As much as he hated the idea of his precious son and this dandy being together he couldn’t deny that Qiu Ling would always place Jing He’s safety first and think about everything else later. Just look at this: Even though he knew he wasn’t welcome, he didn’t mind putting down his dignity and being yelled at just for the sake of keeping Jing He safe.
Rong Su sighed. If this guy wasn’t a dragon but a true born god instead he wouldn’t actually be a bad choice. He was a capable warrior and even though he put a little too much emphasis on that point he was quite good-looking, too. In fact, seeing those two together made for a nice picture.
The Heavenly Emperor frowned. What was he even thinking? Those two definitely didn’t make a nice picture! Hmph, this must be the influence of his wife, always saying good things about this dandy.
“No need to tell me. He’s my son. Naturally, I’ll keep him safe. There’s no need to bother yourself with this. In fact, why don’t you just return to your realm and leave Jing He to us? He certainly doesn’t need a dragon to worry about him.”
Qiu Ling’s brows lifted a bit. He actually properly called me a dragon this time? Eh? This is nearly as good as using my name!
Most likely, this fight between father and son-in-law had gone on for so long that Qiu Ling’s standard for what was good had already become exceedingly low.
“Mn, I understand, father-in-law. But I’ll stay here just in case.” Qiu Ling smiled at the bearded old man in front of him. Ah, it really was nice to be able to call on the family when things got bad. He really wondered if it would have been the same had his father still been alive …
Qiu Ling sighed and pushed the thought aside. What use was there to think about that? He had already been killed. That bit of family he had had was already gone. Now, his only family was Jing He’s family.
He flashed another smile to leave the Heavenly Emperor with a good impression. “Then, I’ll take my leave, father-in-law. You don’t have to worry too much. I’ll definitely guard Jing He with my life!” With that, the transmission was stopped.
The Heavenly Emperor stared at the white stone in front of him and frowned before slapping the table in front of him. “This bastard! What are you saying, ‘father-in-law’? I’ve never agreed to let you marry my precious son!”

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