OMF V3C66 The Effects of One Afternoon

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For now, Xiao Li ignored the restaurant where Zhong Gang worked and made his way over to the teahouse. The one working there was that Zhong Jing Yi’s mother. Information about her should be more valuable to the king.
He stopped in front of the door and had a closer look at the building. This teahouse seemed to be doing pretty good. At least the house itself was in a good state and he could hear a lot of voices from inside. There should be many guests. Xiao Li tilted his head. Those all seemed to be women and judging by their voices they were all young. Was there something special about this teahouse to more or less have only this group of customers?
He probably never would have thought of this but this strange assortment of guests was the fault of Qiu Ling. Last year when he had gone to visit Madam Zhong with Jing Yi he had taken over at the counter for a while. Since he wanted to make an especially good job to impress his fiance he had shown as much of his personal charm as he could. In the end, he had dazzled all the female customers who had come to the teahouse that day.
Well, even though Qiu Ling was normally only charming in front of his beloved and ignored everyone else that was just because he didn’t want to, not because he wasn’t able to. If he wanted to sweep someone off his feet it would be an easy task for him. After all, he had superior looks, a kingly demeanor and gave off the feeling of being a wealthy man.
Which of the women coming to the teahouse who wasn’t married yet wouldn’t jump at this opportunity?
Unfortunately, when they returned later that handsome, well-off man hadn’t been there anymore. And when they asked Madam Zhong who he had been they were utterly disillusioned: She actually told them he was her son-in-law!
The women were downcast for a while but then they rallied their spirits again. Madam Zhong didn’t even own the teahouse. She was just managing it for somebody from her husband’s family. In other words, she was neither wealthy nor did she have any status. She probably only had a beautiful daughter.
Most likely, that man had been smitten as soon as he saw that girl and had then married her. Speaking of that: If he really was rich and influential like they thought then he most likely wouldn’t settle for having just one wife. And the daughter of a family without status certainly wouldn’t be his first wife. She probably had just been taken in as a concubine!
Thinking till there, the women were sure they still had a chance. There were still the spots of first and second wife, after all! Thus, they continued to come here to get an opportunity to make the acquaintance of this handsome man.
Unfortunately, even after a year, he hadn’t shown up again. The women didn’t mind too much though. After a year of waiting, their initial fervor had considerably calmed down. Some of them were even married already since they couldn’t wait indefinitely.
Why they still came to the teahouse nearly every day? Well, they had also come to like it. The tea was great and the snacks also weren’t bad. Wasn’t that what going to a teahouse was all about anyway? Thinking back now, maybe that man hadn’t actually been there and had just been some kind of hallucination. Though, it was strange that all of them had had the same.
This day was the day on which the women’s hope should be rekindled once again though because right at this moment, another exceedingly handsome man stepped into the teahouse.
Those women who still hadn’t married yet felt extremely lucky. Especially since this man seemed like an even better catch. Well, it couldn’t be said that he was more handsome than the man a year back but just take a look at him! With that white robe and the gentle smile on his lips, he seemed like a true gentleman, someone worth entrusting their lives to.
That man last year had been better looking but in terms of the feeling he gave off … A woman probably couldn’t feel secure with him as a husband! He was just too handsome, too majestic, too outstanding! Wouldn’t they always have to be afraid that other women would try to snatch him away? And then his personality was still debatable, too. He had looked so proud, he was probably not easy to handle.
Mn, this man before them was much better!
They had learned their lesson last time though: One had to act swiftly in order to ensure victory!
Thus before Xiao Li had the opportunity to find out who Madam Zhong was he was already approached by another woman. At the other’s gaze, he actually couldn’t help but shudder. This was ridiculous! He was part demon! Why would he be afraid of a purely mortal woman?
Or, wait … Maybe she wasn’t? He narrowed his eyes slightly but couldn’t detect any traces of other blood in her. Well, things like that weren’t that obvious just at a glance. He’d have to interact more with her to find out.
To make sure he didn’t give the wrong impression Xiao Li once again cupped his fists like a good, righteous path cultivator. “My greetings. Might you be the owner of this teahouse?”
The woman was a bit taken aback. It couldn’t be … that this was also a person who wanted to marry one of the owner’s daughters?
Seeing her reaction, Xiao Li was sure that she wasn’t the person he was looking for. Flashing another smile, he bobbed his head at her. “I’m very sorry, Miss. I have something important to discuss with the owner so if there is nothing else …”
The woman looked at him, a sense of urgency arising in her heart. How was she supposed to get him interested in her? What could she do? Looking at his appearance he was definitely a Daoist Master! This realization instantly sparked an idea.
The woman lifted her hand to her forehead in a manner she thought most graceful. “Aiya!” She sighed and then collapsed right toward Xiao Li.
The half-demon was stunned but considering he was pretending to be a righteous cultivator right now it was impossible not to catch her. Thus, with a seemingly worried expression, he caught the woman. Inwardly, he gnashed his teeth though. This dumb thing was just making things difficult for him!

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