LWS V2C23 You Can’t Win Against a Beauty

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Nie Chang couldn’t help but gulp when he saw his future mother-in-law entering the kitchen. He knew that it might very well depend on her how their relationship would progress.
“You didn’t find the water?” Madam Su smiled and patted his shoulder.
“No. What … did Ah Yan say?”
“Oh. Nothing special.” Madam Su opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water. Non-sparkling. Actually, she didn’t even like the sparkling kind.
Nie Chang wanted to ask further but finally reconsidered. She obviously didn’t want to tell him. He’d have to figure it out on his own. “Alright, then … I’ll take Ah Yan to work now.”
“Mn. Do that. Drive safely!”
Nie Chang nodded and headed out just to find a very thoughtful Su Yan on the couch. He went over, bent down and kissed his temple. “Alright, your mother wasn’t angry. You don’t have to worry anymore. How about going to work now?”
“Work?” Su Yan straightened up. Shit! He had completely forgotten that he still had work to do!
He looked up at Nie Chang pitifully and grabbed onto the lapel of his shirt. “Ah Chang … Boss … Don’t be angry! Your employee won’t be late from now on!”
Nie Chang smiled and pecked his cheek. “Your boss isn’t angry either. And now come on. Didn’t you want to edit that story of yours very much? When will you do that if not at work?”
“That’s right!” Su Yan leaped to his feet and followed Nie Chang outside. Ah, it really had its perks to be the boss’ boyfriend. Lao Lao and Gong Gong certainly didn’t have such advantages.
Nie Chang just shook his head. Su Yan really was a fox but, well, he liked him that way. He opened the door for his boyfriend and steadily drove to the repair shop.
Mn, his future mother-in-law was right. He had to drive extra careful with that person next to him. Especially since he never knew when Su Yan would say or do something that might throw him off his course. In more than one respect.
This time, his boyfriend behaved though and they arrived safely at the shop. Su Yan hopped out of the car and fawningly grabbed Nie Chang’s arm. “Boss …”
“Mn?” Nie Chang smiled. It seemed his little fox wanted something?
“Seeing that we’re a couple that’s newly in love and since we agreed that we’d go at it slowly is it possible that we finish work a bit sooner for like … the next two weeks?”
Nie Chang narrowed his eyes. Oh? Two weeks? Did that mean … two weeks was the time frame he had set himself?
“Uh … Not possible?” Su Yan retracted his head but Nie Chang already hugged him to his chest.
“Naturally, we can. I’d be an idiot if I didn’t exploit my status as the boss to spend some more time with my darling, wouldn’t I?”
“Mn. You’re the best!” Su Yan tiptoed and pecked Nie Chang’s cheek.
He wanted to step back but naturally, Nie Chang wouldn’t let him. “I just allowed you to get off work earlier for two weeks and I only get a short peck as a reward? Come here!” He pulled him into his embrace and leaned down, giving him a real kiss.
Su Yan wanted to protest but already yielded after a moment. He clung to Nie Chang’s neck and reciprocated the kiss. Mn … He had such a great boyfriend! No need to hold back.
Nie Chang pulled him closer and held the back of his head, deepening their kiss. Two weeks. Only two weeks. He’d be able to take it for that long. Certainly …
Before the two of them could even think about stopping there were some sounds behind them. Su Yan wanted to look but Nie Chang held him back. Whoever was behind them could wait. Su Yan was finally his, he wouldn’t let anyone disturb them now.
Behind them, three women had stopped and were looking at the couple in front of them unbelievingly.
“So it’s actually true!” The first one had a defeated expression. She had come for Nie Chang but it was obvious that she could forget about that.
The second one pouted just the same while the third one took out her phone as if this had nothing to do with her. If one looked closely, it was obvious her lips had curled into a smile though. Coincidentally, just at that moment a new comment popped up below the post Lao Lao and Gong Gong had written on Saturday:
Drawing a Chrysanthemum: [I just went to the shop. Big Boss and The Beauty are kissing in front of the door! ღ꒡ ᴈ꒡)♡⃛(꒡ε ꒡ღ There’s one thing I want to say: Definitely. Both. Male. (^་།^)]
While Nie Chang didn’t mind being watched Su Yan was still embarrassed. He slapped Nie Chang’s chest and turned his head away. “Let’s go in. People are watching.”
“Mn. If you insist …” Nie Chang trailed behind Su Yan and hurriedly gripped his hand before they walked inside.
Ah, it was finally official, he had to make sure everyone saw!
Lao Lao looked up from the counter where he had been playing on his phone. The last thing he had read was actually that comment. Even though there had been hundreds of comments to that post since it went online he still looked at every one of them. After all, he wanted to know how he died in case someone wrote something that shouldn’t be written.
Looking at the satisfied smile on his boss’ face the comment right now was probably true. “Boss! Beau—” Lao Lao coughed. “Uh, Su Yan! Good morning you two! I’ll go to the back then.”
“Morning! Sorry that I’m late!” Su Yan took his hand back and hurried over to the counter.
Lao Lao smiled wryly. Who would dare be angry at you for coming late if you’re coming together with the boss? “No problem, no problem.” He hurriedly stood up and fled into the backroom.
You could be an employee for however long you wanted you would still never win against a beauty. Especially when your boss was obviously head over heels for that special beauty.

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