LWS V2C21 You Can’t Throw Me Out!

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Madam Su looked up from the book she had been reading. “Who could this be? Is Guanting expecting someone?” She immediately frowned when she thought of that. “Hmph. You dared to slap my baby. Watch me ruin whatever you were up to!” She placed the book down, stood up and smoothed out her clothes. Then, she gracefully walked to the door and opened with a professional smile.
Su Yan froze. His mother … looked somehow scary. He instantly hid behind Nie Chang and only peeked past his shoulder. Had his mother already found out and wanted to rip him apart now? He didn’t want to! His mother was just too fierce!
Madam Su paused. Uh? It seemed the one who had rung the bell wasn’t someone who wanted to see that damned husband of hers but her child and … his boyfriend instead?
She took a measuring look at Nie Chang. Seeing that they had come together could it be that her potential future son-in-law had already turned into her definite future son-in-law? Ah, this was nice!
The professional smile on her lips became a genuine one. “What are you two doing outside the door? Come on in!” She opened the door wider and grabbed Nie Chang by the arm, pulling him in.
Since her son was still afraid to get inside she used the opportunity to pull Nie Chang closer and ask for details. “Have you done it already?”
“Not yet.” Nie Chang had no qualms to admit to it in front of his future mother-in-law. Even if he had eaten Su Yan’s tofu he would still tell her. After all, she had already proven that she wanted them to be together with her call yesterday.
Nie Chang masked his laughter with a cough. Didn’t she sound a bit too eager? It was as if she wanted to sell her son to him. “He’s afraid we’d break up if we did it so soon.”
“What soon? You’ve been chasing him for so long! Why did you just comply with that?”
Nie Chang looked back at Su Yan who gingerly stepped into the hall and closed the door behind him as quiet as possible. “How could I not? I always get weak in front of that gaze.” In fact, just thinking about how Su Yan had looked at him he would promise it again.
Madam Su watched the expression on her future son-in-law’s face and nodded with satisfaction. “Good, good. I haven’t chosen you in vain. A good husband should know how to obey his wife.”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. A son-in-law was good but a real son was still preferred it seemed. Ah, well, he hadn’t expected anything less. Madam Su just doted on her son this much.
Right when he was thinking that Madam Su had already stopped paying attention to him and turned toward her son. “Ah Yan! What are you doing back there? Don’t you want to see your mother?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. He really wanted to see her. Actually, he wanted to be hugged right now before he told her. After all, who knew if she’d ever hug him again? What if he was only left with Nie Chang after this? Ah, would his mother take him back if he abandoned Nie Chang?
He shook his head. No, no! He couldn’t do that! Nie Chang had chased him for so long and he hadn’t noticed. He had really hurt him. He couldn’t be his boyfriend for a day and then cruelly dump him again.
Madam Su frowned. “What’s with you? Shaking your head like this! You really don’t want to see me?”
Su Yan looked up at his mother and panicked. He rushed forward and threw himself into her arms, tearing up immediately. “I’m sorry!”
“Ah?” Even Madam Su who had a sixth sense that always told her what her son was going on about had no idea what this was supposed to mean. Thankfully, there was someone to look to now!
She patted her baby’s back, turned her head and leveled her potential son-in-law with a death glare.
Nie Chang gulped. He somehow felt that his mother-in-law was just reconsidering if she was alright with this relationship. It was as if her eyes said: If I find out that my baby is crying because of you, you won’t be getting out of this house alive. And even if you do I’ll make sure you won’t be unscathed!
He suddenly understood why Su Guanting was afraid of her and never dared to do anything that might piss her off. Well, at least not as long as his son didn’t anger him too much. And even if he lost his temper at Su Yan he was intelligent enough to stay away for a few days before he returned and groveled at his wife’s feet.
Ah, I should better prepare to please my mother-in-law as soon as possible. Else this relationship might be over soon.
Unfortunately, Su Yan was still crying in his mother’s arms. He hadn’t felt good about confessing to her in the first place and now that he stood in front of her and ran the risk of being thrown out by her he just couldn’t hold it in. He didn’t care for his father at all but he loved his mother very much. He wouldn’t be able to take it if she abandoned him.
Madam Su grew even more irate seeing that her precious son couldn’t calm down at all. She hugged him tightly and stared at Nie Chang. “Talk to your mother, baby. Did that big guy bully you?”
Su Yan wildly shook his head and clung to her arm. “You can’t get angry!”
“I’m going to be very angry if he did something to you!” She narrowed her eyes. Hmph, that good-for-nothing Guanting had dared to slap her baby yesterday and now this guy came along and pretended to be a good guy but her baby started to cry as soon as it saw her. Didn’t that mean he had done something to him?! It seemed they all thought she was easy to bully! She’d show him! Nobody could hurt her baby and escape!
Nie Chang stepped back in wise foresight and hurried to the kitchen. Ah, he wasn’t fleeing from his mother-in-law, he was just getting a glass of water for his darling. It might help to calm him down.
With Nie Chang gone, Madam Su concentrated on her son completely. She gently stroked his hair and patted his cheek. “Tell me! I’ll call for someone to break his leg. You can choose which of them!” She took out her phone already but Su Yan gripped her wrist.
“You have to promise you won’t get angry!”
“Why would I —”
“Alright, alright!” Madam Su lowered her phone and patted her son’s back again. “Stop crying now!”
Su Yan sniffled and continued to cling to her arm. “You can’t throw me out either!”
“Why would I do that?!” Madam Su was getting a little angry now. “Ah Yan! You’ll tell your mother immediately what the matter is!”
Su Yan teared up once more. “You promised, you promised! You can’t get angry and you can’t throw me out no matter what I say!”
“Yes, yes. Speak!”
“I’m into men. Nie Chang’s my boyfriend now!” Su Yan lowered his head, waiting for the inevitable furious outburst to come.
Madam Su indeed whacked him over the head. “That’s all you wanted to say?! Why did you scare me like that? You still think your mother’s twenty-five? What if I got a heart attack because of you?!”
Su Yan felt incredibly wronged. He had worried so much. How could his mother react this cruelly? His thoughts clearly showed on his face, making Madam Su relent.
“Alright, alright. I know now. Now get inside and tell me everything.”
“Hah? What are you talking about? Why don’t you seem surprised at all?”
Madam Su turned around and gently knocked on her son’s forehead. “You! Do you think everyone’s as dense as you? I knew he was into you since the two of you went to school. It’s about time you finally got together.”
This time, Su Yan didn’t even know what to say anymore.

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